YouTube will showcase the creativity and stories of Asian American and Pacific Islander creators across its platform throughout May to mark Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Go-to-market shows lead Dennis Chiu wrote in a blog post, "At YouTube, we couldn't be prouder of our global API community. From actors to musicians, makeup artists...
 Open source performance testing toolApache Jmeter.Open Source Software and 100% pure Java applications designed to load functional test behavior and measure performance.Also Read: Software Testing Company in Delhi FeatureFull featured test ideas that allow recording fast test plansDynamic Reporting H TMLFull multithreading framework allows concurrent samplingComplete portabilityVery broad coreGrinder.JYTHON (Python Special Java Implementation) is the default script language.TestScripts can also be written in clojure.Also Read: Software Testing Company The main part of the grinder: This monitor makes real time and controls various grinding agents.Grinder agent is a special head generator load.They have a number of workers to make a burden.The main features of grindersThis is a cross-platform tool.It can run on any platform and Java virtual machine can be set immediately.Support a lot of protocols.Development of fast and strong scriptsSimple performance chart and slide for all transactions in a tab.The user has the ability to write plug-in itself to the documented interfaceFlexible parameterization.The user has the ability to load Java API as a test from the HTTP web server, soap service and rest.Flexibility to load and execute third-party libraries.Gatling.Gatling is a powerful "firearm" based Scala for load testing with two executables:Also Read: Software Testing Services one for recording test casesOthers for the case test executionThe main feature of the gatling listed below Gatling supports colorful and informative graphics reports that contain valuable information for analysis.This can run test cases on various test clouds.Gatling can be easily integrated with Jenkins through Jenkins-plugin and run tests through Gradle and Maven with the help of the Maven plugin and Plugle Gradle.Gatling only uses a little memory.This reduces debugging phase time.Errors and weaknesses are detected in the initial part of the development cycle.Also Read: Software Testing Agency Locus.Locust is a load testing suite driven by the code, distributed default Python.It is often used to load testing websites and show how many users simultaneously can be handled by the system.According to him, a bunch of grasshoppers will attack the website during the test.The anxiety process is monitored from the UI Web in real-time and helps identify the weak point of the code.
CryptoCurrency Integrations for all our MakeMy Trip Clone Script available.Its comes with Website and Mobile Applications.Bus Reservation System with API & OWN Inventory system for bus operators to automate operations, get more direct bookings, increase brand recall and improve revenues.MakeMy Trip Clone Script may be a web ticket booking and reservation code, designed on the powerful open language PHP and MySQL with Codeigniter framework that permits you to manage your bus inventory, fares, routes, schedules furthermore as your entire back workplace.Online Bus Ticket MakeMy Trip Clone Script includes a bus transport administration system which allows your company to manage all internal operation.CryptoCurrency Integrations facilitate your customers organize their visits and daily commutes additional simply.method bookings and payments on-line, manage your business additional with efficiency.Check the key options that return commonplace with the price ticket reservation system.
CryptoCurrency Integrations for all our RedBus Clone Script available.Its comes with Website and Mobile Applications.Bus Reservation System with API & OWN Inventory system for bus operators to automate operations, get more direct bookings, increase brand recall and improve revenues.Redbus Clone Script may be a web ticket booking and reservation code, designed on the powerful open language PHP and MySQL with Codeigniter framework that permits you to manage your bus inventory, fares, routes, schedules furthermore as your entire back workplace.Online Bus Ticket RedBus Clone Script includes a bus transport administration system which allows your company to manage all internal operation.CryptoCurrency Integrations facilitate your customers organize their visits and daily commutes additional simply.method bookings and payments on-line, manage your business additional with efficiency.Check the key options that return commonplace with the price ticket reservation system.
