Sadly, it looks like distribution will be limited, but we can hope...What if I told you that you could get a phone that's as stylish and powerful as the Samsung Galaxy S7, but for a fraction of the price?You'd probably think I was the guy who creates those web ads that say 'This stay-at-home mum earns £3 billion every week using Google' or something similar.There's also a Pro model that has a ceramic back, and comes with 128GB of storage and 4GB of RAM.But those mishaps did at least demonstrate that this phone is far from fragile.You may have preconceptions about the build quality of low-cost Chinese phones, but in this case I urge you to cast them aside.
Xiaomi s Redmi phone series encompasses more than its fair share of low-end and wallet-friendly options– the Redmi 3S and Redmi 3 start at $106 and $100, respectively — but the umbrella brand also counts top-of-the-line hardware within its lineup.Case in point: according to rumors on Chinese social media.Xiaomi s prepping one such stunner for debut later this year.It ll reportedly launch as the Redmi 4 or Redmi Note 4.They include a MediaTek Helio X20 processor with 10 cores clocked between 1.4 and 2.3 GHz, a behemoth 4,100 mAh battery, a 5.5-inch display 1080p display, and a 13MP rear-facing camera and 5MP front-facing shooter.And it reportedly features proprietary fast-charging technology of some sort — likely MediaTek s Pump Express, if Xiaomi s Redmi Note 3 is anything to go by.
The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas is a 16,800-seat venue that frequently hosts Ultimate Fighting bouts, rock stars and pop idols.On a Tuesday morning last October the arena was thrumming yet again, except this time the star was a young man in a T-shirt and jeans with a giant number-filled spreadsheet projected behind him.The developer from Tableau Software merely had to show off a new feature that automatically combines two separate data sources into one row and thousands of spectators erupted in applause.This kind of over-the-top geek-out is now fairly normal stuff for Tableau cofounder and chief scientist Pat Hanrahan, who reflected on his employee s performance a few hours later: There are so many people here now using data–and enjoying it.If I were to say that on day one, you would have laughed.No one believed us that data was cool.
Top Of The Order:  The Sun Also Rises: And for SolarCity, that sunrise was a little brighter than usual Monday, as it came with $345 million attached to it.The solar-panel technology company said it raised $345 million from four different partners, and it will use the money to finance new solar projects.SolarCity said the funding came in the form of tax equity and is earmarked to pay for new equipment and installations of its solar panels that will make it possible for customers to pay less for solar power than they pay for utility power.SolarCity also said it added $110 million to its debt aggregation facility, bringing that total amount to $760 million.Altogether, SolarCity has raised more than $1.5 billion to finance projects this year.Investors liked the new financing, and sent SolarCity shares up by 4.4 percent to close Monday at $26.14.SolarCity s stock price has fallen more than 48 percent this year due to volatility caused by everything from the company s plans to leave the Nevada market over regulatory issues to Tesla Motors offer to acquire SolarCity for up to $3 billion in Tesla stock.Such a move is seen as consolidating the power of Tesla Chief Executive and SolarCity Chairman Elon Musk in the markets for both battery-powered cars and solar-panel technology.Middle Innings:And speaking of Elon: We re still waiting…Musk, who owns about 19 percent of Tesla s outstanding shares, and around 21 percent of SolarCity s stock, recently said he would be coming out with the details of his Master Plan, Part 2.
After working with 12 different companies over the last 3 months, we ve found that almost all of the companies we ve worked with didn t have a clear understanding of their customer before conducting customer research.One company thought they were targeting startups and enterprise companies, and after conducting user research, they realized that startups were actually horrible customers for their product.Another company realized that they had no clear competitive advantage and they completely shifted their positioning in a new direction and might even create a new product to go after their new found opportunity .We ve found that user research has been the missing link for many of these companies to dramatically improve their marketing, and not just content marketing, but marketing as a whole.In this post, I show you what you can learn from a simple survey to your customer base.I m going to share the questions we asked our customers, share what we wanted to learn from each question, and then share what did learn through our customer s answers.
