Work-life balance in a future job is more important to U.S. student developers than any other early career goal, according to HackerRank’s Student Developer Report 2018, which includes a survey of 10,350 student developers in the U.S., U.K., India, and Canada.

HackerRank is an online resource for developers interesting in learning new skills.

Work-life balance was defined first and foremost by student developers in the U.S. as flexible work hours, followed by good vacation or paid time off benefits, remote worker support, and a company that focuses on goals rather than a particular number of hours worked.

“To speak to these students, employers shouldn’t just talk about work-life balance; they should actively encourage it.

Even when younger generations are offered balance opportunities, they fear what coworkers will think if they take advantage of them.

Openly encouraging a culture of balance will help them feel at ease,” the report reads.

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