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The Brazil variant of coronavirus has been detected in the UK – and while five people in England and Scotland known to have the variant are now isolating, a sixth infected person is missing. Vaccines could be less effective against the variant, experts have warned, and it’s thought to be highly contagious and capable of reinfecting people who’ve already developed antibodies. So, as we gear up for a relaxation of lockdown, will the variant change anything? Here’s what we know so far. What is the Brazil variant? The Brazil variant (P.1) was first detected in January in travellers to Japan from Manaus in northern Brazil – this is why the variant is also referred to as the ‘Manaus variant’.Experts believe it could be more contagious than the original strain of Covid-19. The variant’s mutations are similar (but not the same) as those seen in the South Africa variant. Variants of coronavirus are occurring due to spontaneous mutation. A mutation is a change to genetic material – and it’s not unusual for a virus to mutate.A spontaneous mutation is the result of errors in natural biological processes. Basically, “when viruses replicate, they make mistakes,” Dr Julian Tang, virologist at the University of Leicester, previously explained.“But if they are replicating in a new host [person] and immune system, then more of these mistakes may form a pattern that allows the virus to adapt to the new host – like the 501Y, 484K, 417N S protein mutations that we are seeing already in the South African/Brazilian variants.”When was the Brazil variant discovered in the UK?On February 28, the government announced the Brazil variant had been identified in the UK. Public Health England (PHE) confirmed six cases of the P.1 variant have been confirmed – three in England and three in Scotland. It’s understood that officials became aware of the English cases on Friday (Feb 28) and the Scottish ones on Saturday (Feb 27), according to PA.  Two cases were confirmed in South Gloucestershire, but the third English case has not been located. PHE says the person did not complete their test registration card fully, so their contact details are absent.A hunt is underway to locate this third person. Anyone who took a test on February 12 or 13 and has not received a result, or has an uncompleted test registration card, is being asked to come forward immediately.  The Scottish Government said three residents who returned to north-east Scotland from Brazil, via Paris and London, tested positive for Covid-19. The tests, completed in early February, were passed to the UK’s sequencing programme and were identified as being the Brazil variant.How did the variant end up here?Direct flights from Brazil to the UK have been banned since January 15, so you’d be forgiven for wondering how this happened.But UK nationals or residents have been allowed to return via indirect routes as long as they quarantine for 10 days. Initially, there was no mandatory testing on arrival and arrivals were allowed to travel home (potentially via public transport) before isolating.Now, those arriving in the UK must stay in a quarantine hotel by the airport, but this was only introduced on February 15. Since that date, arrivals have also been required to take a coronavirus test on days two and eight of their self-isolation period.Will the variant impact vaccines?The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said more research is needed on this and other new variants, but it is possible that vaccines may be less effective. “There is evidence to suggest that some of the mutations in the P.1 variant may affect its transmissibility and antigenic profile, which may affect the ability of antibodies generated through a previous natural infection or through vaccination to recognise and neutralise the virus,” it says. Dr Susan Hopkins, strategic response director at PHE, added that there are concerns the Brazil variant can re-infect people who have previously had Covid, and that it has the ability to lessen the impact of vaccines.“Manaus, in particular, reported that a number of individuals were re-infected with this variant, and that suggests that having had prior immunity from primary infection wasn’t enough to reduce infection and transmission,” she said. “And that may also impact on the vaccine.”NHS England’s Professor Stephen Powis said vaccines could be “rapidly adapted” against the new variants. AstraZeneca has already said it is developing a Covid-19 vaccine against new strains of the disease, which could be given to Brits as a ‘booster’ jab by autumn. What about the relaxation of lockdown?Professor Graham Medley, a member of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), warned the new variants could threaten the UK’s plans to relax restrictions.“We are going to be faced with these [variants] in the next six months as we move towards relaxing measures,” he told the BBC’s Today programme. “There are going to be challenges on the way and there is always a risk that we might have to go backwards, and that’s what nobody wants.” There are no official plans to push back the roadmap dates just yet though, and Dr Hopkins highlighted that although P.1 cases have been detected in the UK, it’s hoped it won’t become a dominant variant. “I think the importance here is that, while we’re in national restrictions, while we have very transmissible variants that are circulating, we hope there are not any other variants that will be able to take over,” she said.