Anthony Levandowski, the infamous self-driving car engineer whose shenanigans helped spur a multimillion-dollar lawsuit between Waymo and Uber, is back with a new project.

And to help sell his new product, Levandowski took it for a test drive: a 3,000-mile journey from San Francisco to New York without any human intervention.

If Levandowski actually accomplished what he says he did, it would be the longest recorded journey of a self-driving car without a human driver taking over.

The cross-country drive commenced on October 26th on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and finished nearly four days later on the George Washington Bridge in Manhattan.

Levandowski claimed to be sitting in the driver’s seat for the entire 3,099-mile journey, but he says he did not touch the steering wheels or pedals, aside from planned stops to rest and refuel.

Levandowski has posted a time-lapse video of his trip on the website of his new startup,

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