Color theory might sound like nothing more than a cinematic buzzword you last heard in your 300-level fine arts course at university.As of this writing, the account has 256 screenshots and accompanying color palettes displayed; everything from the 1957 Aubrey Hepburn film, Funny Face, to Ridley Scott s 2015 space adventure, The Martian.Browsing through the collection, it s interesting to look at the various themes that come across when viewing a movie s color palettes at a more macro level.Alejandro González Iñárritu— CINEMA PALETTES @CINEMAPALETTES March 5, 2016Blue Is the Warmest Color 2013 dir.Hayao Miyazaki— CINEMA PALETTES @CINEMAPALETTES April 10, 2016Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 1998 dir.Sofia Coppola— CINEMA PALETTES @CINEMAPALETTES May 17, 2016The Blues Brothers 1980 dir.
Privacy vs. personalizationUnlike Google, Facebook, and other tech companies that make money from advertising, Apple doesn t collect your personal data because it doesn t need to.It makes money by selling you hardware and getting you to sign up for monthly subscription services like iCloud storage and Apple Music, among other revenue generators.The company has a trio of so-called privacy czars who vet every decision, even inspecting lines of code that might violate laws or company standards.Siri usually reverts to a web search for questions it doesn t know the answers to, and now I ve come to expect that if I want anything more than a timer set or the weather forecast, I ll have to look it up myself.The assistant is hugely helpful on the fourth-gen Apple TV and in Apple Music, and iOS 9 included a Siri search API for deep-linking.Engineers in Cupertino may be working right now on a Siri reboot to rival Google and Amazon s assistants, and maybe even an Apple version of a voice-activated hub like Google Home or Amazon Echo.
Then you get to think about. Not on the phone, not on the site, app or ticket machines. But we are working with our leverentör to fix it as quickly as possible, says Alejandro Soler, the press officer at SJ. Read also: SJ intranet speed wrong - outcry from users, the project on track Failure occurred just before 13.00. - If you're traveling, you have to go to the train and contact the staff on board. There are not usually any problems with resolving ticket on board for this type of disruption, says Alejandro Soler.
Event organisers, council officials and even judges are still working out if this summer's scheduled London Formula E weekender can go ahead in July, with one bargaining chip said to be a promise that it won't come back again next year if it's okayed for this.According to Autosport, the Battersea e-racing event scheduled for the first weekend of July still hasn't been given the final, absolute clearance needed to shut things down and barrier off all the danger spots.Wandsworth Council's decision to allow the closure of the park for the races is heading for a judicial review this week -- forced into place by protesters who'd rather the park stayed a park for all of July -- where London's role as one of the host cities for next year may be dropped in order to win approval for this year's race.Formula E's CEO Alejandro Agag told the site that: "We're looking at every option.The priority is to focus on season two.Autosport Want more updates from Gizmodo UK?
Event organisers, council officials and even judges are still working out if this summer's scheduled London Formula E weekender can go ahead in July, with one bargaining chip said to be a promise that it won't come back again next year if it's okayed for this.According to Autosport, the Battersea e-racing event scheduled for the first weekend of July still hasn't been given the final, absolute clearance needed to shut things down and barrier off all the danger spots.Wandsworth Council's decision to allow the closure of the park for the races is heading for a judicial review this week -- forced into place by protesters who'd rather the park stayed a park for all of July -- where London's role as one of the host cities for next year may be dropped in order to win approval for this year's race.Formula E's CEO Alejandro Agag told the site that: "We're looking at every option.The priority is to focus on season two.Autosport Want more updates from Gizmodo UK?
