Alexa on Fire TV has gradually improved since it first debuted last September; Tuesday's update adds television controls and app-launching capabilities.While the new features are not immediately available, Amazon will roll these out via software updates over the next few weeks.Among the key new features are Fire TV app-launching capabilities and the option to ask Alexa to play content from Amazon Video and any add-on subscription content, as well as the capability to find movie showtimes at nearby theaters, read Kindle ebooks, and local business search.The Fire TV version was really no more than just another Echo speaker in your system when it launched in September, although Amazon added smart home support two months later.Consider it a move to put it on par with compeitors: Apple TVs already have Siri integration, and the Roku 3 and 4 have similar voice-enabled functionality.Besides the Alexa improvements, Amazon also made a move Tuesday to improve content availability.
Credit: ThinkStockForget that bass; in the digital world, it s all about that bandwidth.On wireless devices, the speeds can be greatly reduced when further away from the wireless router or if there s interference from neighboring Wi-Fi networks, other wireless devices, or appliances that can cause interference such as microwave ovens, which produce tremendous amounts of noise in the 2.4GHz frequency spectrum while operating .Their hardware can be managed via a free online account.and it supports wireless mesh-networking technology that makes it easier to broaden your Wi-Fi coverage.Secondly, you could consider prioritizing any critical devices you d like to have higher priority.This Netgear WNR2000 802.11n router has QoS pre-configured for a limited number of applications, but you must configure your own rules for anything the manufacturer didn t think of.
Welcomes to techradar's guide to the best Amazon Prime TV shows around, a constantly updated list of TV series that we have been watching and loving on what has become one of the most popular streaming services around.In the UK, Amazon had a stuttering start when it came to taking on Netflix in the big streaming battle.Since this move, Amazon Prime has grown into a media powerhouse.Taking, and in some ways surpassing, Netflix's self-serving model to produce its own content Amazon now has a bevy of television shows that are begging to be watched on its own platform.Chosen by the team, these are the shows streamed in the UK that are Instant classics primed to offer up hours of compulsive viewing.It's worth noting that these are the best Amazon Prime TV shows that can be watched instantly when you have Amazon Prime access.
To learn more and subscribe, please click here.The cord-cutters have scored another victory.Total U.S. cable subscribers among the top nine companies which make up about 95% of the total market declined year-over-year in the first quarter of 2016, while broadband customers rose, according to new data from Leichtman Research.These top nine companies added just over 50,000 subscribers in Q1 2016, but total subscribers hit 49.1 million, down 0.2% YoY and 3% from two years ago.The report analyzes the state of the pay-TV industry and maps out which demographics are more likely to stop buying traditional TV packages.The report also discusses the user base, original content offerings, and subscription models of the major subscription streaming services available today, including Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video.Finally, it looks at how traditional pay-TV companies and premium channels like HBO and Showtime are addressing the shift to digital viewing, as well as the implications of their response for advertisers.Those abandoning pay-TV packages fall into three main groups: cord-nevers, cord-cutters, and cord-shavers.Still, younger viewers watch four times as much video content online than older viewers.Netflix is the largest SVOD service and will continue to dominate the industry with an impressive original content lineup and aggressive expansion plans.Amazon is trying to compete with Netflix by investing significant resources in original content.Hulu is the third-largest SVOD service, but the only one to offer ad-supported membership tiers.Hulu has been the slowest to roll out original and exclusive content, but it has inked numerous deals in the past year to boost its content library.Pay-TV companies are responding to the rise of SVOD services by offering subscribers "skinny bundles" and their own streaming services.In full, the report:Illustrates the fall of the traditional TV package and the rise of broadband only cable subscriptions.Lays out the different types of viewers that are leaving behind pay-TV: cord-cutters, cord-shavers, and cord-nevers.Examines the leading SVOD services including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and premium channel offerings from HBO and Showtime.Explains the various ways that pay-TV companies are responding to the rise of SVOD services, notably skinny bundles and standalone streaming services.Considers what the migration to SVOD services means to marketers.To get your copy of this invaluable guide, choose one of these options:Subscribe to an ALL-ACCESS Membership with BI Intelligence and gain immediate access to this report AND over 100 other expertly researched deep-dive reports, subscriptions to all of our daily newsletters, and much more.But however you decide to acquire this report, you ve given yourself a powerful advantage in your understanding of subscription video on-demand services.