Moreover, every mobile phone comes up with a set of default pre-installed apps in itself.We suggest you do thorough research on the apps that are available at the Google Play Store before you head start to develop a mobile app for any business.15 at the streetWhile it may cost Rs.75 at RestaurantsWhile the Same Cup would cost Rs.225 and above at Starbucks The term Coffee remains the same, but the way it is prepared, the quality of ingredients used, the Brand that delivers the product, and other factors decide on the cost factor.It extends furthermore, towards maintenance cost, up-gradation cost, Play store/ App store cost, etc.H3: Factors that influence Mobile app development What’s the primary function of your app?What is your budget?How do you plan on building it?What kind of time frame do you envision from production start to launch?You’ll also want to consider your launch strategy, so you can get downloads and even come up with a way to get ranked in the App Store.| Promoting a brand new app from scratch without an existing business in place will be more expensive.H4: Complexity  How complex is your app Design?The complexity of the Mobile App Design and development involves the features to be integrated impacts the number of technical resources to be used, the Duration of the app Development and the Add plugins.
Halfway through my Monday afternoon workout last week, I got a message from a security researcher with a screenshot of my Peloton account data. My Peloton profile is set to private and my friend’s list is deliberately zero, so nobody can view my profile, age, city, or workout history. But a bug allowed anyone to […]
As Non-Fungible Tokens hold an ever replaceable place in the crypto market, the NFT Marketplace will tend to grow more and more.Thus NFT Marketplace Development will be the best business solution for all crypto business people.To launch your own NFT Marketplace like OpenSea, contact the best NFT Marketplace Development firm like Bitdeal, who can furnish you with A to Z NFT Marketplace Development Services.Specialties of NFT Marketplace Look at the specialties that make an NFT Marketplace more adaptable and popular among crypto people.LiquidityAll the NFT Marketplaces possess high liquidity as they offer instant trading of NFTs.These Non-Fungible Tokens(NFTs) can be kept as collateral for any liquid cash or as any other form of cryptos for instant cash.As NFT Marketplace has the ability for expanding the market for any unique digital products and also offers immediate liquidity with a high pool of audience in the market.ScarcityThe Smart Contracts of NFT Marketplace allows developers to restrict only a specific number of any specific rare items that can be created.They can also enforce those specific properties do not change over time by encoding it on-chain which improves the uniqueness of the creation.All these provide a way that any properties developed can not be modified after the issuance of NFTs on the platform.ControllabilityAs with all other digital assets NFTs are also completely programmable which represents that they are controllable.Many NFT Marketplaces in the crypto market feature crafting, forging, random generation, redeeming, and more with full possibilities to use the platform in a better way.TradabilityNFTs can be traded in various virtual environments & marketplaces due to its interoperability character.Thus NFT holders can enjoy trading capabilities such as the ability to sell in the market, bidding, binding, and more.InteroperabilityThe Standards of NFTs allow for interaction with any marketplace.The wallet providers are instructed with any new launch of NFTs immediately that they can start trading those NFTs on any marketplace.The open standards of NFT and NFT Marketplace offer consistent, clear, reliable, and permission API for all activities in the platform.These are the special characteristics of the top NFT Marketplace that make them popular among the people.Bitdeal - NFT Marketplace Development CompanyWe Bitdeal - Leading NFT Marketplace Development Company offers various NFT Marketplace development services and solutions for all the clients across the globe.Our NFT Developers are skilled in developing and deploying smart contracts on any blockchain that performs the functionalities of NFT Marketplace.We develop NFT Marketplace development services that support a variety of businesses and industries which includes gaming, arts, sports, fashion, and more.
