Google spreadsheet has been improving from day one to provide the best features similar to the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software. Microsoft has been benefitting the users since 80s with its Office Applications, but Google spreadsheet online has added many new features to compete well with the Microsoft Excel. In fact, the two best-known spreadsheets of the current era are Microsoft Excel and the Google sheet; both applications are very useful for the global users and modern; if you are only using the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and has totally ignored Google for years, it is time you should reconsider using Google sheet. Google and Excel stand at similar borders today.

The Power of Google Sheet:

When we individually compared the Google sheet with Microsoft Excel, there is not much difference between them. The experts have tested them both and performed the user of the most common task perform on both platforms the inputs and a series of formulas that work on the Excel sheet also work good enough on the Google sheet. On the Google sheet, it is possible to add charts, bars graphs, and tables just like their competitor Microsoft Excel.

Business professionals need to assemble many spreadsheets daily basis, for example, the finance director may need to create a budget tracker to track one month’s income and expenses on a sheet. The spreadsheets can be installed and implemented on the Windows software as well as on the Mac, iPad, and Android. The experts have experimented with both the client's versions of the Microsoft Excel and Google Sheet; they have found the basic key factors about the Google Sheet that beats the Microsoft Excel today.


How Google Sheet Beats Excel Today?

People get upset about using Microsoft Excel sometimes and get back to Google sheet to find out that they have made a better decision. The battle between the two is strong, but due to some features, the Google sheet is beating the Microsoft software for a reason.

First of all, the Google sheet is free, unlike Microsoft Excel that is available only for paying a purchase price. The Google provides full product and features free of cost to the users who come online and open the sheet to do their work. However, a small amount of $5 is charged by the Google for enabling the full features. Now to get a copy of Excel 2013 software, there is a huge fee of $70 a year is payable which is expensive for many users in the developing countries for meeting their needs. The price is not the strongest reason why Google sheet has gained more popularity over Microsoft Excel.


In addition to the price, Microsoft Corporation has also struggled to provide all the apps and features that Google has to offer. Microsoft is still trying to catch up with all those apps through collaboration features offered by the Google sheet. Even if you are miles apart, the Google sheet is readily accessible to the remote online users on any platform. That makes it a wonder software to access via the internet.

Google Power is Awesome:

The tight integration of sheet is the landmark of Google; it is easy to translate the contents of cells using the functions and formulas. For example, the google translate () function helps the users tremendously.

Revision History:

People are getting sick of juggling files and sending them back to the users with inappropriate versions if you are working in the latest version of Microsoft excel then the previous version might not accommodate all the new features of the latest version. Google Spreadsheet makes the editing fun and easy, it saves time from crazy overlaps, and someone feels right at home with it.

The built-in revision history in Google sheet is awesome which provides a complete chronology of all changes made once. Just click the Revision History on the File Menu and view all the records to restore your file from any point. The Google sheet saves the data automatically after each addition within a few seconds; you don’t have to press CTRL+S to save the file.


The Conclusion:

Excel remains the star among the spreadsheet users, but Google sheets are improving day by day; the massive amount of data can be accommodated by the Google sheet which provides the functionality like Excel sheet. There is no substitute of Microsoft Excel than the Google sheet, they have remained the best company in the world by providing the modest spreadsheet requirements to the users of internet so that they could collaborate with the colleagues from across the globe.

Author Bio:

Anna Martin is a Microsoft Certified Professional and works for Google and Essay Writing Company; She knows the latest software and research new products resulting in more innovations.