“However, as we start to release national restrictions with the schools going back, that is where the risk starts to increase, and that’s why we are clamping down on a number of measures to prevent the spread of these variants.”What happens in the areas with the Brazil variant?Officials are contacting other passengers on the flight from London to Aberdeen, where the three residents returned from Brazil. The Scottish cases are not thought to be connected to the three confirmed cases in England.Meanwhile, surge testing is set to begin in South Gloucestershire. Residents who live in five postcode areas, who are aged over 16 and do not have symptoms of Covid-19, are invited to come forward for testing. This is in addition to people who do have symptoms being encouraged to take tests. People who travel into the areas BS32 0, BS32 8, BS32 9, BS34 5 and BS34 6 for work or to visit someone they are in a support bubble with are also able to have a test. The identified postcode areas fall within Bradley Stoke, Patchway and Little Stoke – and are different to those who were part of the previous community surge testing programme in February.Drive-in surge testing sites are open at Stoke Gifford Parkway Park & Ride, as well as The Mall Coach Park at The Mall Cribbs Causeway. A range of community-based locations, where residents can walk-in to collect a test kit, take it home and complete it, then return it for processing, are also open. The programme is expected to run for one week, ending on March 7, with the facilities open each day.Sara Blackmore, director of Public Health at South Gloucestershire Council, urged people who were invited to come forward and take a test.“We are working together with local and regional health partners, Public Health England and NHS Test and Trace, to deliver this swift, safe and co-ordinated response, with an enhanced community testing offer available to people in and around areas where this variant has been discovered,” she said. Related...What The South Africa Covid Variant Means For BritsWhat 'Spontaneous Mutation' Actually MeansFrantic Hunt To Trace Mystery Person Infected With 'Worrying' Brazil Covid VariantThese Needle Phobics Had The Vaccine, Here's How They CopedEnding Lockdown Too Fast Risks New Variants Emerging, Top Scientist WarnsWhat You Need To Know About 'Surge' Covid TestsNasal Sprays Are Part Of The Fight Against Covid-19. Here's HowFace Mask Rules Could Change. Here’s What Scientists SayThe Fabrics With The Highest Risk Of Covid-19 Transmission
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A ruthless child-grooming gang flew a boy back to Britain so he could continue dealing drugs after his desperate parents sent him to Kenya for his own safety, HuffPost UK can reveal.Another grooming victim had to be held down by his mother and siblings as he tried to knife his innocent step-father, unrecognisable from the star pupil and keen footballer he had been a few years earlier.These are among dozens of horrifying stories from desperate families whose children have been threatened, attacked and ultimately trapped by county lines gangs with little hope of escape HuffPost UK has spent a year working with families through grassroots charity Minority Matters in north London to shed light on the devastating impact of these drug trafficking operations. We heard how the British gangs who have driven the trade in vulnerable young people for decades have devised even more sophisticated ways to continue their illegal activities during the pandemic.“Covid has made things worse for groomed and criminally exploited young people and children. More children have gone missing, been caught dealing drugs, not listening to their parents, getting hurt. Drug dealing has increased rather than decreased during this pandemic,” said Sadia Ali, co-founder of Minority Matters.Ali and her colleagues at the youth organisation told us councils and law enforcement across the UK are largely powerless to decondition young people who have been groomed.Children are taught how to get excluded from school and what to say to police, and many refuse help for fear their families will be attacked.Ali’s colleague Aisha Ahmed told HuffPost UK: “Exclusions and antisocial behaviour are signs of grooming. Children are told to act out as the first step towards eventually being sent to run county lines.”The goal is to “destroy any safety net that might prevent them from being criminally exploited”.“When children start showing negative behaviours, the system is set up to look into the home and parents as possible causes,” Ahmed said. “Groomers know that they’ll have free rein while schools and social services are investigating the parents.”Some end up doing jail time rather than expose their loved ones to harm, and others fall prey to knife crime – either as victims or perpetrators.The jaw-dropping tactics, witnessed again and again by the grassroots anti-gangs workers we spoke to, are used to recruit children to sell and transport drugs up and down the UK.While drug gangs running county lines operations are not new, they say police and social workers haven’t got to grips with the sophistication of the networks and the way they insulate themselves against intervention, a problem made worse by lockdown as the gangs adapt faster than the authorities can keep up.