Electric car adoption has come a long way, but all those experts with their facts and knowledge still say that the UK is falling behind.

In the past this has been blamed on the lacklustre state of our EV charging infrastructure compared to other places, but a new YouGov poll pins some of the blame on the fact regular people are just confused about the financial benefits of electric cars and their still-petrol-dependant hybrid cousins.

Despite the fact the government would like people to buy electric cars before it bans the sale of new petrol cars in 2040, sales are still pretty slow.

YouGov says only 1 per cent of people own a full-electric vehicle, and 2 per cent own some sort of hybrid.

It also found that only 41 per cent of car owners would consider buying a hybrid next time they switch vehicles, a number that drops to 19 per cent when fully electric motors are involved.

Apparently YouGov found there are three main barriers to swapping an ICE vehicle for one with a plug.

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