The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, being held online for the second year because of the pandemic, typically attracts thousands of app developers, many of whom are hoping the company will be listening to their concerns
The antitrust case between Apple and Epic continued today, and it brought Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering, to the stand. Federighi’s mission was pretty clear from the outset: to extol the security benefits that come with iOS’s walled-off ecosystem and warn of the dangers that would come with breaking the App Store model. But in building that argument, Federighi also made some surprisingly blunt concessions about security on macOS. “If you took Mac security techniques and applied them to the iOS ecosystem, with all those devices, all that value, it would get run over to a degree dramatically worse than is already happening on the Mac,” Federighi said in the testimony. “And as I say, today, we have... Continue reading…
In the latest iOS version, the double or triple tap can perform quick actions.Not surprisingly, Apple has announced the major revision to its operating system at the 2020 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference.The new operating system of Apple has all the big and small features.You can find your application in the library on a page that doesn’t allow you to swipe beyond the home screen.The new update groups all the applications together into a big folder automatically that shows you some of the most recently used apps as the suggestion in the display.In recent years, it is one of the biggest changes in the home screen.Welcome New Widgets On The Home ScreenIf you are aware of all the trends of the iOS in past years, then you will find that widgets have been a part of the iOS for a long time and are available in a simple vertical list.
Ever since Apple unveiled them at WWDC 2019, people have been wondering when the ultra-powerful Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR will be launching.Well, we now finally know the answer: Both will be available this December.The launch date was tucked away at the end of Apple’s announcement of its brand-spanking-new 16-inch MacBook Pro, which comes with a new keyboard, high-resolution display, and powerful processors.With typical immodesty, Apple proclaimed that “the all-new Mac Pro, the world’s best pro desktop, and Apple Pro Display XDR, the world’s best pro display, will be available in December.”While we don’t know the exact day in December that the devices will launch, it’s highly likely it will be near the beginning of the month.Apple will be loath to miss out on the lucrative holiday period, and the closer it launches the Mac Pro to Christmas, the more it’ll be cut out of the seasonal shopping bonanza.
It consists of sleek design, that’s why is easy to handle and allows all businesses to make invoice of different types.It also consists of a small calculation screen which allows businesses to do calculations with ease.If you are completely following Apple’s guidance, then you only have to change one line or code to get the app ready within a week.Follow the simple six-step process to implement dark mode iOS 13.In order to provide the best user experience to the user, you should not skip this part by any chance.Now, as we are aware of this, we have to take care of four appearances:
Apple officially introduced the 2019 Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR at its Worldwide Developers Conference back in June but left their release date and other details ambiguous.Today, the “fall” launch became more concrete: The high-end desktop machine and its monitor will hit stores in December, with online orders beginning that month — so, not quite yet.The “modular” Mac Pro looks like a small but bespoke tower, replacing a thermally constrained cylindrical design that resembled a small trash can.Unlike its predecessor, the 2019 model is hugely expandable, thanks to an aluminum chassis that slides open using a top-mounted handle, revealing a multi-chambered logic board with spaces for two large graphics cards, multiple solid state drives, 12 RAM DIMMs, and Intel Xeon CPUs with up to 28 cores.A custom cooling system and 1.4-Kilowatt power supply are included with every Mac Pro, while an Afterburner module for high-speed video editing is optional.Apple’s entry-level 8-core model starts at $5,999, including a Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad, Magic Mouse 2, power cord, and USB-C to Lightning cable.
After going in hard on privacy at its World Wide Developer's Conference in June, Apple has updated its privacy web page.The site aims to easily explain how the new privacy features work, but also contains technical white papers that go into detail in regards to how Apple's hardware and software keeps user data safe.And since it's been awhile since WWDC, here's a refresher on the biggest privacy features.By comparison, Sign In With Apple is said to offer users the convenience without the issues.The emails can be changed or disabled at any timeWhile originally third party app developers were going to be forced to include Sign In With Apple as an option for logging into their apps, this is no longer the case.
In addition, the rollout is expanding west to cover West Virginia, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and North Illinois, according to a Monday report from MacRumors.The updated map includes broader road network coverage, better pedestrian data, more accurate addresses and more detailed land cover.Users will also see a more realistic view of buildings, parks, marinas and beaches.Apple unveiled its new look for Maps in June at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California.For the past several years, the company has been rebuilding its mapping technology from the ground up as it works to lure people away from other apps like Google Maps and Waze.As of Monday, the new maps will cover New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Delaware, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Washington, DC, and parts of Virginia and West Virginia.
