‘The Chase’ star Anne Hegerty caused a stir during an appearance on ‘The Wright Stuff’ yesterday (15 March), when she commented that journalist and transgender activist Paris Lees “used to be a boy”.Anne and Paris were both appearing on the show to discuss the big headlines of the day, which included the ongoing debate around the gender pay gap.During the panel discussion, Anne noted that she was already “on record” as saying she was not “terribly bothered” about the disparity between men and women’s pay, insisting that leadership roles existed for women, should they want to go after them.Paris commented on what she felt was an “old boys’ club at the top” in the corporate world, to which Anne insisted she was “not really” convinced that such a thing existed.When Paris then said she’d “have to disagree”, Anne left the studio stunned when she responded: “Okie doke.Well, you used to be a boy, you’d know that.”
That's when its on in the UK every night on ITV, with the Extra Camp follow up show immediately afterwards on ITV2.I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is set for another round of jungle based brilliance for 2018 and there's lots to get excited about.The celebs will soon be whisked to the outback and we'll tell you how to watch I'm a Celebrity online for free - regardless of where on Earth you are.It has now been confirmed that football manager Harry Redknapp, The Chase's Anne Hegerty and Coronation Street's Sair Khan will all be at the camp this year.Joining them are the likes of John Barrowman, ex-X Factor star Fleur East and TV presenter Nick Knowles.The team of celebrities will be shipped out to the jungle this weekend to take on the usual array of challenging tasks, which earn them food for their group.
As the saying goes, ‘If at first you don’t succeed, try and try again’, something one contestant on ‘The Chase’ should probably have tattooed somewhere after Friday’s edition of the ITV show.OK, a tattoo might be going a bit too far, but Brighton barber Andrew had plenty to smile about after he managed to bank £20K despite only getting one question right in the cash-builder round.Undeterred by his spectacularly bad performance (he was asked twelve questions), when chaser Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett offered him £20,000, Andrew took him up on his offer.Despite the odds being stacked against him, not only did Andrew sail through to the final chase, his team ended up beating the chaser to the tune of £35,000.Earlier this month, another contestant on ‘The Chase’ suffered an epic fail when she was asked a question about her own job - and failed to get the correct answer.Delwen, who was playing against the Governess, Anne Hegerty, was asked: “What is the highest badge of rank in the Metropolitan Police?
Anne Hegerty has revealed she was originally given a very different nickname on The Chase, before becoming known as The Governess in households up and down the country.For over a decade, Anne has been one of the quizzing experts on the ITV gameshow, where she plays under her Governess moniker.However, in a new interview with The Guardian, she shared that this wasn’t always the plan.When she first joined the show, Anne told the newspaper, she was supposed to have been known as The Headmistress, before host Bradley Walsh had a change of heart.“I don’t know, he just saw something governessy in me,” she said.Anne also claimed she much prefers “The Governess” to the previous “Headmistress” title, as a governess “can basically do what she likes, whereas a headmistress has a board of governors she has to report to”.Earlier this year, Anne told Loose Women that there was supposed to have been a series of character traits that went alongside her on-screen persona, which also ended up falling by the wayside.“Originally the character was going to be more sort of creepy than she is,” she said. “I remember saying I wanted her to be a sort of cross between Caroline Aherne as Mrs Merton and Daphne Fowler on Eggheads. I wanted everyone to think in terms of Delores Umbridge and the creepiest thing about her was those damn kittens.“But then a friend of mine said that is a bit too different from what you are like and you won’t be able to maintain that.”However, Anne isn’t the only one of the existing Chasers whose nickname changed over time.New addition Darragh Ennis was first supposed to have been introduced as The Professor, but had a very specific reason for requesting that this be changed.Meanwhile, Jenny Ryan was also given a different tile before The Vixen, although she asked for a different one as she felt it was inappropriate for her.Read Anne Hegerty’s full interview in The Guardian here.READ MORE:ITV Responds To Backlash After Chasers Are Seen Swimming With Dolphins In New Travel SeriesThe Chase's Anne Hegerty Reveals The One Major Downside Of The Arrival Of A New ChaserThe Chase Viewers Do A Double-Take After Contestant’s Name Appears To Say Something Very Rude Indeed