Even Amazon's CTO is hooked on hot new app "Pokémon Go" — and he's cheekily offering his company's services to help stop the widespread outages the game is suffering because of its popularity.The adventure game has become crazy-popular since its launch on Wednesday, but server crashes keep rendering it useless for many would-be Ash Ketchums.Hence Amazon's Werner Vogels is stepping in to proffer the services of the company's cloud platform, AWS.The subtext being AWS is a better and more reliable platform than whatever the game currently uses.Niantic Labs, which makes"Pokémon Go", is a spinoff from Google / Alphabet, so there's a good chance that it's using Google's cloud platform, which makes it even more of a burn.Dear cool folks at @NianticLabs please let us know if there is anything we can do to help!I wanted that drowzee pic.twitter.com/UVwVKA0Lz8 — Werner Vogels @Werner July 8, 2016John Hanke, the CEO of Niantic, tells Business Insider that the team is hard at work on a fix.
You never know where a rare Pokémon might be hiding.Don t be afraid to explore new areas of your town—adventure is what it s all about!There s nothing worse than getting ready to snag a rare critter only to have to have your screen go dark.Dead weight only slows you down.See if you can get a neighborhood kid to play with you.He ll no doubt have some sick tips, and his mom s been pretty busy since Mitch started coming around.
The first TV show Mary Elizabeth Winstead starred in—playing a half-human, half-werewolf teenage girl—was shot in Vancouver.Though CBS canceled Wolf Lake after one season, Winstead fell in love with the coastal Canadian town and has worked there on and off ever since.Over time, the actress has graduated from her scream-queen origins to leading roles in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and this year s 10 Cloverfield Lane, the J.J. Abrams-produced thriller in which she s abducted by a terrifying prepper played by John Goodman.Winstead returned to TV in June on CBS BrainDead, a show about zombie politicians by the creators of The Good Wife.But despite Winstead s onscreen flair for the eerie and bizarre, her real life is more about chic eats and outdoor adventure.Also, I m a little bit of a sucker for a quintessential hipster coffee shop, and Gastown is home to my favorite, Nelson the Seagull.
Twenty years after the original game, Pokémon fever is catching on all over again thanks to this week s release of Pokémon Go, a mobile-exclusive experience that sends you around your city to capture and battle the adorable monsters.It leads this week s Five to Try column, although Nintendo s franchise isn t the only big Android game release of late.Also new is Super Stickman Golf 3, the latest in the fantastic 2D franchise, while NBA Live Mobile offers a more traditional simulation approach for its sport of choice.And if you need some interesting new apps to try out, ASAP Launcher makes speed and convenience its top priorities, while Lexa lets you chat with Amazon s voice assistant from the Echo home device.Also, note that the servers aren t holding up well with the initial surge of interest, so you might have trouble playing right away as Niantic ramps up to deal with demand.Smartphones are increasingly powerful and feature-packed devices, but for many users, convenience remains paramount: we want quick access to the apps and services we need so we re not wasting time wading through menus.
After four years, a major delay, a flooded studio, legal problems, and even death threats aimed at the developers, PC and Playstation 4 space exploration adventure No Man s Sky is finally finished.Sean Murray, head of UK-based developer Hello Games, posted a group selfie yesterday showing the team celebrating reaching the long-awaited milestone, with one member holding what s presumably the world s first finished copy of the game.No Man's Sky just went gold .4 years of emotions," Murray wrote.Going gold, for those who don t know, refers to when a game is ready to be sent off for manufacturing and distribution.No Man's Sky just went gold.
Hello Games founder and No Man's Sky creative director Sean Murray has announced that their upcoming space adventure survival game has officially gone goldAfter four years in development, multiple delays, a legal dispute with Sky and some vicious death threats, Hello Games' highly anticipated space adventure survival game is finally finished, the developer has gleefully announced.Hello Games founder and No Man's Sky developer Sean Murray took to Twitter on 7 July, posting a group selfie of the team celebrating the long-awaited milestone with what seems to be the first copy of the upcoming game.No Man's Sky just went gold.I'm so incredibly proud of this tiny team.4 years of emotions," Murray wrote.
Are you one of those who people spend their entire last day at work trying to concoct entertaining out-of-office replies?Then Spotify has a new feature just for you.Spotify OOO, which launched on Thursday, will allow subscribers to create playlists inspired by their destination.Users need to choose a location, enter their work email, choose whether it s a business or pleasure trip and then set a mood somewhere between Relaxation, Adventure and Party.When the playlist is complete, users can then create the custom out-of-office message with the playlist attached.It can then be copied into the OOO within your email client.