“School closures have had a huge impact,” said Ali. “For just a few hours children would be in a relatively safe environment but with the lockdown many parents have found out their children were getting calls then making excuses to break lockdown rules by going out to deliver drugs. It then became clear that these children are engaged in criminal activities.” I was pinning my own son down to the floor. He had a knife in his handGiselle Samuels*Often parents don’t have proof that their child has been entrapped in county lines activity until they are deeply caught up. There’s never any grand admission from their child about dealing drugs; clues could include seeing them picked up by unknown vehicles such as minicabs, disappearances, discovering train tickets to county areas in their room, and overhearing phone calls detailing drop-offs.Ali told us about the case of one boy whose parents sent him to Mombasa, where she thought he would be safe from the gang that had been exploiting him in London – only for the gang to wire him cash to return to the UK.The boy’s own family were too afraid for their own safety to speak to us directly, even on the condition of anonymity.“Money was sent to him to make his way back to the UK, with the embassy there issuing him a passport to return with. This was despite the parents’ objections,” Ali said.“Like many, he went from the airport to being missing.”Devastated mother Giselle Samuels* told HuffPost UK how her own son Patrick* was lured away from her – and how the nightmare came to a head when he launched a frenzied knife attack on her partner in the family home.“I was pinning my own son down to the floor,” she said. “He had a knife in his hand and, if I let go, I would’ve been stabbed. I still can’t get over the fact that this is how our lives have ended up.”Had Samuels not managed to overpower Patrick with the help of her two younger children, she believes her partner Andy would be dead. But she insists Patrick is a victim in this case too. He had been groomed by a county lines gang years earlier, changing the family forever.Young and vulnerable people are exploited as a direct result of drug prohibition, and exposed to high levels of exploitation, intimidation and violence, through the “county lines” drug supply phenomenon.How to run a county lines operation“County lines” works like this. Gangs from urban areas – often but not always London – set up a mobile number in a new area to sell drugs directly at street level. Potential customers ring the number and local runners are then dispatched to make deliveries. The “runners” are often children, typically boys aged 14 to 17, who are groomed with the promise of money, gifts and status, then deployed or coerced to carry out the illicit deals on a daily basis.Children and young people go missing, or “run away”, when their groomers send them to run the county lines. They are frequently used by gangs to expand inner city drugs operations into rural towns and are forced to work 24 hours, in a “trap house”, for weeks on end.These vulnerable youth are not allowed to leave, have to be on call, are discouraged from sleeping and, in some instances, don’t even get food. The missing episodes aren’t a choice – they have to go or they will get in trouble with their groomers.Children as young as 11 have been reported as being recruited by these highly organised networks.Nearly one in six children notified to the National Referral Mechanism – the system used to identify victims of modern slavery and human trafficking – as suspected victims of child criminal exploitation are girls. According to the Children’s Commissioner, some 46,000 children are involved in gang activity in England, and 4,000 teenagers in London alone are being exploited by county lines networks each year. However, Minority Matters thinks this number is much higher. Aisha Ahmed, the charity’s development manager, told HuffPost UK: “The way criminal exploitation of children is identified puts these children into the same statistics as modern day slavery victims from Eastern Europe and Vietnam who have been forced into prostitution, fruit picking, car-washing and drug farming. “It’s only recently that they’ve become a sub-category in the wider category of modern slaves. Even so, the numbers are hiding how widespread this issue is. Think of all of the youth drug offences which have been tried at court but were never linked to county line activities. Or knife crime, where perpetrators and victims’ activities point to the wider picture, but no one bothers to put together the pieces.”Patrick is just one example of a child who was groomed and exploited by a county lines gang.He was repeatedly arrested on drugs-related charges, sent to prison, and released after serving his sentence. Each time her son returned home from jail, his mother recognised him less and less.She said he didn’t seem to know what was or wasn’t reality any more. “On one occasion, my son basically said to me there’s only two options for him: to either be in prison or to kill himself – because he can’t see having the standard, normal life. The person I’m describing isn’t my son. I know him to be a loving caring person,” Samuels added.Patrick was 17 when his family started to notice changes in his behaviour. Patrick and his mother, especially, had always enjoyed a close relationship.But when his parents got divorced, Patrick became increasingly detached, erratic and rebellious. His mother assumed the marriage breakdown had hit him hard. With hindsight, however, she realises that he was being groomed by a county lines gang. No one in her family had ever been involved with drug dealing or breaking the law.At first, things weren’t too bad. Patrick and his siblings accepted their mother’s new partner warmly, while their own father continued to play an instrumental role in their lives.Then Patrick, who had been academically gifted and talented at sports, began refusing to attend college and skipping football practice. Worse still, he began to go missing – for long periods of time.