Welcomes to techradar's guide to the best Amazon Prime TV shows around, a constantly updated list of TV series that we have been watching and loving on what has become one of the most popular streaming services around.It wasn't always this way, though.In the UK, Amazon had a stuttering start when it came to taking on Netflix in the big streaming battle.This was partly due to a stubborn insistence on Amazon's part to keep its streaming setup separate, hoping to make Lovefilm a company it acquired when DVDs were all the rage into an on-demand brand.This didn't work so along came Plan B. Lovefilm didn't have global appeal, but it did have a backbone on which Amazon built the streaming service we know today - Amazon Prime Instant Video.Since this move, Amazon Prime has grown into a media powerhouse.
View photosMoreThe Netflix logo is shown in this illustration photograph in Encinitas, California October 14, 2014.REUTERS/Mike Blake/File Photo - RTX2B4O8BRUSSELS Reuters - European subscribers to online video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Video and Sky will be able to access the services when visiting other countries within the European Union under proposals agreed by member states on Thursday.The proposal on portability of digital content will become law after it is approved by the European Parliament.Consumers with subscriptions to services such as Sky TV Now, ProSiebenSat.1MaxDome TV in Germany or Netflix in France, would be able to view content they have paid for when they are "temporarily" in other countries within the EU."This means that citizens who are in another member state for purposes such as holidays or business trips can enjoy for example music, films, games or sporting events just like at home," said Henk Kamp, Minister for Economic Affairs in the Netherlands, which holds the rotating EU presidency and managed the proposal.What constitutes "temporarily" was left open, but member states specified that it is a "limited amount of time".
Fear not - Amazon Video won't be short for content anytime soon, as the streaming service debuts eight new shows next month.Subscribers to Amazon Video in the US, UK, Germany, Austria, and Japan will be able to tune in to each show June 17.The two long-form shows - The Interestings and The Last Tycoon - adapt the best-selling novels of the same name by Meg Wolitzer and F. Scott Fitzgerald, respectively.The six pilots for the youngins vary in style and audience, but don't skimp on talent, such as Morris and the Cow, a cowboy cartoon comedy featuring animation and writing staff from the brilliant Bob's Burgers, and Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, a live-action series executive produced by Sid and Marty Krofft of H.R.Amazon will also be taking in feedback for each pilot to see which will become fully-developed into an Amazon Original Series for all Amazon Prime subscribers.AdChoicesAd covers the pageReport this adThanks for the feedback!
It's lacking native Amazon Prime Video support, for example, and Siri recognizes less than half the commands on the new Apple TV than it does on iOS, watchOS or OSX.The only difference between the two is the amount of memory which, considering how small most streaming apps are, means the former will probably have sufficient space for years to come and offers the better value right now.There was a time when many of us settled for a limited streaming solution that mirrored our Apple devices but lacked anything other than a few dozen pre-approved apps.As a word of warning: apps are costlier here than are on other platforms, at least while the competition is sparse.Open the app on your phone or tablet and look for the AirPlay button it looks like a screen with a solid arrow pointing up .Finally, something I found inconsequential but still sort of cool, is that when you're done with the Apple TV and leave it idle, a high-def screen saver comes on that shows pre-recorded video of some of the world's most famous skylines.
Traveling soon?Heads up: many streaming services have international streaming restrictions, with Netflix and Hulu included.But with Getflix, you don t have to give up your shows every time you travel.Some key details:Enjoy popular streaming services no matter your locationGet access to over 50 VPN nodes worldwideQuickly watch TV, listen to online radio, and moreEasy-to-use Smart DNS technologyEncrypt all your traffic with 256bit SSL encryptionGetflix unblocks over 100 streaming channels around the world, so you can watch movies, TV, sports, and more regardless of where you may end up.For a limited time, you can nab Getflix for only $39, or over 90% off — an offer that s simply too good to pass up.