The stark-white plaster casts of work—on display at the Venice Architectural Biennale as The Evidence Room —does more than just make visitors uncomfortable though it does that, too .Lipstadt s 1994 book Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory featured Irving s revisionist interpretation of the era.In order to fight Irving s lawsuit, Lipstadt had to prove that the Holocaust did, indeed, happen.Van Pelt, along with other professors and students from the University of Waterloo, used that evidence to reconstruct full-scale replicas of a gas column, a gas door, and a gas-tight hatch.It s a perfect example of the unflinching tone Alejandro Aravena, the latest winner of architecture s prestigious Pritzker Prize and the director of this year s Biennale, is urging architects to adopt in facing difficult issues.It is a profound experience for all of us, said van Pelt in a statement, and, in design terms, a radical, unprecedented investigation into the possibility to represent something unrepresentable: the architectural evidence of a factory of death.
It looks like somebody decorated a monastery for a glam-rock high school dance.It begins:In his trip to South America, Bruce Chatwin encountered an old lady walking in the desert carrying an aluminum ladder on her shoulder.Standing on the ground, the stones did not make any sense; they were just random gravel.He calls his method incremental design, and it often means using limited government funding to build deliberately half-finished structures.The approach lets tenants flesh out their respective units as they please, resulting in government-issued housing that s colorful, vibrant, and personal—like a real home.Caption: At The Architectural Imagination," at the U.S. Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale, architects displayed ideas for regenerating Detroit.
"It's going to put pressure on organizations, without question," the veteran banker we spoke to said.The big banks are also seeing top performers leave for the corporate companies they advise.Here are some of the big moves in the past year:JPMorgan's Alejandro Vicente joined JAB Holdings.Morgan Stanley's Alban de La Sabliere joined the French drug maker Sanofi.JPMorgan's Henry Gosebruch went to AbbVie.Blackstone's chief financial officer, Laurence Tosi, went to Airbnb.Mergers-and-acquisitions activity is down significantly from the past couple of years too.But the phenomenon could also turn into a more permanent trend."Any banker with a brain … is saying to himself or herself, 'Do I need an exit strategy, and if so, what is my exit strategy?'"He also highlighted the taxing lifestyle of an investment banker, typically associated with long hours and tight deadlines.rather than being the CFO and having people present to you," he said.Investment banking as a whole has become a less attractive career option.Credit Suisse is giving bankers Friday nights off, UBS is giving bankers two hours of "personal time" a week, JPMorgan is relaxing its dress code, Morgan Stanley is offering vice presidents four-week paid sabbaticals, and both Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are updating their performance reviews to give more qualitative and frequent feedback to employees.Whether or not that will be enough to stem the tide of departures remains to be seen.
At the start of last night s Silicon Valley, Pied Piper is in a pickle.Although the startup s new file-compression tool has been well-received, it needs to increase its daily active users to rake in more capital.So Richard Hendrix and the boys try a revolutionary new approach: Pied Piper makes a TV commercial.If it feels familiar, and not just in the stereotypically icky dot-commy way, the ad is pretty much a shot-for-shot recreation of Facebook s famously awful Chairs ad from 2012.Which, by the way, was directed by Alejandro González Iñárritu, long before he won back-to-back Oscars.Well, the 2012 ad was timed to celebrate the fact that Facebook had signed up a billion users, and by 2015, Mark Zuckerberg announced that a billion people were using Facebook every day.
The agreement, due to be signed on Tuesday, was trailed in respective conference speeches by Alejandro Mayorkas, deputy secretary of US Homeland Security and Dr Eviatar Matania, head of the Israel National Cyber Directorate.All this will be done automatically without human review and will help to tackle threats.Information sharing between private sector companies and the US government is a hugely contentious issue, resulting in repeated legislative delays before the passage of the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act last December.Many in Silicon Valley don t trust the government to keep sensitive data secure, particularly in the wake of the OPM hack, which spilled the private information of million of government employees.During his speech, Dr Matania articulated a strategy of changing the unbalanced equation between attackers and defenders in cybersecurity, a worthy but problematic ambition.Quizzed by El Reg on this point, Dr Matania acknowledged this was a difficult mission.