Africa’s insurance market stands at a 3% penetration rate, per a McKinsey study in 2018 comparing six insurance regions on the continent. If the South African market is excluded, this number drops to a measly 1.12%. Unlike other parts of the world, most African insurance providers neglect the importance of tailored and affordable insurance products […]
Azure Customers Can Purchase Data Theorem’s Solutions for Automating API, Cloud, Mobile and WebApp Security Analysis, Attack Surface Management and Auto-RemediationData Theorem, Inc., a leading provider of modern application security, today announced that its broad portfolio of modern AppSec products is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications and services for use on Microsoft Azure, one of the industry’s most productive and trusted cloud platforms.Data Theorem customers can now take advantage of the productive and trusted Azure cloud platform, with streamlined deployment and management.Data Theorem’s broad AppSec portfolio protects organizations from data breaches with application security testing and protection for modern web frameworks, API-driven microservices and cloud resources.Its solutions are powered by its award-winning Analyzer Engine, which leverages a new type of dynamic and run-time analysis that is fully integrated into the CI/CD process, and enables organizations to conduct continuous, automated security inspection and remediation.Data Theorem’s AppSec portfolio secures mobile apps, cloud-driven APIs, and modern web applications.“Data Theorem’s API Secure and Cloud Secure products uniquely leverage a new type of dynamic and run-time analysis that delivers both offensive (attack surface management) and defensive (cloud security posture management) capabilities, and enables Microsoft Azure customers to conduct continuous, automated security inspection and remediation of their APIs, cloud, mobile and web apps,” said Doug Dooley, Data Theorem COO.“Data Theorem’s Analyzer Engine has reached remarkable global scalability and performance with all of our products being born and developed in a multi-cloud environment supporting some of the largest customers in the world.Availability in the Azure Marketplace gives customers easy access to this new brand of AppSec protection.”The Azure Marketplace is an online market for buying and selling SaaS solutions certified to run on Azure.
Microsoft last week launched a public preview of the APIs (application programming interfaces) that IT admins can call on to control Windows Update for Business Deployment Service, the company's latest effort to push commercial customers to adopt cloud-only servicing for Windows 10."With today's public preview release, you can use the Windows Update for Business deployment service directly through the Microsoft Graph API and associated SDKs, as well as Azure PowerShell," David Mebane, principal program manager lead with the Windows servicing group, said in an April 28 post.To read this article in full, please click here
JetBrains is offering its first technology preview of Jetpack Compose for the Web, which brings Google’s Kotlin toolkit for building reactive user interfaces to the web.Introduced on May 3, Jetpack Compose for Web works on top of Kotlin Multiplatform, enabling developers to build an application for Android, the desktop, or web using Jetpack Compose as the UI framework, all within the same project. Kotlin Multiplatform fosters sharing of platform-agnostic functionality such as business logic through common code, while still enabling developers to implement platform-specific functionality. [ Also on InfoWorld: JDK 16: The new features in Java 16 ] Jetpack Compose for Web follows JetBrains’ Compose for Desktop, for building reactive desktop UIs for Kotlin, also still in early development, with a 1.0 release planned. With the Jetpack Compose for Web preview, developers can reuse all core Compose state management concepts across platforms. The preview currently does not allow developers to directly reuse existing widgets, but the Kotlin Multiplatform expect/actual mechanism can be used to build common widgets with implementations for all three platforms.To read this article in full, please click here
Our customer oriented approach is supported by an extensive gauging product line which ISO 17025 Accredited Calibration Servicescontinues to grow through the support of our .We are simply the most complete & accurate Metrology lab in Alberta, Canada.If it is about finding the right type of thread gauges you should only order it from a reliable source that offers a full customer service if ever you end up needing it.You can see a lot of depth gages for sale online but it is always better to buy or order them from a reliable online source.Buying things from online eventually make your job easy and everything can end up being done digitally.At the time of ordering API gages, if you can really find the perfect gage for yourself you will literally save a lot of time of yours.API Thread gauges mostly come in various types such as plugs and ring gages and one of the types of plugs is API 5B plug.Some of the specifications of API 5B plug are it has 8 round ring gage and casing plug where the casings are short thread casing and long thread casing.It has also ring gages and line pipe plug as well as 8 and 10 round ring gages and round tubing plug.Those round tubing plugs are of external upset tubing and non-upset tubing., Sucker rods B1 to B6, Sucker rods P1 to P6, Mining, tapered thread gauges and you can even customize it According to your preference.Resource by: -
Digital assurance market Quality assurance is the quality assurance activities that ensure seamless interactions between various sections of digital environments that integrate integrated entities, processes, and issues that reach through social, web, analytics, and cloud stack.Digital assurance practices become critical for the organization that is facing complexities from the environment both internally and externally.Increased usage of DevOps and Agile in SDLC, increased usage of test automation leads to lowering operational costs and the need of API monitoring is growing in digital economy are the factors driving the growth of digital assurance market.Low expertise and low complete test coverage are restraining the digital assurance market.A safe testing environment is being offered by service virtualization which acts as an opportunity.Challenges related to operations are faced by the digital assurance market.This digital assurance market report provides details of new recent developments, trade regulations, import export analysis, production analysis, value chain optimization, market share, impact of domestic and localised market players, analyses opportunities in terms of emerging revenue pockets, changes in market regulations, strategic market growth analysis, market size, category market growths, application niches and dominance, product approvals, product launches, geographic expansions, technological innovations in the market.To gain more info on Data Bridge Market Research digital assurance market contact us for an Analyst Brief, our team will help you take an informed market decision to achieve market growth.This Global Digital Assurance Market research report intensely analyses the potential of the market with respect to current scenario and the future prospects by considering several industry aspects of Cardinal Health industry.
