The FCC is encouraging the public to download and use its Speed Test app to help the regulator gain a greater understanding of the speeds consumers are actually receiving. Data used by regulators is often not representative of real-world experiences. The FCC’s broadband coverage maps, for example, have come under repeated scrutiny for being inaccurate—predominately... Read more » The post FCC wants the public to help measure actual broadband speeds appeared first on Telecoms Tech News.
Advocates urge Biden to quickly nominate someone who "will stand up to the ISPs."
The $100 billion proposal will probably be met with fierce resistance by telecom companies, but there's a lot to like for internet users.
Biden wants to end hidden fees and fund municipal and nonprofit networks.
The CALM Act reined in loud commercials on cable and network television. But it doesn't cover streaming providers like YouTube TV or Hulu.
Consumer stories will help FCC as it inches toward geospatial broadband maps.
China Unicom, Pacific Networks, ComNet all due for removal America's telecom market federal regulator, the FCC, today initiated the final step in a booting three Chinese telcos from the Land of the Free, saying they had failed to allay national security concerns.…
Judge thoroughly rejected ISPs' arguments against Calif. law, transcript shows.
Many reports reckon the fifth FCC Commissioner will be Lina Khan, who specializes in antitrust law and has a special focus on big tech.
A new bill to bring back net neutrality is on its way, supported by one of the open internet’s most fervent advocates. At an advocacy event last month, Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) announced that he would be introducing a measure in the next few “weeks” that would engrave the no throttling, block, or paid fast lanes rules into law. Reached by The Verge on Monday, Markey reaffirmed his commitment to introducing a bill soon. “The coronavirus pandemic has proven that broadband is as essential as electricity and other utilities. We need to restore net neutrality protections to ensure that our internet remains open and free and that consumers can continue to benefit from this critical infrastructure,” Markey told The Verge. Legislation like Markey... Continue reading…
"ISPs are notorious for keeping customers in the dark," bill supporter says.
Pandemic showed that "upload speeds far greater than 3Mbps are critical."
Lawmakers look to FCC to become a 'cop on the beat' The decade-long battle over net neutrality in America has returned. Again.…
AT&T and T-Mobile also have to write enormous cheques before March 24 Radio spectrum doesn’t come cheap. Just ask America's communications regulator, the FCC, which just announced the winning bidders in its long-awaited auction of C-band spectrum, which hauled in a cool $81bn*.…
Biden's broadband plan faces a serious test case in Appalachia's digital divide, where a potent mix of extreme poverty, lack of infrastructure and poor data present tremendous hurdles to the president's dream of closing the broadband gap.
The head of the new task force warns it could take until next year to fix the FCC's flawed maps.
Huawei argued in a lawsuit that the FCC acted outside of its powers and that the move to label it a threat was unconstitutional.
FCC says it will defend Pai-era decision to cut off mega-corp from American business Huawei is appealing against a decision by America’s comms watchdog to designate the Chinese giant a “national security threat."…
New FCC boss Rosenworcel makes it plain she will bring back protections The US Department of Justice has dropped its lawsuit against California’s net neutrality law.…
After Trump's FCC overturned Obama-era net neutrality policies, California passed its own statewide rules, which Trump's DOJ had challenged in court.