Add a solid operator s skill to execute on the vision, and Bezos has a rare mix of drive and execution that makes his focus on video worth looking at with a long view.The initial concept for Amazon was The Everything Store back when Bezos conceived of the idea.Amazon is often the first stop consumers arrive at on the web, and with Amazon s focus on building distribution centers and overnight shipping, it has turned the e-commerce and retail businesses upside down.After all, while consumers had to pay Netflix or HBO for access to their monthly service, Amazon s video gift on top of the free shipping from Prime.Amazon Video Direct offers four distribution options.That means to get on Amazon you ll need to meet the following specifications: have an SCC with a .scc file extension, SMPTE-TT RP-2052 with a .xml file extension, EBU-TT with a .xml file extension, DFXP Full/TTML Timed Text Markup Language with a .dfxp file extension, iTT iTunes Timed Text files with a .iTT file extension or, if you have closed captions DFXP Full / TTML Timed Text Markup Language with a .dfxp file extension, iTT iTunes Timed Text files with a .iTT file extension.
Amazon as it sits today is propped up by three major pillars: its retail marketplace, Amazon Prime subscription service and Amazon Web Services, the company s cloud computing service.The Amazon founder and CEO recently told Re/code s Walt Mossberg that there are at least two potential fourth pillars in the works: Amazon Studios, the original content arm of Amazon Video, and Alexa, the voice assistant that powers the Echo speaker.Speaking of the latter, Bezos said he thinks there are going to be a bunch of artificially intelligent agents in the world, adding that users may not ask the same AI for everything.The executive said he believes the average household will use a number of specialized AIs and is excited to have helped plant the seed.Since early February, share value in Amazon has more or less been on the uptick.As of writing, shares are trading at $725.61 and briefly broke the $726 barrier earlier today, an all-time high.
Roku Secret MenusRoku has grown to become one of the clear leaders in the increasingly popular market for streaming media boxes.With the cost of pay TV climbing ever higher, more and more people are cutting the cord and looking for more affordable home entertainment.Roku s newest streaming solutions start at just $49.99, so they re terrific options for pay TV subscribers as well.Many people supplement cable TV with services like Netflix or Hulu, and Roku s streaming devices provide one of the best viewing experiences available for those services and more.Using one of several secret button combinations on your Roku s remote that remind us of the famous Konami code, you can access a wide range of hidden menus that offer commands and features most users will never discover.There are also plenty more features to explore, and you ll find out how to access all of them on the great graphic below, which was created by Venngage.
Last fall chose Amazon to stop the sale of Apple TV and Chromecast on their online stores, something that was interpreted as an attempt to increase the sales of the Amazon Fire TV.Now, lets Amazon's ceo Jeff Bezos to announce that the reason for säljstoppet for Apple TV in fact, is that the product does not offer access to videotjänsten Prime Video. " We sell the Roku, we sell Xbox sell Playstation.When we sell these units, we want the Prime Video should be on them and we want it to be with commercial terms that we can accept, said Jeff Bezos in connection with an interview at the Code Conference.most Likely aimed Bezos on that Apple want 30% of revenue from subscriptions generated from within the app.One way to get around this is to offer a pure video player in the same way as Amazon does with the IOS app Amazon Video.
The series finale drew in an audience of 9.6 million people, according to Nielsen estimates, giving it a predictably strong finish — after all, Downton consistently enjoyed a large and loyal fan base throughout its run, both in the U.K. and stateside.In addition to issues of class, there are scandals, intriguing relationships and family dynamics, and more.Amazon has added seasons 1 through 5 over the the past few years, and the retail giant/streamer has seen each pay off.The series has become one of Amazon s most-streamed shows on Prime Video, and the company reports that streaming hours have almost doubled year-over-year.It helps, of course, that Amazon is the only streaming service to offer Downton to U.S. viewers.Both shows deal with issues of money, family, obligation, love, and scandal, among others, so the hope is clearly to appeal to a similar audience.
The new machine is reportedly 40% smaller than the original Xbox One model and supports High Dynamic Range HDR for gaming including Gears of War 4 and Scalebound and video.Ultra HD Blu-ray movies in 4K definition are also supported, including 4K video streaming on Netflix and Amazon Video.The new controller also "significantly reduces wear to help maintain accuracy and smooth rotation over the life of the controller."The revised Xbox One S features a half-plain and half dotted grill design, a single front-facing USB port two on the rear and an infrared sensor.The dedicated Kinect port has also been removed from the reverse of the Xbox One S, although Kinect support is still offered via an Xbox Kinect Adapter which connects through USB.It is however, markedly cheaper than the launch price of the old model, which entered the console market at a price point of £429 $499 in the US / €499 in Europe .