“There’s a misconception [about] single parents, broken homes – that probably family members naturally engage in criminal activity which causes their children to face a heightened risk of being groomed. But we weren’t a broken family. My husband and I both worked, were homeowners, were educated and so were my kids. This is happening to kids from all different backgrounds.”A Children’s Society report entitled Counting Lives: Responding To Children Who Are Criminally Exploited highlights that young people affected by family breakdown and living in poverty may be deliberately targeted by grooming gangs. However, it also concludes that any child can be at risk of exploitation, and that anyone who wants to fit in, feel less alone or make money can be at risk.“There are definitely cases around young people from minority ethnic backgrounds being targeted more, particularly in areas like London, but there’s not one type,” added Patrick’s mother.“Though there’s a consensus that young Black men that are exclusively being groomed by county lines gangs, when you look at the issue more broadly, it’s not just Black kids. Young people who go missing and get caught up in county lines could be any child.”The leaders of county lines deliberately deploy white youth to transport drugs to certain areas because of a decreased likelihood of them being stopped and searched by police, HuffPost UK has heard.“It’s the ‘clear skin’ phenomenon,” explained London-based substance misuse worker Adam Johnson.“Remember: the most successful drug dealers just blend in, drive a brown Fiesta and live with their mum. A Black kid goes to certain areas, they’ll stand out and be targeted by the police. Hiding in plain sight is what you have to do and the line leaders know this so they’ll target white kids who are in care, white kids who are not known to the authorities and flagged as missing to the police for example, children who are displaced, people who can slip by undetected.”A similar phrase, “clean skin”, is at least two decades old, referring to drug dealers who are able to elude police attention. Both phrases more than hint at the racial disparity in the criminal justice system – something campaigners have been urging authorities to address for even longer still.But despite the fact grooming gangs target children of all ethnicities, Black young people are far more likely to be charged for possession rather than cautioned, to be taken to court, to be fined or imprisoned, and to get a criminal record than their white counterparts.  Three times as many Black people aged 21 and under are convicted of Class A drug supply than white people of the same age.Ahmed, from Minority Matters, said: “Our stance is that the only vulnerability that children have is the fact that they are children. However, in terms of Black and ethnic minority children, they come from communities usually disregarded by statutory bodies. They can be used as cannon fodder. “Even when they’re caught drug dealing at a young age, the police and government are less likely to see them as victims, do not do enough to look for the groomers, the people at the top of the illegal enterprise. “This links with the statistics of Black boys being more likely to be convicted than their white counterparts.”She added: “The system doesn’t take their abuse seriously.”Minicabs and mobile phonesLike many industries, drug trafficking relies on outsourcing.Just as drug chiefs need vulnerable children to do the dirty work of moving illegal substances around the country, they rely on workers from other sectors to provide services such as mobile phones and transport, without which they wouldn’t be able to run their business.Cheap “burner” phones can be bought from local corner shops and supermarkets without paperwork being exchanged and then discarded, making calls harder for authorities to track. Minicab firms that accept bookings over the phone make it easy to chauffeur drugs and their young carriers around the country without the attention that might be attracted by using public transport.Children as young as 12 have been known to embark on these journeys alone, for long distances and during school hours. These journeys are either paid for in cash or through rider accounts authenticated through stolen credit cards.In 2018, this prompted the government – in a collaboration with Crimestoppers – to produce posters advising private vehicle hire company managers to spot the signs of vulnerable young drug runners being forced to utilise their services. But even in lockdown, helpless parents tell HuffPost UK, it has made little difference. My son does not need to be on the street. He’s only on the street because he’s not safe where he was supposed to be “During lockdown some families have caught their children calling minicabs, getting inside and disappearing for hours and days at a time,” Minority Matters managing director Sadia Ali said.