REUTERS/Hannibal HanschkeLONDON Reuters - Formula E, the world's first fully electric car racing series, is planning a virtual race in Las Vegas next January with a likely $1 million jackpot for the winner.Series chief executive Alejandro Agag told Reuters on Tuesday that the event, pitting regular race drivers against a handful of fans on simulators, could even become a round of the regular championship in future.The Spanish entrepreneur said the race would be part of the Jan 5-8 global Consumer Electronics Show CES .Tech giants like Google, Facebook and Samsung are investing heavily in VR with some predicting the immersive technology will have the same effect on television as the internet on newspapers.The concept of a virtual race, with gamers challenging drivers in an ePrix for points and prize money, was mooted by Agag even before the first Formula E season in 2014."It s very difficult, because of the technology and the speed of the broadband, to have drivers racing at the same time in the race which is what we would have dreamt of when we started Formula E."On the other hand, there are many other things that are now becoming possible -- like this e-race."
We re happy to announce the GamesBeat 2016 developer contest.We re going to pick five developers who will demo their games at our annual GamesBeat conference, August 1 to August 3 at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes in Los Angeles.The submissions can be for any type of game.Here s the entry form.Here s why you should apply:Here s how it works:Important dates:And here s some more information about the conference.The agenda is here.Our latest speaker post is here.
For soon-to-be-former U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron, Tinder was a potential tool for reaching millennials ahead of the Brexit vote.It did not work, of course, but social media has begun to play an increasingly important role in the politics of the 21st century.So over the course of the next several months, Tumblr will attempt to catalyze online conversation surrounding the key issues at stake in the upcoming presidential election, hoping to encourage the community to participate online and perhaps take action offline.Much of the campaign will center around an original programming feature known as IssueTime, similar to the site s already popular AnswerTime, which will bring together experts in a virtual panel to answer users questions about a pressing issue in current events.The premiere panel will boast such names as Freedom for All Americans chief program officer and director of its Transgender Freedom Project, Kasey Suffredini; trans blogger Monica Roberts; Transgender Law Center senior strategist Cecilia Chung; National Center for Transgender Equality executive director Mara Keisling; and senior creative director of SOZE, Daniel Alejandro Leon-Davis.We want our community to develop a true understanding of these increasingly significant issues, develop their own educated opinions and be motivated to exercise their right to vote on Election Day, said Victoria McCullough, Tumblr s social impact and public policy manager.
Starting in the third season, taking place in 2016 to 2017, Faraday Future FF will be the official technical partner and title sponsor for the Formula E team."Formula E has placed a significant emphasis on electric performance and connectivity, which makes it a great fit for Faraday Future," said FF Global Chief Brand and Commercial Officer Marco Mattiacci."Formula E has leveraged a community of fans and embodies the competitive spirit that we also share."The partnership will develop technology software for increased performance in an electric vehicle's powertrain.Not only is the partnership about improving technology, the Grand Prix seasons provide an exceptional place for real-life stress-testing in some of the most challenging settings across the globe."We are thrilled to welcome Faraday Future into Formula E. Faraday Future is a brand that is targeting the highest standard in terms of design, R, and manufacturing of electric cars," said FIA Formula E President Alejandro Agag.
When you consider the many varied tasks robots are suited to perform, one application no amount of Terminator viewings will prepare you for is the concept of brushing up on your prostate exam technique using a robotic anus.But that s exactly what Dr. Fernando Bello and Dr. Alejandro Granados have invented — courtesy of a new robotic rectal technology that s designed to give medical students a realistic model to practice on, and to use in generating real-time data for trainers.What we ve created is a simulator which combines robotics and haptics technology to create a physical model, alongside virtual reality where 3D rendering is used to replicate the internal anatomy, Dr. Fernando Bello told Digital Trends.It s a way that both the trainee and trainer can see what their fingers are doing inside the subject at any particular moment, and get real-time feedback.Dr. Bello told Digital Trends that rectal exams are tough to teach because it is difficult to demonstrate the technique in a clear manner.It s something doctors around the world struggle with because there s no way of assessing whether or not the examination is being carried out competently or not, he says.
