As you are planning to celebrate an event, it is the right time to decide all such things that can make your big day spectacular. To create memorable moments at your event, you should check the available venue, caterer, florist decorator, etc. Apart from all these things, music can be the most crucial factor which can grab the attention of your attendees. Music is the most important aspects of every function that let you make a special bond with your loved ones.

Music plays a great role at your event but it is not easy to find a reputed DJ at reliable cost. To find the best deals, you should explore a lot on search engines and take references. Those who want to celebrate their special day in Delhi, they can approach a platform like O My Celebration. They are known to provide the best DJ services in Delhi.

Some do’s and don’ts when you want to choose the perfect DJ:


Start searching early

A reputed DJ will charge you with the cost he lists, so early bookings can be beneficial for you. If you want to hire the DJ you want on your special day, approach them as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will have to be satisfied with an alternate option. Many good DJs are there, but it can take some time to shortlist the bad ones to find the perfect one. If you are looking for the best wedding DJ in Delhi, you can directly approach a reliable service provider like O My Celebration.

A contract needs to be signed

When you book a DJ service for your event, an agreement should be signed by them to ensure that they are going to work on the given date with a specified cost. After signing such kind of contract, they can’t back out in the last minute. People who want DJ booking for marriage or other events, they should consider it seriously to organize a stress-free party.


Shouldn’t hire someone new

In case, when you hire a DJ who never organized a wedding and doing it for the first time, he may not manage everything on their own. It is your responsibility to ask about the experience he holds. Check his profile because it will help you to know whether he is suitable according to your needs or not.

Don’t trust blindly

There are DJs who provide service at weddings but also do some weekly shows. If there is such kind of situation, clarify whether they can appear at your event or not. It can make things easy for you and you can throw a successful party.


Selecting the right DJ involves a number of steps that can let you organize a successful party. Booking a DJ in advance and communicating everything clearly will give you an idea that whether you are selecting the right person or not. It can create an enjoyable experience for you.