There are so many suppliers of uPVC window making machines and as well as uPVC door making machines in India, and finding the best supplier can be a challenging task for everyone. Nowadays the uPVC windows have been becoming more popular in our country.

Most of the people are preferring the uPVC windows and doors and also aluminium windows and doors, because of their huge benefits. The quality of these aluminium and uPVC windows and doors are totally depended upon the usage of material quality, and also making machines especially the uPVC window making machines.

The choice of the uPVC window making machines determines the fine quality and the performance of the uPVC windows and doors.

If you are looking for the best and leading supplier of uPVC window making machines, then there is no need to worry, because the iproducts marketing is one of the uPVC window making machines- suppliers that you are looking for.

We offer the standard and high-quality, and precise uPVC window making machines for the customers who are in need. We are able to supply a wide range of demands for the customers whose requirements are in large-scale.

The uPVC window making machines are mainly used for the small to large-scale production of windows and doors of uPVC profiles. And this type of uPVC window making machines includes various processes in the making of windows, doors and also other house-related equipment. Let us know some of the applications of uPVC window making machines in various aspects.

  • uPVC window making machines used in various window making processes

The processes in the window making are like cutting, milling, welding, corner cleaning, and crimping of metals, wood, plastic, and other solid materials. And these uPVC window making machines are designed for especially for one or more than one purpose.

  • Used in the building and construction industry

The uPVC window making machines are perfectly suitable for the customers who are in the building, fabrication, architect, and construction domains. Since they are in need of large-scale windows and doors of aluminium and uPVC profiles for their buildings and also for the high-rise residential building complexes, and much more.

When builders or contractors require the uPVC window making machines, they try to import this type of machinery from other countries, but there no need for looking outside sources, we have plenty of dealers and suppliers who provides us the desired and high-end models of uPVC machinery. And iproducts is one of the best suppliers of uPVC machinery for the best prices.

  • For the manufactures of uPVC windows and doors

The other domain that is in the requirement of uPVC window making machines is the uPVC windows and doors manufacturers. For the small requirements like for the people constructing their own houses and even apartments, they will look for the uPVC window and doors manufacturers.

For those manufacturers, they need specific, high-quality, and long-lasting uPVC window making machines to gain their profits by making use of low maintenance costs, and services.

And some other customers who design the products for various engineering applications, by upgrading the technologies and taking consideration of customer flexibility, they make use of the uPVC machinery.

Let us know regarding the uPVC machinery that is used for the cutting process.

uPVC machinery used for the cutting process

the iproducts offers a pool of cutting machines, and one of the most popular machines is V-notch cutting saw, it is mainly designed for 900V shaped groove cutting. And it can be easily operable. And it works with high cutting precision and has smooth feeding advantage.


  • The parts of V-notch cutting saw are having the best providers equipment in the market. The solenoid valve is from the Sifai Rui, and it has the Baidi china’s cylinder.
  • The standard motor of Anhui Zhenyang company, it has HETIN Japan’s air fitter device, also have the best manufacturers saw blades, electrical button, approach switch, and AC contractor and circuit breaker.

Iproducts is one of the top V-notch cutting saw suppliers, and its performance and quality analysis are done by the team of dexterous professionals.

The V-notch cutting saw that is used to make uPVC window profiles is an automatic machine that can be operated by using two handy safety operations.

The V-notch cutting saw is especially used for 900V shaped groove cutting and specially added with pneumatic driving features which can ease the operations, and it also having the adjustable feeding speed.

It has one pair of saw that is used for automatic shaping and can cut at the single time, and its spindle rotational speed is about 2800r/min. all these features make to shape the perfect uPVC windows and doors without any deformation.

uPVC window door machine glazing bead cutting saw

The one more category of uPVC window door machines is the glazing bead cutting saw and this cutting saw is specially used for cutting the glazing bead profiles.

It has a complete adjustable feeding speed and it also capable of doing operations automatically. It can cut the two pieces of glass bead at one-time operation. its adjustable mould ensures the less error rate in angle cutting.


  • The Glazing bead cutting saw latest type has an air pressure of 0.5-0.8Mpa, and air consumption of 20L/min.
  • It operates with an input power of 1.1kw, and with an input voltage of 380V 50HZ.
  • Its spindle rotates with a speed of 2800 rotations per minute.
  • It can cut about height and width of 33mm and 100mm, and its cutting length ranges between 350-1800mm, it weighs around 250 kg.

The Glazing bead cutting saw latest type has a pair of vertical pneumatic clamps that enables the correct workpiece fixation. This cutting saw has a conveyor system that can be having the measuring rod and an adjustable length fixing stopper.

This uPVC window making machines have an advantage that is it has the ability to cut the two glazing bead profiles at the same time.


The iproducts offering uPVC window making machines and also the door making machines useful to the customers who are involved in small to large scale industries. We have the entire uPVC machinery that is used to process the uPVC windows and doors at various stages. We provide the equipment as per the customer requirements that ensure accuracy and high reliability in the manufacturing process. And we provide standard quality checked and guaranteed uPVC window making machines to the customers