One night wearing this unusual sensor on your forehead is the first step to understanding your sleep issues, and working towards curing them.

This was the primary message we took away from speaking to Beddr’s founder and Chief Technology Officer, Tom Goff, at CES 2019, where we were introduced to the SleepTuner, discovered how it could help our lives, and what’s coming in the future.

Sleep is one of the most important aspects to our overall health, yet Goff said it’s often overlooked.

Beddr’s SleepTuner tracks sleep, but it’s designed to help measure what are called stopped breathing events, where we actually stop breathing during our sleep — one of the causes of sleep apnea.

Serious stopped breathing events can occur dozens of times an hour, and prevent our bodies from entering REM sleep, or getting to sleep at all.

It’s attached to your forehead with a medical-grade sticky pad, where it stays for the night.

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