The firm has successfully developed the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) and the formulation for Favipiravir through its own in-house R&D team.The drug will be available as a prescription-based medication, with recommended doses
Apigee Edge provides an API management platform that enables API providers to design, secure, deploy, monitor, and scale APIs.Adopting the right Apigee API management platform can make that task much easier.As you explore your options, you will likely find a lot of information
Driving digital transformation with custom API integration and development services Infomaze carries extensive experience in providing API integration solutions and development services that link software, applications, third-party apps, and websites through standard or custom APIs.Given the proven expertise, and make use of the latest technologies to eliminate redundancy, potential overlaps, and gaps within your business processes.Infomaze help businesses to tap the full potential of CRM, ERP, payment gateways, social media platforms, content management systems, etc., by building APIs where different systems can remain connected to each other across multiple endpoints.Hire API developers from Infomaze to gain a competitive edge and preserve agility.Over the years, Infomaze have worked on several API integrations using REST, JSON, SOAP, and other communication methods to provide the clients with API integrations that enhance their productivity.Using the different API authentication methods, including basic oAuth, oAuth1, oAuth2, API Keys, basic HTTP, JSON Web Token (JWT), SAML, token, etc., And make sure you get secure API integrations.Services Provided for API IntegrationCloud-based API integrationThe developers integrate applications and other workloads to the cloud, using APIs to ensure access across different platforms and devices.API as a serviceWith API As A Service development, we target web API protocols like HTTP/HTTPS, JSON, REST, and SOAP for executing API-based micro-services.Accounting software API integrationWe carry API integration services for leading accounting solutions, including QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB, Freshdesk, Sage, Fortnox, and others.Payment gateway API integrationPayment gateway API integration using major payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe,, Google Checkout, PayU, BillDesk, and CCAvenue.API testing automationThe developers are experts in unit testing, functional testing, penetration testing, UI testing, and load testing to check the performance of APIs.Custom API integrationThrough the custom API integration services, we help businesses align their workflows and achieve better connectivity between apps and websites.Social media API integrationEnhance the popularity of your websites with the rich selection of social media API integration services.Third party API integrationsWe offer custom third-party API integration and development services to assist businesses with connecting their systems, apps, and websites.Infomaze offers custom API integration services to all industry verticals from SMEs to large enterprises.As a matter of fact, and can build solutions for any industry as long as we have the right inputs... Click the below link for more details.
Global Sterile Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Market: OverviewAny mixture of substances or substance that is meant to be utilized for the purpose of making of a drug or a medicinal product is a pharmaceutical ingredient.When this ingredient is utilized in the production of a drug, it becomes an active ingredient for the drug product.These ingredients are tasked to accomplish pharmaceutical activity or cause some other direct effect in the prevention, treatment, mitigation, cure, or diagnosis of a disease.Grab an exclusive PDF Brochure of this reportAugmented pharmaceutical expenditure across the globe is supported by increased consumption of pharmaceuticals due to the expansion of the ageing population, increased prevalence of chronic diseases, and introduction of brand new drugs for various rare indications.Flourishing business of pharmaceutical companies is estimated to open up new avenues of growth for the global sterile active pharmaceutical ingredients market in the forthcoming years.Product, and region are the two important parameters based on which the global sterile active pharmaceutical ingredients market has been classified.Request for Analysis of COVID19 Impact on Sterile Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Market - Sterile Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients Market: Key TrendsThe global sterile active pharmaceutical ingredients market is characterized by the presence of the following restraints, drivers, and opportunities.Increasing Shift toward Outsourcing of Sterile API Production to Bolster DemandActive pharmaceutical ingredients find abundant use in various fields such as endocrinology, ophthalmology, nephrology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, orthopedic, central nervous system (CNS) and neurology, cardiology, and oncology.In accordance with world health organization (WHO), around 85% of the deaths worldwide is caused by heart attacks and strokes.
