Not so very expensive either.

if you Have a room over and is prepared to roll up your sleeves a bit so you can get a home theater with great picture and sound for less money than what it costs to spruce up the kitchen or the bathroom.

Then you'll need a video source (Apple TV or Blu-ray player), a home cinema amp, and necessary cables and a set of surround speakers (at least 5.1 channels) if there is to be real.

The so-called ”Egotrippen” is built with a tight budget and limited space – but the result is impressive!!!

No recreation room, thus, but quite as representative of what many of us can accomplish at home.

the room Itself is built with relatively simple means: here you will find nothing soundproofed ”room in the room” or floating floor – it is very nödvändigast to provide a good movie experience.

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