WPP’s media network GroupM announced today that Tim Castree would be its new CEO for North America, filling a position left empty since Brian Lesser left approximately 16 months ago to help oversee AT’s ad platform.

Castree formerly served as global CEO of Wavemaker, the product of a 2017 merger between media agencies MEC and Maxus that sought to counter the turn toward commoditization in ad-buying services.

Over the past year, he also assisted GroupM global CEO Kelly Clark in “reimagining the future” of an organization that provides a majority of WPP’s revenues in its largest global market—and that side project, Castree said, led Clark to assign him the North American leadership role.

The news comes one day after WPP CEO Mark Read presented investors and journalists with his new plan for WPP.

Castree told Adweek GroupM’s strategy is in keeping with that “radical evolution.”

"We feel at this stage that further consolidation of [GroupM's] brands would inhibit our growth, not encourage it."

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