The global active pharmaceutical ingredients market was valued at US$ 162,000.0 Mn in 2017 and is projected to expand at a cumulative annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4% from 2018 to 2026, according to a new report published by Transparency Market Research (TMR) titled ‘Global Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)- Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2018–2028.’ The report suggests that increase in the use of pharmaceuticals globally is estimated to boost the active pharmaceutical ingredients market between 2018 and 2026.The market in Europe is projected to expand at a moderate growth rate of 5.0% during the forecast period.In addition, health care companies are striving to cut hospitalization costs while offering better services to patients in the country.Read Report Overview - Increase in Government Prioritization of Biomedical Innovation Globally to Fuel MarketGovernments across the world have prioritized biomedical innovation.Drugs approved by the FDA are used for the treatment of relapsed or refractory acute lymphoblastic leukemia, relapsed breast cancer, moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis, advanced or metastatic urothelial carcinoma, acute bacterial skin infections, Chagas disease, open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension, type 2 diabetes mellitus, and septic or other distributive shock.Request Brochure – Increase in the Incidence of Acute and Chronic Diseases Globally to Fuel MarketRise in the prevalence of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes; sedentary lifestyles; and a rise in the aging population are key factors driving the active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) market.High degree of competition and reduced profitability are the key factors attributed to the increased preference for outsourcing API production over in-house API manufacturing.The Synthetic Chemical API Segment is Projected to Lead the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients MarketAround 66.0% of the APIs currently available in the market constitute synthetic chemical APIs, popularly known as small molecules.
MRFR report on the Botnet Detection Market Size highlights the future prediction and the growth alternatives that can be created.Market Research Future (MRFR), in its latest the Botnet Detection Market Size report, states that the Botnet Detection Market Size 2020 can expand at about 41% CAGR by 2027.The rise in need to remotely control these activities by bot headers or bot masters can spur the market growth.On the contrary, the greater challenge encountered by the Botnet Detection Market Size is the lack of awareness.The growing inclination of enterprises towards traditional botnet techniques and high sophistication solutions can counter the decrease in the expansion rate of the Botnet Detection Market Size.Request a Free Sample @ Outlook: MRFR listed some prominent marketers of the world Botnet Detection Market Size.They are PerimeterX, Inc. (US), Akamai Technologies (US), Intechnica Ltd (UK), Imperva (US), Distil Inc. (US), Shield Square (India), White Ops, Inc (US), Kasada Pty Ltd (Australia), Instart Logic Inc.(US), Shape Security (US), Datadome (France), Unbotify (Israel), AppsFlyer (US), InfiSecure Technologies Inc. (India), Variti International GmbH (Switzerland), and Mfilterit (India) among others.The organization size based segments of the Botnet Detection Market Size are small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and large enterprise.The application-based segments of the Botnet Detection Market Size are mobile-based, web-based, and API based.The detection technique based segments of the Botnet Detection Market Size are anomaly detection, flow data monitoring, honeypots, and DNS log analysis.
Best Architecture Software contains tools to plan and track various stages in the lifecycle of a building, from concept to construction as well as from maintenance to demolition.Top ten vendors of architecture Software include:Revit: Revit includes toolsets for structural and MEP engineering, architectural design, and construction.It is also able to import, export, and link user data using popular file formats.SketchUp: SketchUp is a reliable application that helps users create 3D models of furniture, interiors, landscapes, and much more.Features include drawing layout functionality, surface rendering in variable styles, and third-party plug-in programs.Cinema 4D: Cinema 4D helps bring blueprints and sketches to life.It enables them to create designs without the need for professional training and helps shorten the rendering process.With Lumion, workflows are smoother and client presentations are more aesthetic.The Blender API for Python can be used to customize applications and develop specialized tools.