Billionaire Håkan Roos, according to ägartjänsten Holdings, a holding in a listed company 999 million.When miljardaffären between Izettle and Paypal went in the port under last year, Håkan Roos shares in the Izettle worth less than Sek 700 million.Read more: Here is Sweden's 41 techmiljardärer 2018Now, Håkan Roos made new business in the tech sector.At the end of the year, Håkan Roos, bought 105,000 shares in the Scout Gaming Group for 4.1 million.the Company develops solutions for betting and fantasy sports.
Björn Rosengren is nominated to become the new chairman of the Medirätt, which offers digital läkemedelsdosor and an app with information about the side effects of medicines.Now increases the former minister of the economy, its holdings in the company.Björn Rosengren buy 711.000 shares for the equivalent of sek 3.2 million.On the Tuesday, corresponding to the investment is 5.4 per cent of the entire company.The last of september in the year took Björn Rosengren 2.18% of the shares in Medirätt, according to ägartjänsten Holdings.Björn Rosengren resigned as minister of economic affairs in 2002 and has since acted as a consultant in the business world, among other things, to Stenbecksfärens maktbolag Kinnevik.
It was in september that the Smart Eye carried out a directed share issue in order to speed up the development of self-driven cars together with land other Volvo Cars, a major shareholder Geely.the Company took in 114 million from, among others, Swedbank Robur New Technologies and AMF Funds.Now it transpires that Håkan Roos also participated in the issuance.He then bought 400,000 shares, according to new data from the ägartjänsten Holdings.the issue price of sek 52, provides a total investment of Håkan Roos of 20.8 million.When Izettle earlier this year was sold to Paypal took Håkan Roos shares worth around eur 700 million.
Before the handelsstart on Wednesday became the investment company Spiltan the largest shareholder in XM Reality, with 12 per cent of the shares in the company according to the ägartjänsten Holdings.A part of the shares acquired by the state venture capital company Almi Invest, which has been a partner since 2012.the Stock market welcomed the new storägaren."We see it as a natural consequence when Spiltan come in as a partner"' says Björn Persson on Spiltan, which is responsible for the position.the System is based on augmented reality, or augmented reality.During the autumn, XM Reality begun collaborations with industrial companies such as the German Minebea Intec and Semcon.
Investment company Spiltan has purchased the 495 000 shares in the First North-listed AR-company XM Reality and thus owns 3,39% of the company.the Purchase was completed at the end of June, according to the ägartjänsten Holdings, and the record was, according to Monday's closing price, worth about € 3.5 million.Read more: Spiltan making two recruitments to boost up the tech-investingThus you end up in the top ten list of the largest shareholders in XM Reality, which was founded in 2007.”It's exciting technology that we believe can be developed.It is a pretty small investment for us, but it feels like the technology is in the pipeline”, says Spiltans ceo Per H Börjesson.
Handelsbanken's mutual Funds have chosen to sell of a total of 1.5 million shares in MTG, and thus reduces the holding with 44 per cent in the first quarter, according to ägartjänsten Holdings.Read more: Here is MTG's contender for the e-sportpengarnaback in January flagged Handelsbanken down in MTG, and has since sold by the funds of funds.the Value of the sale amounts to approximately eur 552 million, according to the Holdings.Thus, Handelsbanken has reduced its total ownership in MTG from 5 per cent of the capital in January to the current 2,85%.Handelsbanken was the fourth largest shareholders in MTG before the sale and is crossed now by Swedbank, who has bought 700 000 shares since October and increased its holdings by a quarter.
The two largest companies on the stockholm stock exchange called THQ Nordic and Paradox Interactive.Their share prices amounts to about 11.5 billion and sek 12.6 billion.Now it transpires that the spelmiljardären Lars Wingefors, ceo and major shareholder at THQ Nordic, has sold its entire holding in the Paradox Interactive, according to recent figures from the ägartjänsten Holdings.the Ceo and largest owner of Paradox's Fredrik Wester, also he spelmiljardär.Read more: Here is Sweden's 28 techmiljardärer 2017”Fredrik and I promised to buy shares in each other's company.
