One Tesla owner told Business Insider a group of truck owners harassed them in the parking lot of a Sheetz convenience store in North Carolina.

In one instance, Reddit user Leicina said a group of trucks blocked all of the charging spots while changing "F Tesla" before being asked to leave by an employee of the store.

Like most superchargers, the location where the incident occurred — behind a Sheetz convenience store in Hickory, North Carolina, about 40 miles northwest of Charlotte — isn't on land owned by Tesla.

Rather, it's leased from third-parties, giving the company no control over how the Supercharger spots are used from day to day.

"I was really uncomfortable," the Tesla owner said, adding that the Sheetz employees were "really understanding and sent someone out immediately."

"Sheetz is proud to offer a wide variety of fueling options, including one of the largest networks of Tesla Superchargers," Nick Ruffner, the chain's PR manager, said in an email.

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