“Families would then call 101 to report their children missing and be on hold for up to an hour only to be told that there’s nothing the police can do. Day and night, parents hovered on the streets looking for their loved ones while there was no help in sight.”Larry Simpson*, a south London minicab office manager, told HuffPost UK how he had once flagged details of a suspected child drug trafficking incident with the police after a worrying message from one of his drivers.When the driver arrived to pick up a customer in Clapham one afternoon, he was shocked to see a 15-year-old girl jump in the vehicle and ask to be taken to Brighton and back. The youngster paid him £150 and the journey lasted an hour and a half each way.The incident happened in 2016 – before the Home Office got wind of the problem and rolled out its awareness campaign.“When my driver described how young the girl looked, that is when my suspicions were raised,” he said. “I contacted the police and handed over a record of the details of the drop-off address.“The gang groomers are very clever now. They realise that if the child is missing for a long time, the parents or somebody else will alert the police, therefore what they do is use them to sell drugs in the county areas and tell them to go home in the evening. This is also a new trend which the police are aware of.”He added: “Nowadays, drivers work for Uber and all of these other app-based cab companies, which makes this harder to detect.”Home Office minister Victoria Atkins has been in talks with groups such as Uber and the Licensed Private Hire Car Association to help drivers spot trafficked youngsters.An Uber spokesperson said: “We take a zero-tolerance approach to any illegal activity on our app. If we are made aware of any allegations of this nature we reserve the right to immediately terminate access to the app and we work closely with police authorities across the UK. We’re doing everything we can to help tackle dangerous county lines, and encourage drivers to call the police if they have any suspicions of assault or spot unexplained injuries.”Rural drug dealing networks use phone lines to set up deals. When a customer calls a number and requests drugs from a line leader, a runner is called on another number and dispatched to make the sale.As part of a national crackdown on county lines, senior police officers in June initiated talks with telecoms companies to shut down phones used for illegal drug sales automatically.The grassroots campaigners fighting for justiceMinority Matters is a grassroots charity run from a small office on the Andover Estate – a complex of high- and medium-rise council flats off the Seven Sisters Road in north London built in the 1970s.In the 10 years since it was founded, a stream of desperate parents of missing children – most of them women – have been through its doors near Finsbury Park station asking for help. Hundreds of concerned families have also taken part in the charity’s safeguarding events, fearing their children could be next.The charity was established to address the disconnect between ethnic minority communities and the statutory service providers, managing director Sadia Ali told HuffPost UK. It provides support for families of children who have been groomed by county lines, occasionally collaborating with local authorities, the police and the legal system.The estate and surrounding neighbourhoods have seen an increase in drug dealing and serious youth violence as a result of grooming. According to recent statistics drug offences were the only crime type that increased year-on-year in the borough of Islington between September 2019 to October 2020. These offences saw a 22% increase during this period. Ali and Ahmed now estimate that up to 70% of Islington’s Somali community have extended family affected directly or indirectly by county lines and drug dealing.The local council led a group of local authorities lobbying central government and the Home Office to take action at a national level in 2017. Its integrated gangs team (IGT) includes police, health workers and charities, and was praised for helping bring down knife crime at a time when it was rising everywhere else in London.But Minority Matters contacted HuffPost UK in early 2020 because Ali and Ahmed didn’t feel the authorities – chiefly the criminal justice system, but also local social and children’s services – were doing enough. And it’s clear from the heartbreaking experiences of the women we spoke to that children in Islington and beyond still aren’t safe from groomers.Ali told us: “We provide vital support to parents from ethnic minorities whose children are being criminally exploited and groomed for county lines. We bridge the gap between the families and local authorities in accessing the help they need.