Unlike your typical Twitter feed, this one eschews 140-character musings in favor of images of Brutalist buildings.Its progenitor, an art director from London named Peter Chadwick, says he wanted to share the images with anyone who might be interested.It has since amassed tens of thousands of followers, and jump started a sort of digital preservation society committed to liking, retweeting, and sharing photos of a style of architecture that, for parts of history, was despised.Brutalism gets its name from the French term béton brut, which means raw concrete.The style came out of the modernist architecture movement, and took off in the 1950s, during the post-war construction boom.Because some of them didn t have many windows, people associated them with disease.
Apparently not everyone has gotten the memo that hope and love have returned to the DC universe.Today s Superman 3, by Peter J Tomasi, Patrick Gleason, Jorge Jiminez, and Alejandro Sanchez sees the new Superman—who, if you ve been following along, is the old Superman, and has a kid with Lois named Jon—go toe-to-toe with a new version of the Eradicator.In comics past, the Eradicator was a former Kryptonian superweapon whose desire to preserve Kryptonian culture was so great, it genetically destabilised Kryptonian colonists who attempted to leave the planet in order to keep the race pure.He also later showed up in the Reign of the Supermen arc as one of the four Supermen who took over after the Man of Steel was killed by Doomsday.First introduced in the prior issue, this Eradicator has some similar trappings—he wants to preserve Krypton s legacy, he has a quasi-antagonistic/protective relationship with Superman due to the fact that he s the last son of Krypton—but he s much more interested in Superman s son.When Clark and Lois take the young boy to the New 52 Superman s Fortress of Solitude to check him over as he starts developing his powers, they come across the new version of the Eradicator.
Couple this with a brilliant turn from Alan Rickman as the big bad and what you have is an endlessly watchable movie.It's funny too - mixing both buddy movie and Western tropes with fantastic results.Mission: Impossible - Ghost ProtocolThe Mission: Impossible movies all start to blend into one after a while but Ghost Protocol is far better than it should be, given it's the fourth film in a franchise.This Japanese cult classic is a hard watch but it's worth it.It's a Shaw Bros classic that sees a Ching Dynasty rebel fight through battle after battle and eventually reach the hallowed 36th Chamber.
New York City has a reputation for being inhospitable to cars, but in June a swarm of electric race cars will descend on one of its five boroughs.At a press conference on Wednesday, Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag announced the electric-car racing series will come to New York on July 29 and 30, 2017, for a two-round event that will mark the end of Formula E s current season.The New York City ePrix will take place in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn and will be the first race featuring open-wheel cars ever held in New York with sanctioning from the International Automobile Federation FIA , which also runs Formula One and the World Endurance Championship.Like all Formula E races, the New York City event will take place on a temporary street circuit.Formula E prefers events within large cities rather than permanent racetracks — which tend to be in out-of-the-way areas — to maximize exposure.The 1.21-mile Brooklyn circuit will encompass Pier 11 and the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal on the Red Hook waterfront.
If you need something to watch and don t want to wade through the digital muck that washes up on the internet s shores, follow our picks below for the best new shows and movies worth a watch.Denis Villeneuve s Sicario offers no clear answers, but it does examine the U.S. government s role, following FBI agent Kate Macer Emily Blunt , who joins a covert mission to crack down on the cartel responsible for a massacre in Arizona.Leading the operation is Department of Defense agent Matt Josh Brolin , accompanied by Alejandro Benicio del Toro , an enigma with a philosophical bent.The cautious cinematography raises the tension, aided by the thunderous score.It would be easy for a film like this to slide into mere shock, but Macer provides a moral dimension to the nightmare, trying to stick to her moral code as the mission and her superiors grind her down.Struggling to run a cafe after the death of her friend and business partner, Fleabag Waller-Bridge has a strained relationship with her sister Claire Sian Clifford , a tightly-wound and upwardly-mobile woman, and their father Bill Paterson , an aloof man who has married their godmother.