Amazon had Fitbit's latest and greatest smartwatch on sale for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year, but it seems you didn't have to rush to buy the watch - it's now back down to the same price.

There's a 20% discount for the normal version of the Fitbit Versa seeing the price drop from £179.99 to £139.99.

That's only set to last until midnight GMT on December 11, and then the price may jump back up again.

The Fitbit Versa doesn't sport GPS, but otherwise it's a fully fledged smartwatch and one of the best trackers the company has ever created.

Fitbit Versa £179.99 now £139.99 at Amazon

The Fitbit Versa combines fitness tracking with smartwatch features like Fitbit Pay to make one of the best products the company has ever produced.

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