One ad I recently saw while reading an article on CNN claimed that Through the power of crowdsourcing, we can drive your Google ranking to the top spot in less than a week.Clicking the ad revealed that, like so many things in life, the solution they offered was overpriced and too good to be true.If you want real, lasting results, follow these simple strategies to create a good reputation with Google and earn high rankings.Amazing Keywords: Separating the Wheat From the ChaffKeyword research is about striking the right balance between competition, cost and potential.To understand whether a keyword or phrase is something you should target, look at the following characteristics:
In a press release about the bill, Congresswoman Speier said, The damage caused by these attacks can crush careers, tear apart families, and, in the worst cases, has led to suicide.Several CCRI members spoke at the press conference announcing the bill, including CCRI s President and Founder Dr. Holly Jacobs, Vice-President and Legislative & Tech Policy Director Dr. Mary Anne Franks, Carrie Goldberg, and Anisha Vora.We at CCRI have advised legislators in more than 30 states in their efforts to draft legislation to protect sexual privacy, and the number of states with laws addressing nonconsensual pornography has increased from 3 to 34 in that time.But existing laws offer much less protection for our most sensitive information: private photographs and videos of nudity or sexual activity.These include Professor Erwin Chemerinsky, Dean of UC Irvine School of Law, who, in addition to being one of the most influential legal scholars in the country, has argued several cases in front of the Supreme Court.According to Amanda Faulkner, US Public Policy Manager of Twitter, the company is glad to see Rep. Speier and so many of our safety partners taking the lead on this important issue, and we re proud to stand with them in support of this legislation.
The OnePlus 3 is the company's fourth smartphone releaseOnePlus 3, one of the most awaited phones of the year, was recently released by the Chinese manufacturer and users already seem to like the experience.Users are at the same time experiencing some day-to-day issues with the phone with many complaining about the RAM management.Although OnePlus has issued a new update to fix these bugs, there are still a number of issues.You can do this manually by going to Settings Apps or by a third party application like Clean Master.As it is the latest Android system version with high performance and advanced features, it may not have the same battery backup compared to the older versions, but it will be optimised with future updates battery backup may differ based on usage
Pokemon Go has been continuing its global rollout fairly slowly, with a lacuna in Canada just this past Sunday, and even without an official debut in some key markets like Japan, it already dominates.In the course of winning so winningly, Pokemon Go has also achieved – almost as a side-effect – the kind of success some celebrated but ultimately shuttered startups have pursued in the past.But the app enjoyed a lot of early love, since it looked to be one of those apps that might finally crack the tough nut that is location-based networking.Others, including Sonar which I ll talk about more below had pioneered the space, but there was no Facebook -style smash hit of location-based social networking.Highlight s whole goal was to use your Facebook social graph to prompt passive discovery of contacts around you, notifying you when they re nearby and hopefully setting you up to meet up and chat.In very early coverage of Highlight, founder Paul Davison talked about what users were getting out of using Highlight, and though Pokemon Go doesn t have a Facebook layer to let you know when you re connecting with friends, there s a lot of crossover in the list of positive outcomes.
If you've been waiting for Spotify to make its way to Xbox One after its arrival on PS4 last year then it might be time to stop holding your breath.A recent tweet from Spotify support, responding to a question, reads: "Hi!Right now we're focused on our exclusive partnership with PlayStation, we don't have any info regarding other consoles/BE".The comment indicates that the world's biggest streaming service is going to remain exclusive to Sony's console for the foreseeable future.Xbox One owners will have to settle for playing music that they already own via an update which is expected to arrive in August.The ability to play background music was a feature of the Xbox 360 from its launch in 2005, and was actually absent from its rival, Sony's PlayStation 3, which didn't receive the ability until an update in 2008.
Microsoft told us the Xbox one S would arrive in August back when it was announced, but we didn t think it would arrive this soon.The console is set to both reach-pre-order customers and physical stores on August 2.If you need a refresher, the console is both smaller and more powerful than the current model.Microsoft claims a 40 percent size reduction, while increased power to support 4K, video streams but not 4k gaming and HDR for both video and games.That being said, there are only a few titles set to launch with HDR so far, including Gears of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, and Scalebound.You re also getting the new Xbox Wireless Controller, which comes with Bluetooth support for PCs running the Windows 10 Anniversary Update which, incidentally, launches the same day .
iOS 10 Beta 3 DownloadIt looks like Apple still has a surprise or two up with leave every now and again.One day I had of schedule, for at least the schedule everyone was expecting, Apple released the third beta version of its latest mobile software.iOS 10 beta 3 offers plenty of stability improvements and maybe even a new feature or two, and you can download and install it beginning right now.DON T MISS: Leaked photo shows the iPhone 7 we all want but aren t going to getApple s new iOS 10 software represents a big departure from the previous version of iOS.
Here s all you need to know about Naim Audio: When Bentley Motors was looking for a premium audio package to plug into its luxury autos, it hired this legendary British hi-fi brand.And Naim just released the Mu-so Qb, a wireless speaker that s a scaled-down version of its entry-level Mu-so, the $1,500 boombox that Apple employees blast hellishly loud after they close up shop.A primo hi-fi brand that audiophiles go gaga over.1/10A complete failure in every way2/10Barely functional; don t buy it3/10Serious flaws; proceed with caution
Hollywood and games have had a weak bond when it comes to making money from each other.But in the era of mobile games, that is starting to change, said Chris DeWolfe, the chief executive of Los Angeles-based SGN.That kind of thinking drove SGN s recent acquisition of TinyCo, which had a close Hollywood connection with games such as Mavel: Avengers Academy.The attitude is a lot different from the past, when Hollywood intellectual property owners just thought of games as minor brand extensions for a movie or TV show.DeWolfe spoke with Game Awards founder Geoff Keighley in a fireside chat at the Casual Connect USA event today in San Francisco.The mobile market can grow by 20 percent, but it is also consolidating.SGN has created its own brands, such as Cookie Jam a match-3 puzzler .Regarding TinyCo, DeWolfe said the company was good in the building and invest and express genres of games.
