When I was 20, I spent six long months working as a Sharepoint developer for a massive UK-wide charity.

Our team was small and horrendously overstretched, and I often helped out with helpdesk calls, where I’d inevitably spend much of my time explaining our stringent password requirements to disgruntled non-technical staff.

A survey from Thycotic shows that many security professionals believe they’ve got an image problem, with roughly two-thirds believing their teams are regarded as the company naysayers — either “doom mongers” or a “necessary evil.”

(Side note: what happens when you upset Mike Tyson?

90 percent of the sample said that other departments could have a better understanding of what they’re trying to achieve, while 88 percent highlighted struggles in communicating their value and mission to executive management in HR and finance.

But does the broader industry have an image problem?

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