It takes a lot of gall and apparently very little fear of legal consequences to copy an Apple product design while portraying it as your own — then using crowdfunding support to bring it to market.But that’s what Dune Case is attempting with Dune Pro, a PC enclosure that clones Apple’s 2019 Mac Pro desktop computer, with hopes to lure Kickstarter backers into the endeavor.Featuring a striking new stainless steel and aluminum enclosure, the 2019 model resembles an oversized cheese grater, replacing a smaller prior design that looked like a small trash can.Dune Pro appears to copy almost every element of Apple’s design, including steel handles and feet that sit above and below and an aluminum central housing.A removable front panel with a fine mesh panel can be replaced with an nearly identical clone of the Mac Pro’s front design called the “Dice Y cover,” which is specifically designed to dampen sound from self-supplied fans.Contacted for comment last week, a Kickstarter representative today seemed to shrug off the situation.
Apple's Project Catalyst software, announced at WWDC in June, has a clear goal: Making it possible to install and use iPad apps on the Mac.However, with the rollout of MacOS Catalina this week, three of the most anticipated launch apps for Project Catalyst have yet to appear.And Bloomberg reported on Tuesday that Netflix does not plan to port its iPad to the Mac -- something Mac users had been hoping for.However, that has led to overzealous speculation that app makers are abandoning Project Catalyst and MacOS Catalina.But while apps from video and comic book streaming service DC Universe and car racing game Asphalt 9 were both removed from the Project Catalyst website this week, both are still planned for a future release, according to a person familiar with Apple's rollout plans.Popular apps including Twitter and TripIt are also still coming to Mac soon, according to Apple's website.
Apple has put a lot of energy into the development of ARKit since it launched the software with iOS 11, and its confirmed purchase of little-known UK developer IKinema hints the company has plans for much more.Its solutions were already capable of creating characters that moved fluidly and could be used to create immersive environments in virtual space.Think back to big creative purchases such as those of Shake, PrimeSense, EMagic (Logic) and Macromedia’s Final Cut, for example (or, for that matter, SoundJam, which became iTunes – or Beats).In this case, Apple appears to have invested in an industry tool that seemed to have plenty of adoption among game and AR experience developers.Apple’s vision for the software has been clear from the start:“We’re delivering the biggest AR platform in the world,” Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior VP Software Engineering, said at WWDC 2017.
Several features have made wearables an integral part of lives – such as advanced functionality, lighter and less bulky hardware and improved connectivity.Wearable technology, which started with things like hearing aids and calculator watches, has grown into advanced applications and fitness trackers that keep tabs on distances walked or users pulses.Introduced at the 2019 Worldwide Developers Conference, watchOS 6 is the newest version of watchOS, the operating system designed to run on the Apple Watch.Noise app for detecting decibel levels above recommended volumes.Notifications are sent whenever the decibel level reaches 90 decibels.Calculator App: Coming to watchOS soon, for the first time the official Apple Calculator application has been included.
Back in July at WWDC, Apple announced its latest iOS 13 software version with plenty of improvements and additional features.The new software update was due for the fall with the launch of new iPhones.Well, it seems like the smartphone maker is on schedule and has started rolling out the new iOS 13 software version.Along with iOS 13, the California-based company has also started seeding watchOS 6 for Watch Series 3 and Watch Series 4.Apple rolls out iOS 13 with Dark Mode, Swipe Keyboard, and MoreTo recall, Apple’s latest iOS 13 software comes with a much needed all-system wide dark mode.
This vision is clearly seen in the fact that so much of iOS 13 is spent improving Apple’s own apps and services to the point where they’re back at the standard that other third-party ones set long ago, like codifying dark mode on a system-wide level instead of letting apps fend for themselves; “Sherlocking” basic photo editors, reminders apps, and cycle trackers all in a single update; and even its latest attempt to challenge Google Maps for navigation.I’ve been using iOS 13 in beta for the last few months and the final 13.0 release since September 10th on my iPhone X, and I haven’t experienced the annual slowdown that used to be part and parcel of the iOS update experience.Between my own tests and those of other Verge staffers, we’ve run into a lot of significant bugs: apps randomly crash when opening them, cellular signals drop, the Camera app can be slow, pictures have randomly gotten new dates assigned to them, AirDrop has had issues, the text field flips out sometimes in iMessages, and more.You underestimate the power of the dark modeDark Mode is probably the biggest feature in terms of user-facing content: it’s a visual reskin of nearly every single app on the platform, and it has plenty of hype.The background is a true black, not a very dark gray, and it looks particularly great on the OLED panels of an iPhone X or XS device.