Today, the average student loan debt is more than $25,000; Americans hold more such debt than credit card debt—$1.2 trillion and $714 billion, respectively, as of last fall.So while I contemplate taking on a side job as an Uber driver when my second child heads to college next year, I also understand that universities face challenges on multiple fronts.Some quick numbers: The average annual cost for tuition and fees at a public four-year university in 1985-86 when I graduated was $2,918 in 2015 dollars .In 2015-16, that cost was more than three times higher at $9,410 and doesn t include room and board .Parents, say it with me: Ouch.Part of the problem is a facilities-construction arms race to attract the best students.
Planned Parenthood is reminding a world obsessed with catching em all that there are some things you definitely don t want to catch.The mobile phone app, which allows users to capture, battle and train 3-D virtual creatures, has taken the world by storm, even causing human stampedes and stopping traffic.The Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota Planned Parenthood action fund saw the Pokemon Go trend as an opportunity to educate people on safe sex since more sex ed is always a good thing .On July 13, the women s health organization tweeted an illustration of what appears to be the Pokemon character Squirtle crossed with a condom.When you don t want to CatchEmAll, condoms help prevent pregnancy and STDs, Planned Parenthood wrote underneath the Squirtle-condom character.The illustration, created by the Advocates For Youth organization, is both adorable and educational.
Facebook released its most recent diversity report last week and it shows very little signs of improvement – something the company blames on the US public education system and the pipeline problem, meaning there aren't enough qualified women and minorities available to fill tech positions.The total number of women employed by Facebook increased just one percent to 33 percent, while the number of black and Hispanic US employees remained the same at 2 percent and 4 percent, respectively.Facebook's Global Director of Diversity, Maxine Williams, said: "It has become clear that at the most fundamental level, appropriate representation in technology or any other industry will depend upon more people having the opportunity to gain necessary skills through the public education system," she said in a statement.The lack of diversity is most apparent when it comes to Facebook s tech-based jobs, which consists of 48 percent white and 46 percent Asian employees.Black workers make up just 1 percent of this sector, with Hispanic employees accounting for 3 percent.Senior leadership is one area totally dominated by white males; across the US, 71 percent of Facebook s leaders are white, and men make up 73 percent of senior positions worldwide.
It could have also been written in 1970, 1987, 1993 or any other time in the past half century.Thanks to new technologies, new industries emerged that created more jobs than were destroyed and increased not only productivity, but also workers incomes, something the economist Joseph Schumpeter predicted in 1942.He called this phenomenon creative destruction — a process of industrial mutation ... that incessantly revolutionizes the economic structure from within, incessantly destroying the old one, incessantly creating a new one.A robot waiter in a restaurant in Shanghai on July 3.In the past few weeks, I had the opportunity to visit a handful of centers of innovation and speak with some of the world s leading experts in technology information and robotics.As is usual in this environment, there was an air of contagious optimism.
It won't affect the iPhone, but it'll speed up technology development and lead to cheaper chipsSoftbank plans to acquire ARM for US$32 billion.The small chip company has brought giants like Intel to their knees in the realm of mobile phones and tablets, and now it's on the verge of being acquired by Softbank for a stunning US$32 billion.You may not know it, but outside of PCs ARM is in almost every device we use, from smartphones to TVs to home appliances.It licenses chip designs to manufacturers, and over the last 25 years, over 90 billion ARM-designed chips have gone into devices.ARM will continue designing processors for various segments of the computing industry after the acquisition, but investments will go up and product development will be faster, said Simon Segars, CEO of ARM, in a video.
Forget about blocks and castles.Minecraft players are going to need to craft an escape plan later this month.Telltale Games revealed today that the seventh episode for Minecraft: Story Mode releases on July 26 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac, and mobile.The new episode is Access Denied.Minecraft is one of the best-selling games of all time, moving more than 106 million copies.While the original game focuses on open-world discovery and building, Story Mode injects Telltale s classic sense of narrative and player choice into the series.Continuing their portal journey in search of home, Jesse and crew land in a world entirely controlled by PAMA — a sinister thinking machine determined to command everyone and everything in pursuit of optimal usefulness and efficiency, Telltale notes on its YouTube page.