DRM – or Digital Rights Management – is used in major AAA game to curb piracyDenuvo's DRM technology is routinely used to protect popular PC games from online piracy by preventing illegal downloads from working – yet the strength of the tool has been brought into question after a video emerged that appeared to show a successfully cracked version of Square Enix's adventure game Rise of the Tomb Raider.DRM – or Digital Rights Management – is used in major AAA game titles including Metal Gear Solid 5, Hitman and Star Wars: Battlefront to halt unwanted piracy, and as a result has long-plagued those who use illegally torrented versions of games instead of legitimate purchases.Like many other major releases the latest iteration of the popular Tomb Raider franchise was thought to be protected by DRM, however, as reported by PCGamesN, the video showing a successful debug process and load has led to theories the anti-tampering tool may have been circumvented.Evidence in the video suggests the infamous Reloaded group of crackers are involved in the scheme as the video shows the group's logo at one stage.However, some critics believe the incident is an elaborate hoax.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt could be re-released in a Game Of The Year editionA German ratings board listing has suggested that CD Projekt Red's massive open-world fantasy adventure, The Witcher 3, may be scheduled for a re-release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One that bundles the game with its main DLC expansions.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Game Of The Year Edition appeared on the USK website still listed at the time of writing and was quickly spotted on Twitter.A Eurogamer source has also claimed that the game is indeed real and has a scheduled release date of 26 August 2016.While the listing provides very little detail on the included content, a Game Of The Year Edition implies that developer CD Projekt Red will include the two major season expansions Heart Of Stone and Blood And Wine in the re-release.The Witcher 3 is certainly a worthy candidate for a Game Of The Year mantle considering the vast amount of praise for the fantasy RPG from critics and fans alike.
Imagine an Instagram that s just for drone photos.Good, because that s what Dronestagram is all about.Now, imagine that all the best photos from Dronestagram get put into one place, and you have the International Drone Photography contest.Hosted by Dronestagram, the international contest welcomed entries in three categories, through the month of June: travel, adventure and sports, and nature and wildlife.The panel of judges, which happens to include National Geographic s Patrick Witty and Emanuela Ascoli, just released the winners in each category, and they re nothing short of spectacular.The winners all had interesting stories in how they captured their shots.
Star Fox Zero may have been a pretty big misfire for Nintendo and the Wii U, but if you re ready to take control of a fox again — and are more interested in a philosophical adventure game that questions the meaning of life and death — then The First Tree is for you.You won t, however, see this fox wearing pants.I saw a fox on a snowy mountain … she was looking for her cubs, a man tells his wife as the camera shows a motionless fox in the snow.Described by creator David Wehle as a beautiful journey that crescendos at the source of life, and perhaps results in the understanding of death, The First Tree centers around two distinct stories: the story of a couple dealing with an unspecified tragedy, and the fox, who apparently discovers the titular First Tree during her search.Wehle lists the contemporary adventure Firewatch as a comparable experience, and while you can certainly see some similarities in art style, The First Tree also uses a very simple, almost papercraft-inspired design for foliage and even pentagonal lens flares that give everything a very surreal aesthetic.Though its title might remind film buffs of The Tree of Life, don t expect anything nearly as long and complex as director Terrence Malick s 2011 film.
He cofounded Games Workshop in 1975 and launched Dungeons & Dragons in Europe.He created the Fighting Fantasy game books in 1982, and those have sold more than 17 million copies to date.Those play-your-own-adventure books are credited with getting many children excited about learning.He s on track to create two new free schools with a digital focus.We re all trying to get more children to code.GamesBeat: You ve been doing this for quite a while now, right?Livingstone: I wrote the Next Gen Review in 2011, which made recommendations to government to disapply the ICT curriculum and put computer science on the curriculum.Michael Gove, who was then secretary of state for education — I finally met him and convinced him that at the moment we re teaching children how to use technology, but we re giving no education to creating their own technology.Only by having code in the curriculum can they become creators as well as consumers.
WIRED gets to grips with Link's latest adventure in Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Wii U
Having been in development since 2007, announced in 2009 and finally launching in 2016, fans have been waiting almost an entire decade for The Last Guardian.From the masterful developers of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus on PS2, this melancholic adventure could be something equally special.Despite its prolonged development, plenty of new details regarding The Last Guardian have finally began to make their way out of the studio, and we ve compiled them all here for you.The latest project by acclaimed designer Fumito Ueda, The Last Guardian follows a young boy and a mysterious dog-like beast known as a Trico.Related: PS4 Neo vs PS4Playing as the young boy, you and Trico will explore this foreboding world together as you uncover secrets, solve puzzles and try to escape the mysterious castle you find yourselves in.
