In the unlikely event that Prime Minister Theresa May manages to get Parliament to agree to her Brexit deal, the real negotiations will then take a minimum of two years to complete.

A poll commissioned by HOPE not hate and Best for Britain in July found that 61% of Britons felt that there was not a political party that represented their views; this has now risen to 68% according to our YouGov poll released today.

A way must be found to bring people together, both in Parliament but more importantly to heal the divisions which have opened across our society.

There is incredible antipathy towards Theresa May’s deal: just 5% of people “strongly support” it, according to Populus polling commissioned by HOPE not hate earlier this month.

In our exclusive YouGov figures released today, poll, 56% of voters would support a public vote on three options (backing Mrs May’s deal, making a clean break from the EU, or staying in the EU).

By exploring both the causes and consequences of Brexit, he hoped that consensus could be forged.

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