Fortnite Creative Mode is available to the public today, after a week-long closed beta to test out the new crafting tools being offered to players in Fortnite Season 7.

The previous week has seen growing curiosity in the potential of Fortnite's budding forge mode, which allows players to create and design their own 'islands' with a variety of creation tools.

The beta was originally limited to players with a Season 7 Battle Pass, though it's now opening up to any and everyone playing the cartoonish shooting / crafting game.

Crafting and building has always been part of Fortnite's DNA, with the ability to build structures out of crafting materials mid-game - for cover or navigation - proving a crucial part of any player's battle royale strategy.

Creative Mode takes this to its natural conclusion, with a 'Private Island' players can shape and populate with buildings, furniture, and obstacles, and have a crack at somewhere to either trade bullets or just share your creative output.

Double-tapping the jump button will also let your character fly freely around the level to appreciate in all its glory.

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