We re a sucker for 4K TV deals here at TrustedReviews, and this one s a doozy.BT has discounted a 49-inch 4K LG TV, bringing the price down to just an impressive £399.Buy Now: LG 49-inch 4K TV at BT for £399This is the lowest price the TV has ever been sold at:Pricing data provided by LG 49UF640V is a 49-inch 4K Ultra HD LED TV with 4K video upscaling and two HDMI ports.It runs on LG s own WebOS, and supports a number of on-demand apps like BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Amazon Video.We haven t reviewed this particular LG TV model, but previous 4K LG televisions have scored well with us in the past.On the bright side, BT has a decent returns policy, so if you don t like the TV, you can send it back.
Fire TV PriceThe Apple TV is great and Roku makes some of the best set-top boxes and streaming media sticks in the world.But if you re looking for a new device to help you get your home entertainment fix, it might be time to take a look at the Amazon Fire TV.This nifty device will give you access to every major streaming service out there including Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, Amazon Video and more, and it even supports Sling TV so you can watch live television if you want.Now with Alexa, use your Fire TV Voice Remote to check news, sports scores, the weather, play music, and more – just askEnjoy over 4,000 channels, apps, and games including access to over 250,000 TV episodes and movies on Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO GO, Hulu, and more.Now with 75% more processing power, a dedicated graphics engine, better Wi-Fi support, 2 GB of memory, 8 GB of storage and expandable storage of up to 200 GBWith over 1200 games – the most games of any other streaming media player – there is something for the entire family, including Minecraft, Lego Star Wars, and Pac-Man 256Amazon Prime members get unlimited access to Amazon Video, including original programming like Transparent, plus over 1 million songs with Prime Music.Amazon Fire TV: $84.99 with free Prime shippingFollow @BGRDeals on Twitter to keep up with the latest and greatest deals we find around the web
What if we told you it would also give you access to all of your favorite streaming movie and TV services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, HBO Go, Showtime Anytime and more?Here s what you need to know:Fire TV Gaming Edition is everything you need for easy, affordable gaming on your HDTV – including Amazon Fire TV, Game Controller, two games, and a 32 GB microSD card for expanded storageIncludes two games $24.98 value – award-winning Shovel Knight and critically-acclaimed Disney DuckTales: RemasteredTake gaming to the next level with the included Fire TV Game Controller, designed to fit comfortably in your hands with precise and responsive controls.Plus enjoy private listening using the headphone jack with Dolby Audio support.Enjoy console-style gaming with an up to 2 GHz quad-core processor, dedicated GPU and 2 GB of memoryWith over 1200 games, more than any other streaming media player, there is something for the entire family, including Minecraft, Lego Star Wars, and Pac-Man 256Say it.Enjoy over 4,000 channels, apps, and games including access to over 250,000 TV episodes and movies on Netflix, Amazon Video, HBO GO, Hulu, and more.Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition: $124.99 with free Prime shippingFollow @BGRDeals on Twitter to keep up with the latest and greatest deals we find around the web
So Long, Flash And Everything Else Apple s crusade against Flash dates back to 2010, when Steve Job famously penned an open letter banishing it from the iPhone.A Stronger GatekeeperSimilarly, Apple s Gatekeeper is digging a deeper moat.We use HTTPS across the board, says Adam Grossman, co-founder of popular weather app Dark Sky.Apps could crash when they re launched, or ads that are served within the app could fail, neither of which is great for the overall user experience, says Brad Wright, an executive with Phunware, a company that specializes in app development and mobile experiences.It s understandable that these features didn t make the keynote stage.They re wonky, and technical, and don t sound quite as cool as differential privacy, a term that was touted on stage—which is, in fairness, actually pretty cool.
Designed to be an alternative to Adobe Flash, Silverlight is supported via plugin for various browsers such as Mozilla Firefox.The application framework was initially designed to support streaming media, this has now evolved into also support multimedia, graphics, and animation in order to give developers support for common language infrastructure languages and development tools.Although use of Silverlight it quite well spread, it is one of the application development platforms for Windows Phone, the company announced end of life for Silverlight 5 in 2012.The following year the company revealed that developed for it has ended, apart for patches and bugfixes.The end date set for Silverlight 5 is October 2021.Netflix has said that it will be moving to HTML5 video.