Deciding on the brand and model of which second hand tablets to shop for isn’t always a simple decision and there are many things to think about when making your selection.Choosing a tabletOperating System – most of the people are conscious of the three main operating systems - Apple (iOS), Google (Android), and Microsoft (Windows).Deciding which one is up to you but if you have already got a sensible phone then you'll want to travel with a tablet that uses an equivalent OS, which might leave easier syncing between devices.Specifications – Some are going to be more important than others supported your intended use for the tablet but it’s definitely worth comparing specs between models when making your decision.A 7 inch tablet screen is more portable and suited to people that want to use it maybe as a reading device out and about or on the go.The ten inch tablet screen however provides a far better video watching experience and is right for people looking to observe tons of films or TV.Budget – used tablets offer great value for money but your preferred list of requirements can impact the worth.The 10.2-inch screen can feel cramped sometimes, specifically if you're using it for light work, but it's great for watching movies or shows in bed.And yes, you'll do some paperwork thereon, because of its mouse and trackpad support.Best Cheap android tabletGoogle's Android OS doesn't offer the best tablet experience.