Hotel Dusk: Room 215 left and Chase: Cold Case Investigations – Distant Memories on 3DSA spiritual successor to Nintendo DS cult point-and-click adventure Hotel Dusk: Room 215 was released in Japan earlier this year, and it has now been announced that the game has been localised for release in the West.Chase: Cold Case Investigations – Distant Memories got to love those wordy Japanese game titles will be released on the Nintendo 3DS eShop in North America this autumn.A release in European territories hasn't been specifically confirmed, but IBTimes UK has contacted Nintendo to find out and was waiting for a reply at the time of publication.The announcement was made by localisation group Aksys Games during a panel via Destructoid at this year's Anime Expo, held over the weekend 1-3 July at the Los Angeles Convention Center.Chase: Cold Case Investigations was developed by Hotel Dusk and Another Code director Taisuke Kanasaki and his team at Arc System Works.
But that s exactly the case for developer Hothead Games, which is celebrating its 10-year anniversary in 2016.Today, Hothead is best known as the developer responsible for the popular mobile sniper game Kill Shot Bravo, which the studio recently updated and released in China.But to get to this point, the company has had to stumble along the way before figuring out what the hell a live ops is and settling lawsuits with competitors.Hothead started in 2006 with the goal of making smaller downloadable games for consoles.Director of development Vlad Ceraldi and director of technology Joel Deyoung founded the company in Vancouver after working at The Simpsons: Hit & Run studio Radical Entertainment together.The company worked on the Penny Arcade game On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One and Deathspank with beloved adventure game director Ron Gilbert.In the following years, Hothead deliberately charged into this new space with the idea of applying its development know how in an all-digital ecosystem, and I caught up with the team to chat with them about that history and how it ended up where it is today.Check out my interview with Hothead s executives about their history right here:GamesBeat: Tell me about the transition from console to mobile.We made our plans to burn all our bridges and focus everything on mobile.
After you ve managed to make walking the new shooting?In the case of Fullbright, the creators of the acclaimed exploration game Gone Home, you put people in orbit.During the game, which Fullbright brought to E3, you ll learn what happened to the station s crew via the same subtle, environmental storytelling that turned Gone Home into a sleeper hit—and turned walking simulator from a pejorative into the indie world s favorite genre.But this time, studio founders Karla Zimonja and Steve Gaynor want to take that slow-paced, player-driven exploration to the next frontier.With Tacoma, Gaynor says, the challenge was to involve the player more directly in the events as they happen— without sacrificing the level of control that you have over how you engage with the story.While the ship s crew is represented by colored outlines, Tacoma s cast is a whole rainbow of different genders, races, and body types, an unmissable rejoinder to the white-guy-heavy games that dotted the rest of the E3 show floor.
Finding Dory should not be a good movie.It s a film the filmmakers didn t want to make, starring a character who was considered a sidekick, and made more than a decade after the original—an original which was incredibly successful and award-winning, and needed no sequel.Set one year after the events of 2003's Finding Nemo, Dory tells the story of Ellen DeGeneres spunky fish still suffering from short-term memory loss, trying to find her family, which she lost at some point before we first met her in the original film.Director Andrew Stanton tells the past and present stories in tandem resulting in an incredibly propulsive, emotional story with huge action scenes, memorable new characters, and tons of rewarding pay-offs.Things get melancholy, then sad, then nostalgic, fun, more fun, funny, sad, scary, rousing—you get the idea.The bulk of the movie is at an aquarium called the Marine Life Institute, where Dory, Nemo, and Marlin encounter not just a ton neof new marine life but human life as well.
Pinecones crunching beneath your boots, pup tents flapping in the breeze, a wood-fired pizza oven that doubles as a phone charger.You know, all the classics.Packing up the Biolite PizzaDome for your next camping adventure admittedly isn t exactly roughing it.It s also an extension of the company s $300 BaseCamp stove, so the Dome s $70 price tag belies a heftier cost to cover the whole experience.What is the steady march of technological progress for if not oneness with both nature and a piping fresh, thin-crust margherita pie?The PizzaDome can take up to 15 minutes to warm up, and you can track the temp with a built-in thermometer.
If you were planning a trip to the Nordic island country of Iceland, how probable would it be that you d book a few nights at an abandoned power plant?The answer to this question is likely not probably at all, but you should know that the abandoned power plant in question isn t the stuff of horror movies.This once-decrepit building actually received a gorgeous face-lift from a Santa Monica, California-based design studio named Minarc five years ago, then reopened as the ION Adventure Hotel.Did we mention it also sits at the foot of the active Mount Hengill volcano?Yeah, we re salivating at the prospect of staying here, too.Despite its abandoned past, the now-remodeled ION Adventure Hotel is the perfect combination of style and comfort while remaining incredibly friendly to the environment.