However, until the most recent series starring Jodie Whittaker and her trio of predominantly Yorkshire-hailing companions, the programme has never felt particularly, well, Northern.

But sod feelings, can data prove that the series that ended on New Year’s Day with the Thirteenth Doctor once again defeating the Daleks was the most Northern?

Yes, I wrote “series” not "season" because when a programme has been running as long as Doctor Who has (56 years and counting) there needs to be a way of concisely differentiating between things.

With the show’s setting changing every week, our perception of its regional identity is shaped in large part by its actors’ backgrounds and that seems a decent proxy for determining its relative Northern-ness.

This was a straightforward task for most of the actors who have appeared in the series – nobody disputes that Peter Capaldi is Scottish or Billie Piper is a born and bred southerner – but some were born in one region and raised in another, so where it is debatable, I have made a completely arbitrary ruling.

For this reason, Glasgow-born and Illinois-raised John Barrowman, who appeared throughout the first five years of New Who as Captain Jack Harkness, is treated as a Scot.

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