“In doing this, we also try to encourage statutory bodies to tailor their services to match the needs on the ground.”It is a myth that poor parenting is to blame for kids being groomed, says Ali. She adds there is little people can do to keep their kids safe until police smash the drug gangs themselves.At first, children like Samuels’ son Patrick may misbehave at school and start coming home later and later. Eventually they go missing for longer periods of time and get kicked out of school.They may get caught committing petty crime. Later, they become either the victim or the perpetrator of knife crime, and end up behind bars or released into inadequate rehabilitation programmes, where they meet more experienced criminals.In either case, they are told to continue trafficking drugs once they are released – and they know their families could be at risk if they try to break free. His father is a shopkeeper and offered him £200 a week to work for him. My son replied that he doesn’t need that as he’s making more money More mothers from the area told HuffPost UK how their sons fell prey to the gangs. One typical case went like this: a 15-year-old boy went missing for four days, and his mother embarked on a frantic search to track him down. It was completely out of character – he’d never done this before. The woman printed his photograph on missing posters and plastered them all over their north London neighbourhood.While speaking to his friends, she learned that he had been groomed in his school playground by a local gang, had a street name, and was selling drugs after school while claiming he had gone to play football.“My son was one of a few of the young people to be recruited, I found out. By that time he was in it for almost a year and a half,” the woman explained. Her son was picked up by Metropolitan Police officers multiple times in Norfolk – almost 100 miles away from the family home.Another woman, Carol Smith*, described how her son was targeted by a grooming gang at the age of 16 and eventually imprisoned for drug dealing charges.“My son is now 21 years old, on remand, and It’s now reached a point where he doesn’t want to go to university or work,” she told HuffPost UK. “He’s been to prison twice, served his sentences and was released. All this time the disappearances were consistent. I have two older daughters – a teacher and optician. This was never an issue with them.“His father, my husband, is a shopkeeper and offered him £200 a week to work for him. My son replied that he doesn’t need that as he’s making more money. When we asked to see the money, my son said: ‘Someone is keeping it for me.’ Which sensible drug dealer who hasn’t been groomed and knows exactly what they’re doing would give his profit to someone to keep?”Grooming gangs employ a wide range of grooming techniques to entrap vulnerable children ranging from plying them with free food in chicken shops to lingering outside school gates and instructing young recruits to engage their own peers in the same activities.Numerous official reports and campaigners detail how gang leaders target excluded truants and students who have been left to languish in pupil referral units. It is a known tactic for gangs to target young people in places where they are supposed to be safe.So-called chicken shop grooming was described in written evidence submitted to the youth select committee, which is investigating the UK’s knife crime crisis, last year. They tell us concerned parents that the problem is complex but it’s their job to gather intelligence and take action. Why do we still see drug dealers in our communities on every corner?Patricia*But inner city community members and youth workers had long been aware of this grooming tactic. A month before the youth select committee heard this evidence, London Grid For Learning – a community of schools and local authorities in the capital – rolled out its “there’s no such thing as free chicken” poster campaign to highlight the dangers of chicken-shop grooming.The youth justice board of England and Wales also reported that some young people said their peers had been targeted by gangs hanging around outside pupil referral units (PRUs) and outside sports centres – claims echoed by many of the parents Ali has supported.Labour’s shadow youth justice secretary Peter Kyle told HuffPost UK: “For all the talk of national crackdowns, the Conservatives have failed to protect child victims and to stop them being exploited by criminal gangs. We need tough, strategic and urgent action to help the victims of child criminal exploitation.”One mother, Patricia*, told HuffPost UK how her son Adam* – who attended a private school – was groomed at the age of 13. As is commonplace, he would go missing for long spells and was once away for a month and 10 days before being discovered in Whitechapel. No social services or police visited Patricia’s in that time despite her reports, she said. Adam was stabbed in 2017 over a drugs dispute but refused to tell anyone who was responsible. It is not uncommon for physical violence and knife attacks to be carried out on the orders of groomers as  a form of punishment, and warning to other children within their networks. It is not always perpetrated by competitors or other gangs.Having physically recovered from his injuries, Adam remained mentally scarred and fearful for his life. One day he left home armed with a machete for protection and was arrested by the police following a stop-and-search. Adam spent six weeks in Belmarsh Prison.The 20-year-old is now too afraid to go outside in case he’s stabbed again and unable to protect himself. “The police will launch an entire operation, sometimes shut down areas, to apprehend a young drug dealer, but have difficulties rooting out the leaders of the county line gangs,” Patricia said. “They tell us concerned parents that the problem is complex but it’s their job to gather intelligence and take action. Why do we still see drug dealers in our communities on every corner?”It isn’t uncommon for many children involved in gangs to commit crimes themselves – but sometimes they aren’t seen as victims by adults and professionals, despite the harm they have experienced, the NSPCC said.