It was his second-largest holding after the game developer THQ Nordic, where he is the ceo and founder.Wingefors entry in THQ is worth 2.9 billion.The type DI Digital and refers to ägartjänsten Holdings."I want to thank ceo Jonas Tellander and the gang for a great investment," says Lars Wingefors to DI Digital, and adds that he sold his shares in the Storytel already in the summer.Transparency: Lars Wingefors has also invested in Breakit.
The established of Fingerprint Cards which is known under the name of "Crowhater" has sold over 30 per cent of its holding in biometribolaget.This writes Dagens Industri's online edition, with reference to the ägartjänsten Holdings.After the sale of the 730.420 shares of 19.5 million sek, which corresponded to 35% of his holdings, owns "Crowhater" almost 1.36 million shares in the company.Value is equal to 31.5 million.Nätforumsprofilen now owns a 0.43% of the share capital and 0.37 per cent of the votes in Fingerprint Cards, which gives him an 18th place in the ägarlistan.Twitter says the signature, according to the DI, that he has not sold the shares, but moved them to a endowment.
Swedbank Robur has increased its holding in game developer Starbreeze to 10.7 per cent of the capital.It is apparent from a disclosure.According to the ägartjänsten Holdings amounted to Robur's holdings to 9.0 per cent of the share capital at the end of June.the Fund company has thus increased its holding by around 4.5 million shares since the end of June.on Friday it was announced that Starbreeze principal owner Varvtre AB, owned by Bo Andersson Klint, ceo of Starbreeze, sold of 3.25 million B shares to existing institutional shareholders of Starbreeze.
”We are thrilled with the 2016", says Petter Hedborg to Di Digital.the Company's first product is ägartjänsten Holdings, which brings together the private and the public financial data into a web interface and show, for example, insider trading and the statements of shareholders ' portfolios.the Product currently has more than 100 customers, including media industry Today, but also banks and fund management companies.Already, the year 2015 was the company's first year with one product on the market reached profitability."We will continue to grow at a high rate both by developing existing and new products.Furthermore, we are looking actively at acquisitions of companies that complement our product portfolio", says co-founder Måns Flodberg.
Have purchased shares of 143 million.Fastighetsmiljardären Sven-Olof Johansson, who is the ceo of Fastpartner, during the first quarter bought 600 000 shares in the klädjätten H It is an item worth slightly more than sek 143 million kronor, reports Dagens Industri with reference to data from the ägartjänsten Holdings.Johansson took no H before the purchase but now open to the holding can be extended.”I have a feeling that the company has come down in a slump and is making a turnaround," he says to Di.Sven-Olof Johansson believes that the H has long experience in e-commerce and a clear strategy, but that the big investments have burdened the the Future, he expects better results.
Handelsbanken Funds buys 2.2 per cent of Paradox Interactive (NTL), which after Monday's closing had a market value of 6.4 billion.Handelsbanken's Funds holdings are worth sek 141 million in the same course.the gaming company's chief financial officer Others Vajlok sent on Monday, the new ägarlistan on Twitter:the Paradox of the top ten owners list updated. Others (@avajlok) april 10, 2017Handelsbanken's mutual Funds owns shares in a number of Swedish techbolag, including Storytel (NTL), Leo Vegas (NTL), THQ Nordic (NTL) and Crunchfish (NTL), according to the ägartjänsten Holdings.
Paradox Interactive's major shareholder Spiltan, Peter Lindell, and Håkan Sjunnesson, has given the SEB task is to sell 8.4 million shares, and the flexibility to increase the offering of 10.4 million shares in the game developer.It writes Bloomberg News, and refers to a mailing from SEB.the Offer represents approximately 8% to 10% of the share capital and the price will be determined in a so-called " accelerated "bookbuilding"procedure.Read more: fast-Growing Paradox open to more acquisitionsSpiltan had at the end of a holding of more than 30 per cent of the shares in Paradox.Peter Lindell & Rite Ventures took key 11% and Håkan Sjunnesson less than 4 percent, according to the ägartjänsten Holdings.