In the course of a few months, Microsoft torpedoed its goodwill with its most dedicated fans, while Sony repeatedly dunked on Microsoft with the introduction of the PlayStation 4.Sony's PlayStation 4 is, by far, the most popular and best-selling game console in the world.But video game consoles operate on cycles, and no one stays on top forever.Every five to 10 years or so, new consoles arrives from each of the big three companies."Fortnite" is the biggest game in the world, and it's playable on pretty much anything that runs video games: Your smartphone (both iOS and Android), your computer (PC and Mac), and every current game console (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch).Worse, if you bought stuff in "Fortnite" on PlayStation 4, none of it would show up if you played the game with the same account on another platform.
Sony Interactive Entertainment has parted ways with its head of third-party developer relations just about a year after he joined.Florian Hunziker took the important job at Sony in January 2017.Sony didn’t announce the change yet, but a source familiar with the matter told GamesBeat that Hunziker had left the job.And in a message to GamesBeat, Hunziker also confirmed that he left Sony.The change happens amid other management movement at Sony, including the departure of Sony game chief Andrew House, who announced he would leave Sony in October.Among the three major console manufacturers, Sony has had arguably the strongest support from third-party indie developers and major blockbuster publishers in this generation of consoles.
Today s the day when the real season for gaming begins, as shoppers decide which creations they want to spend their hard-earned money on.This week, I m going to dwell on the choices and advice that game developers have for each other.As I noted last week, I attended the Montreal International Game Summit for the second year in a row.The closing talks, where prominent developers speak for five minutes each in a session dubbed the MIGS Brain Dump 2016, captured the zeitgeist of game development.The speakers included Adam Boyes, Aleissia Laidacker, Anna Kipnis, David Calvo, Jason Kim, Jill Murray, Richard Dansky, Richard Rouse III, and Steve Escalante.She said you can see that in the crunch time that happens when games run off schedule and developers have to work unpaid overtime, resulting in medical leave and burnout.But still, every day, devs in production, in the guise of performance feedback, to control their emotions.
I was tempted to stay in Canada, but alas I just returned from a whirlwind trip that left me a little more in touch with the pulse of game development.For the second year in a row, I attended the Montreal International Game Summit.The closing talks, where prominent developers speak for five minutes each in a session dubbed the MIGS Brain Dump 2016, captured the zeitgeist of game development.The speakers included Adam Boyes, Aleissia Laidacker, Anna Kipnis, David Calvo, Jason Kim, Jill Murray, Richard Dansky, Richard Rouse III, and Steve Escalante.I ve summarized five of the talks below, and I ll cover the rest later.She also said that game development is unexpectedly social, as you have to talk to everybody across the studio to get in sync.She noted that game developers, like true artists, should be inspired from different media to develop innovations in games.She looks to Black Mirror and Westworld, interactive theater, and board games like The Resistance, to get inspiration.
The modern game industry is frequently compared to the rags-to-riches era of the Gold Rush.And Adam Boyes, the CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios and former developer relations chief at Sony s PlayStation business, made that comparison again yesterday at the Montreal International Game Summit.In a keynote speech at MIGS 2016, Boyes went further than usual with the comparison, pointing out the series of mini gold rushes that came on a regular cadence during the history of the American and Canadian pioneer days.Boyes traced the history of his own ancestors, including one named John Walters, as they migrated westward.He said that journey seemed crazy and fruitless at times, with maybe 200 people getting rich during gold rushes that attracted 40,000 people.That compares well to the modern game industry as entrepreneurs hop from one platform to the next, from console to Facebook to mobile to PC to virtual reality.We have a more immersive high-fidelity system that you can keep in the house.He pointed out that game acquisitions are happening with unheard of valuations.
Adam Boyes made a big name for himself as the head of developer relations and third-party publishing at Sony s U.S. game division.But he wanted to get back to making games, so he has joined independent game studio Iron Galaxy as chief executive.Boyes said in an exclusive interview with GamesBeat that he enjoyed his job building communities and development partners at Sony.But he ll get back to game development by joining Chicago-based Iron Galaxy.Making games has always been a passion of mine.It has worked on titles such as Killer Instinct for Xbox One and Windows, as well as Destiny for the PlayStation 3 and BioShock Infinite.It has also published its own games such as Videoball, Capsule Force, and Divekick.Boyes served as the vice president of third-party relations and developer technology at Sony Entertainment America from April 2012 to July 2016.
Sony Computer Entertainment America executive Adam Boyes announced that he is departing the company after spending the last four years as the PlayStation brand s VP of publisher & developer relations.Boyes expressed a desire to return to the world of game development as part of his departure, noting that he s going to make games again on the independent side.Boyes worked within multiple PlayStation divisions during his tenure, including Publisher Relations, Developer Relations, Portfolio Strategy, Financial Strategy, Partner Alliance, and Third Party Production.Sony has not yet announced how it intends to fill Boyes position at the company.Serving as a public face for Sony s PlayStation brand in recent years, Boyes announced major upcoming releases and initiatives at the Electronic Entertainment Expo and other events.Notably, Boyes starred alongside Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida in a widely shared video poking fun at Microsoft s presumptive plans to hobble the used games market prior to the launch of the Xbox One.
Sony is losing one of its top executive faces.PlayStation third-party relations vice president Adam Boyes revealed he is exiting Sony Interactive Entertainment.He is returning to game development, which is where he started before joining Sony in April 2012.I ve made the super difficult decision to leave PlayStation,  Boyes announced in an appearance on the PlayStation Blogcast.I want to go make games again.That s the next chapter of Adam s story: Making games.Boyes admitted that leaving Sony was a tough choice, but returning to development marks a return to his roots.
is almost here, so it s time create your own funky announcements using this random headline generator.E3 2016Every year gamers gather around their computer screens to watch big publishers announce a slew of new and exciting games at E3.We ll be doing the same this year, but none of the announcements will be as ridiculous as those cooked up using this headline generator.Related: Sony E3 2016 press conference - When is it, what do we expect to see?Some of the headlines to come out of this thing are pure gold, and we ve left some of our favourites below:To combat potential DDOS attacks, Sony partner with Donald Trump to build the ultimate firewall.Adam Boyes, Shuhei Yoshida, Shawn Layden, and Andrew House announce the formation of a new boy band and their debut album 'All Work & No Play'The Toys-to-Life market has some new competition, with Victoria's Secret joining the frayYou can generate your own glorious headlines here, and be sure to share some of your favourites in the comments.
Activision announced today that it will hold its second-ever Call of Duty XP fan event on September 2 and September 3.The event will include the finals for the Call of Duty World League, an esports event with more than $2 million in prizes.This will be the second time that the company has held a major Call of Duty fan event, and the last one was in 2011.This explains in part why Activision Blizzard dropped its booth at the Electronic Entertainment Expo E3 , the big game trade show in Los Angeles next week.Tickets go on sale on June 11 at 10 a.m. Pacific time.There will be more than 500 game stations for fans to play.Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare launches on November 4.The festivities will center around something that didn t happen in 2011: the Call of Duty World League Championship, the culmination of the inaugural season of the Call of Duty World League CWL .Thirty-two of the top teams worldwide will compete for the $2 million in prizes.Fans can watch the excitement unfold on the Live Event Viewer in Black Ops III on PlayStation 4, on the web and mobile devices, and at