“The children going through this, seeing the desperation in their eyes means they’re either going to die on the streets or kill somebody on the streets,” added Ali.One mother added: “My son does not need to be on the street. He’s only on the street because he’s not safe where he was supposed to be.“Let’s not beat around the bush: the root cause is the drugs. Something needs to be done about the drugs – and also to get rehabilitation for them.” Substance misuse worker Adam Johnson believes police are reluctant to arrest gang leaders because it can unleash a “wave of violence” in the lower ranks.“The cops know what’s going on and where the dealers are – but don’t want to take them out,” he said.“If they take them the top out, all of his lieutenants stab and shoot each other to fill that vacancy. It creates a wave of violence and you’d rather live with equilibrium because at least you know what’s going on.”But this has dire consequences, Johnson said. “The thing is the kids get pulled into the gangs and once that happens they get written off.  Boris Johnson and co don’t create a system to do social mobility. No, they want people on the estate to stay on the estate. And once you have a drug conviction then getting a job is a nightmare. So what else do you have left?”* Names have been changed to protect sources
TRIP FACTSTrip Duration: 18 days.Destination: Nepal.Best season: March, April and May & September, October and November.Activity: Phaplu to Everest Base Camp Trek.Per day Hiking: 3 - 8 hours.Elevation:(minimum 1700m) and Maximum (5545m).Trip Difficulty: Challenging.Trek Cost: U$D 1350 - 1490.Accommodation: Tea House/Lodge/Hotel during the Trek.Meals included: (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) during the trek.Transportation: flight/Bus/Jeep.Trekking starting point:Phaplu.Trekking Ending point:Lukla.OVERVIEWPhaplu to Everest Base Camp (5,364m/17,598ft) trek, we drive Kathmandu to Phaplu by jeep 8/9 hour Which is local adventure trip with beautiful scenery on the way road in Nepal Himalayan region.Most of the tourist likes to flight Kathmandu to Lukla who have short Holidays in Nepal but some time weather is really bad.Travelling to Everest Base Camp trek from Phaplu it would be great, Don't worry about the flight to Lukla we have another option to go Everest Base camp by foot from Phaplu.We trek passes beautiful village of Sherpa, Tamang, Rai, Magar etc, Villages Likes Ringmu, Takshindu, Nunthala, Bupsa, Cheplung and join Chaurikharka village, main tourist junction of Everest trail with Lukla to Everest base camp and fllowing the crossing Phakding village, benkar, Monju,Jorsalle and along the Dudha Koshi river (Dhuda means Milk and Koshi means river.)this river look likes milks that’s way local peoples called Dudha Koshi River passes the beautiful flora and fauna juniper and neplese national flower rhododendron trees and crossing the Bridge again acceding to Namche Bazzar 3445m.Namche Bazaar is big city in khumbu region, you can buy for some gifts for your families from Nepal and while you have free time we do sightseeing likes Buddhist temple, Sonam Photos Gallery, Sagarmatha National park Museum and Sherpa Old Museum, or Hiking to (Everest view Hotel) , which is the beautiful view point of Top of The World Mountain Everest View and all Himalayan Ranges, visit to Khumjung Village, Sir Edmund Hillary School, Khunde Village and back to Namche Bazzar.Next day Trail leads to Tengboche Village(3867m) , Dingboche (4415M) , Labuche, Gorakshep (5160m) , and climb to View point of Kalapathar (5545m) and hiking to Everest base camp you can enjoy with natural Landscape, Khumbu Glacier and Amazing Mountains views of all Himalayan ranges and back down to Namche, Lukla and flight back to Kathmandu.TRIP HIGHLIGHTS:More than 8 thousand mountains like; Makalu (8467m) , Lhoste (8535m) and choyu (8185m) .Mt Everest is top of the world mountain.Flight to Tenzing Hillary Airport Lukla.Beautiful passe village Phaplu, Nunthala, Bhupsa jorsalle, Namche Bazzar Village.Best view Mt Everest from Everest Hotel.SAMPLE ITINERARY > PHAPLU TO EVEREST BASE CAMP TREKDay 01: Arriving In Kathmandu (1350m).Day 02: Sightseeing in Kathmandu Valley with professional tours Guide.Day 03: Kathmandu to Salleri Bazaar or Phaplu by jeep 8/9 Hours drive overnight at Lodge.Day 04: Phaplu - Nunthala 6/7 hours walking overnight at Lodge.Day 05: Nunthala - Kharikhola - Bupsa 5/6 hours walking over night at lodge.Day 06: Bupsa - Paiya - Cheplung 6/7 hours walking overnight at Lodge.Day 07: Cheplung - Phakding - Manju - Namche Bazaar (3445m).Day 08: Rest Day in Namche Bazaar.Day 09: Namche - Tenboche (3867m) 5/6 hours walking overnight at lodge.Day 10: Tengboche - Pangbuche - Dingbuche (4415m) 6/7 hours walking.Day 11: Acclimatization Day.Day 12: Dingbuche - Thukla - Labuche (4912m) 3/4 hours walking.Day 13: Labuche - Gorakhshep (5160m) 3/4 hours walking.Day 14: Gorekhshep — E.B.C.— Labuche (4912m).Day 15: Labuche — Tengbuche — Namche Bazaar (3445m) 7/8 hours walking.Day 16: Namche — Phakding — Lukla (2860m) 7/8 hours walking.Day 17: Flight Back to Kathmandu 30 minute.Day 18: Departure at your Home country.PHAPLU TO EVEREST BASE CAMP TREK ROUTE:FREE - BENEFITS OF THIS TRIP:Airport transportation on arrival and departure days (our staff will do pick you up and drop you off).Arrangement Trekking equipment such as the Sleeping bags and down jackets (if you do not have own) its rental included if needs.First Aid Kit Medical.Trip Route Map, Outline itinerary and printed (Himalayan Local Guide Pvt.
