We've recently had some odd conversations in the CNET offices.Laura Hautala, our privacy reporter, blurted out an assessment of the cost of skydiving lessons.Abrar Al-Heeti, a general assignment reporter, described getting kicked out of a Casper mattress store in a suburb of Chicago after her brother's kids went wild in it.They were part of an informal study CNET conducted to see if we could get Facebook to deliver ads based on discussions we had when our phones were in earshot.The reason for our test: The long-running and hard-to-kill conspiracy theory that Facebook is listening to your conversations through the mic on your phone and then using this overheard dialogue to send you targeted ads.But it turned out the reporter getting the Casper ad had visited a medical website after a back ache caused by a poor night's sleep.
Until about a month ago I'd never seen any of them all the way through.No Iron Man, no Captain America and definitely no Avengers: Infinity War.So in anticipation of Endgame's release on April 26, I've spent a good chunk of my recent evenings watching all 21 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.I managed to avoid spoiling anything, which would make the Russo brothers happy.Even maintaining my relatively leisurely pace of roughly a film every 1.7 days I feel like I missed plenty of stuff, and am already looking forward to rewatching them.My favorite overall so far is Infinity War, followed by the first Avengers and Thor: Ragnarok.
It's my first time on a surfboard and I'm petrified.Instead of learning how to surf in the ocean with unpredictable conditions, I'm in a more controlled environment that should, in theory, make it easier for me to catch a wave.I'm 100 miles from the Pacific Ocean in a small town called Lemoore in California.This is the home of Kelly Slater's Surf Ranch, where the world champion has helped engineer his perfect wave.As part of CNET's Road Trip series, Abrar Al-Heeti also visited the Surf Ranch, and you can read her in-depth story about the wave pool and its 100-ton hydrofoil.But I'm here to experience what it's like to learn to surf in a place that guarantees a wave every time.