Engineering and electronics company Bosch believes motorcycle riders should benefit from the electronic safety advances that have been available in cars for years.

At CES 2019, the company showcased radar-based technology that keeps riders safe out on the open road.

Putting radar that scopes out the road on each end of a motorcycle lets engineers add adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and forward collision warning to a motorcycle.

These driving aids are available on dozens of new cars from all over the automotive spectrum, but as of 2019, they’re out of the reach of motorcycle riders.

The technology will work in the same manner regardless of whether it’s fitted to a car or to a motorcycle.

Adaptive cruise control automatically slows down or speeds up the bike depending on traffic conditions, blind spot monitoring warns the rider if a vehicle — whether it’s a car or another motorcycle — is in his or her blind spot, and forward collision warning emits visual and audible alerts if it detects a collision is imminent.

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