9 1
TRIP FACTSTrip Duration: 9 days.Destination: Nepal.Best season: March, April and May & September, October and November.Activity: Everest Base Camp Trek - 9 Days.Per day Hiking: 3 - 7 hours.Elevation:(minimum 2800m) and Maximum (5550m).Trek Cost:U$D 1080-1240.Group Size:1-20.Trip Difficulty: Challenging.Accommodation: Tea House/Lodge/Hotel during the Trek.Meals included: (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) during the trek.Transportation: flight.Trekking starting point:Lukla.Trekking Ending point:Lukla.OVERVIEW (Trip to Everest Base Camp is a kindness of the Sherpa cultural, a typical scheme with a stunning of the wonderful Mountains view of Mt.Everest Himalayan ranges amazing sunset and sunrise view over the Top of the world highest Mountain Mt.It’s one of the most rewarding and popular treks in the world, where you will be experience the likely sceneries of Himalayan ranges, Ancients Buddhist monasteries and wildlife animals throughout the travel.Trek begins with a 30 minute Domestic flight to Lukla from Kathmandu Airport and trek start from Lukla is a main tourism connection of Everest regions and we will be walking from Lukla towards through Sherpa settlements and go into the Mt.Sagarmatha National Park then trails goes in following up Northern side of Dudkoshi River, crosses the bridge and climb up hill to reach entry police check point and passes beautiful traditional Sherpa village likes Namche Bazzar, Tengboche, Pangboche, Dingboche, Labuche, Gorakshep and reach finally your destination at Mt.Everest Base Camp.Our thrilling - 9 days short Everest Base camp trek to Everest region with the journey specialized will be absolutely a superb travel of a life time, accepting all the necessary trekking entry permits, Hiring guide, porters, flight tickets, Lodge, and Meals during the trek.Everest, Nuptse, Lhotse, Pumo Ri, Labuche Peak, Island Peak, Ama Dablam, Thamserku, Kusum Khangkaru, Kongde and many smaller white snow-capped mountains etc.
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Kelly Pichardo, 30, and Leeza Rodriguez, 29, were charged with disorderly conduct and Pichardo also faced an additional assault charge.
Parking ability and shuttle solutions: You will find relationship and banquet halls which provide prompt airport taxi solutions for guests.Parking facilities near the halls can be essential if you anticipate guests from far off places.A number of the banquet organisers provide produced selection cards to guests along with coat check services.You may also avail the companies of a skilled wedding planner who will help you in minute facts regarding a marriage in order to produce your major time a perfect and unique one that'll be recalled by everyone for several years.While you will find numerous facets that come in to impact when choosing a wedding corridor, you would want to consider how big of a wedding you desire.The set of choices for where to really have a wedding corridor is literally endless.Understanding how many individuals is going to be attending may help with the process because it will dramatically thin the alternatives down.To start, let us highlight some wedding hall alternatives for a sizable wedding.
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Customers reported they couldn't purchase food or products at some places because they were not accepting credit cards.
Members of Congress from both parties say they want to know under what legal authority Biden carried out the Syria strikes.
Go Air, Star Air, Air Asia & Trujet will resume all their domestic operations from Terminal 1, CSMIA said in a statement
From Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, American Airlines moves thousands of pounds of animals, Legos, and food on flights headed worldwide.
Jalan, whose net worth stood at $138 million ( ₹939 crore) as of 31 December 2019, plans to launch the airline in the June quarter in collaboration with the Uzbekistan government