When you travel around via bus, train or any other public medium, from whichthing you try to save yourself, crowd or getting infected from other people? For once, you can manage being in a crowded area but whenever someone coughs or sneezes in the crowd, you try to escape inhaling germs into your body by covering your mouth or holding your breath.

But, doing all this does not make it necessary that you will be saved from getting sick. You can get sick by many other ways as well.

  1. Eyes

Are you wondering how eyes can make you sick? Well! It is true that infections can take place through eyes. It is simple to understand that if your hands are dirty then you could are vulnerable of catching cold.

When your hands have germs on them and you rub your eyes with them, it will lead to you catching cold. This functions due to the mucus membrane which is made up of the same tissues as the nose and mouth. When you rub your eyes, the mucus membrane gets infected with the germs, hence making you sick.

So, make sure to avoid the contact of your dirty hands and eyes if you do not want to get easily infected.

  1. Nose

You might use a best toilet spray sanitizer before sitting on a toilet which is a good habit as it prevents you from catching deadly infections like Urinary Tract Infections. But, you must know that when you flush the toilet, the bacteria swirls up and gets inside your nose.

This means a human nose is more liable of inhaling viruses than any other body parts. Thus, it is best to make sure that you wash your hands regularly with soap so that you can avoid catching any kind of disease through your nose.

  1. Mouth

When the hands are dirty and you put those dirty hands in your mouth while eating or anything, you make yourself prone to various diseases such as diarrhea as it spreads just like this. If you touch something contaminated or eat or drink a contaminated thing, you will probably get diarrhea which will disturb your stomach in bad way.

To make yourself safe from such serious diseases, you must wash your hands with soap before eating anything, be it chips or a meal.

  1. Ears

Yes! Ears also play a vital part in making you sick.For instance, if somehow water reaches your ear canals and do not gets dried up, then you can have an external ear infection.

Also, if you get infected through your mouth, then the infection can spread to your middle ear cavity through your throat and result in a middle ear infection.

So, make sure to prevent your ears from unnecessary harm by cleaning your ears from time to time and in a way which cleans the dirt and not harm the inner ear.It is noteworthy that taking care of your ears is as important as taking care of your eyes, nose and mouth.


You might think that the toilet seat is the worst place to get infected, but, you are wrong. Everything depends on your eyes, nose, mouth and ear and not to forget, hands. Using a toilet seat sanitizer spray is good for the intimate hygiene but it is also very important to wash your hands every timebefore you place it over any part of your face.