Uber for All Services in 1 App - Uber for Handyman: Plumber, Electricians, Doctors, Dog Walkers, Beautician, Baby Sitter, Escort, Massage Therapist, Security Personnel, House Cleaning, etc.
Gone are the days when you had to thumb for a ride, or wait for hours for a taxi. We are living in an era where we can now use smart technology and get a cab in seconds. Apps have made this possible. Let’s look at this technology in detail.
This blog is aimed at helping people find the right massage therapist for themselves. It also goes beyond simply using services but to making this your own business even if you don’t know how to massage!
Smoking pot is a sweet thing to do. We love to have marijuana and we love to tell people about it. This is a blog that lists the top reasons why Stoners are the best people you will ever meet.
Moving can be a stressful and strenuous thing to do. This blog lists the most important things to keep in mind while planning a move. It gives you the top pointers and shows you alternative methods of booking movers with on demand moving app.
Getting chores done around the house can be a tough task. Here’s a blog that outlines some simple tips to getting tough things done that will prevent you from spending on a handyman. But if you can’t get it done, the blog also tells you how you can hire a professional from an on demand handyman app.
If overnight success was sellable, about three quarters of the world would be king.Now, you don’t marry someone you just met in a bar (unless, you are in Vegas.This is exactly the principal that you must make sure that you adopt for starting a business.There are too many good Blablacar clones out there that make flawless ridesharing apps that require no attention from you.What you really need to focus on is the business of ridesharing itself.
alcohol is seldom considered luxury. This blog is a testament to some of the world’s most expensive liquor bottles and the reason for them being so costly.
Entering the world of business is a pretty daunting thing to do.When someone is looking for a plumber in the area, he or she can check the app and get a list of all the plumbers serving in Los Angeles and pick one based on their experience, rates, and other details.Users look for service providers based on their experience and pricing.The users can see the price BEFORE they actually make the booking for the job.Once the job is booked and the task is undertaken, the pre-decided price is automatically debited from the selected source (cash/ credit card/ debit card/ in-app wallet) by the client.
This blog outlines the growing demand for professional uber for snow removal services. It goes on to discuss how one can set up their own snow removal business and make it successful quickly and easily.
Trends for Cryptocurrency app development is on the rise, and app entrepreneurs, as well as businesses, have started evaluating how worth to invest in this upcoming technology apps.Advantages of CryptocurrencyFollowing is a list of advantages and disadvantages of Cryptocurrency.Easy accessFreedom of PaymentVery Low FeesPrivateControl and SecurityRemain anonymousYour details are safeInformation is TransparentNo chargebacksNo third partyNo boundariesDisadvantages of CryptocurrencyDifficult to understandLack of knowledgeRisk and VolatilityNot accepted widelyCan lose your walletStill DevelopingNo way to reverse the paymentUncertainty 
The Uber for moving furniture is the latest app that has been launched using Uber technology. Since its launch, people from across the world are using it whenever they are moving. Let us look at the reasons why it is becoming a fast favorite for all people who are migrating from one place to another.
People nowadays are busy enough to spend their weekends in washing clothes or at a laundry shop.Whether it be students or working person, it has become impossible or them to make time for washing and ironing their clothes.They desire for automatic solution of their problem.Thus, if we analyze the market and consult with top mobile app developers, there is a great surge in demand for on demand laundry and dry cleaning delivery app development services for laundry business owners.It shows that traditional laundry business owners are now ready to take their service at next level with native mobile app development.And those who had already engaged with technology in their business are achieving target ROI and got No.
Today mobile technology has evolved into new and dynamic formats and among all this beacons technology  perform a special tasks to interact audience with their more creative opportunities to event planners, organizers and hosts and etc... 
Over the last couple of years, mobile apps have surely been the hotspots of news, views and reviews.So as we excepted in 2017 here we are seeing the top 5 iPhone app development trends to dominate the market in this year.
Companies embrace chat functions to reduce dependency on humans. Person-to-person chat conversations as we know them will become obsolete. Within a decade, chatbots will become capable enough to replace the everyday dude at a customer support desk and will provide with more efficient, personalized responses.Although the first instance of chatbots can be traced back to 1966, huge amounts of data and sophisticated artificial intelligence competences have mainstream commercial chatbots a reality.Build on existing dataBuild chatbot app on the stream of customer data as artificial intelligence systems and chatbots they power are only as smart as the data they are built upon. Such chatbots tend to have more advanced conversation abilities than chatbots built from scratch.The ability of chatbots is personalization at scale, a world where every company has a chat function build around artificial intelligence to quickly address customer concerns personalised to the data available about that customer.The key to support is to manage customers’ expectations. The support provider—whether a bot or human—if could replicate a human agent in solving problems and managing the expectations, users don’t seem to care. Don’t worry, nobody is going to talk your chatbot out about the holiday it last took when his printer refuses to work.Original post source: chatbots to improve your customer service 
with the help of cloud deployment most of developers have build the modern app quickly .So let's have a look on 'WeDeploy' that allows developers with an advanced cloud infrastructure to effectively deal with common back-end obstacles and processing time.
Your Fitbit Flex can interact with your smartphone via the app, over a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection and vice a versa. The latest Apple Watch answers calls and reply texts. Those gadgets marked the beginning of the ‘smart’ revolution and IoT mobile app development. Smart devices, homes, automobiles Their real potential, although, lies in the network of relationships between them.The smart officeAren’t you carrying a portable office with you all the time? I am talking about the device that you use most of the time to check and reply emails, edit documents, and access the Project Management System. Yes, I am talking about your smartphone. It could be the latest iPhone X or the classic OnePlus One. That’s almost quite what an employee does at the office. But a smart office can go beyond that. You can navigate to your meeting’s location. You can provision supply to the warehouse from your Apple Watch. Let's see More Information : IoT Smart Office Solution
Developing a mobile app for your business and confused between Native and Cross-platform app development?Here are the benefits of choosing a hybrid app over native apps.
ANTONIO VILLAS-BOAS: So, the iPhone X and the Google Pixel 2 both are amazing phones.Design —To be perfectly honest, the iPhone X just looks so much better than the Google Pixel 2.Basically, that's because there are fewer Apple devices that developers need to think about.So, Android developers have to think about what version of Android that the Android users are using on their phones.Meanwhile, in "Apple land," Only 10% of users are on an operating system that's 2 years or older.For app developers having a good idea at least of what operating system your users are gonna use really helps.