Since then, it has been 12 years, and Apple never fails to amaze the mobile tech world with its genius.So fasten your seatbelts and get ready to dive into the world of iOS 13.iOS 13 will have a modified keyboard that can be regulated and used by the user to write Chinese.The keyboard will have more space so that the customer can write more kanji lines and also full sentences.Moreover, iOS 13 will also have a separate button which is solely for the emoticons.The user can switch easily between different languages by using the emoticon key, this key offers amazing user experience as compared to the previous single globe key.
On one side of the table, iOS 13 includes a systemwide dark mode, more control over privacy settings and a bushel of improvements designed to make the iPhone more secure and easier to use.On the other side, Google's Android 10 also brings on dark mode, a focus on privacy and useful AI enhancements.While Android 10 is in its four beta (we've been using it for months), iOS 13's beta is only available for developers now, with a public beta coming in July and the final release pushing to iPhones in fall (iPhones that will be compatible with iOS 13 stretch back to the iPhone 6S).We'll save that real-world battle for after the final version of iOS 13 and Android 10 come out.Over the years, Apple has made keeping user data private a selling point.Google also talks up protecting user data, most recently in a New York Times opinion piece where Google CEO Sundar Pichai wrote that "privacy cannot be a luxury good offered only to people who can afford to buy premium products and services."
Audio content has gained in popularity over recent years in China.The number of online audio users in China rose by more than one-fifth to hit 425 million last year, according to a report from iiMedia Research in March.The online audio sector is exhibiting faster growth compared with other channels such as mobile video and mobile reading, which have expanded 13.6% and 6.3%, respectively, in the same period.Cynthia Zhou, a female university student in Beijing, has listened to audio programs before bed for more than five years.Like Cynthia, more and more young people listen to audio content every day.This aspect allows people to listen in multiple contexts, like during commutes or before going to sleep.
After unveiling being unveiled at this year's WWDC 2019 conference, the tvOS 13 public beta is ready to download on Apple TV and Apple TV 4K - all you need to do is go to the software update section.The big differences for tvOS 13 are that it will finally offer multi-user support with personalized recommendations, a new-and-improved Control Center, improvements to the TV App ahead of Apple TV Plus, as well as be compatible with both the Xbox One and PS4 DualShock 4 controller for Apple Arcade play.Here's everything we know about Apple's next TV smart platform after the official announcement:The public beta of tvOS 13 is available to all testers now.We still aren't sure when it will be ready for public roll out, but based on previous years, global availability on Apple TV and Apple TV 4K should happen sometime in September or October - around the time Apple could launch its Apple TV Plus streaming service.tvOS 13 news and features
From interesting updates to new products launch and much more, the company has offered a lot to both the app users and developers.Top 8 iOS 13 features that will amaze you!!!Apart from it, Apple users can enjoy the darker themes or wallpapers and easier nighttime viewing.Siri will send a personalized message to the caller if you reject the call explaining the reason why you have declined the call.Not just that, the editor has also revamped with a more user-friendly interface that users will love to explore.Finally, Apple has come up with updated Emoji search features enabling users to search the Emoji of their choice.
It's World Emoji Day and Apple has taken the opportunity to unveil some of the new emoji that it announced at WWDC last month.We're pleased to report than in addition to the cute animals that we come to expect from new iOS rollouts, Apple has also added some new disability emojis.These new inclusions come off the back of Apple's proposal to the Unicode Committee in 2018, which approves new emoji.The additions include a new guide dog, a prosthetic arm and leg, wheelchair options, an ear with a hearing aid, walking cane options, and signing options."Celebrating diversity in all its many forms is integral to Apple’s values and these new options help fill a significant gap in the emoji keyboard," Apple said in a press release.The holding hands emoji will also receive a major update, finally allowing more versatile customisation.