In 2005, Lexus became the first luxury carmaker to deliver a hybrid to market.The RX 400h was an all-wheel drive 3.3-liter V6 with a pair of electric motors, one for each set of wheels.Marketed by Lexus as a compact SUV, the NX 300h measures 182.3" (4,632cm), which is just a couple of inches shorter than an Audi Q5, Alfa Romeo Stelvio, or BMW X3.The NX 300h got a makeover at the beginning of 2018, adding a larger infotainment display, enhanced safety features, modest design tweaks, and a larger touchpad on the center console.While the NX 300 (formerly the NX200t) has a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder engine, the NX 300h has a larger 2.5-liter inline four coupled with a pair of electric motors that charge via the internal combustion engine and regenerative braking.Throw in $1,800 for a navigation package that includes "premium" sound, another $500 for a power liftgate with kick sensor, and a couple of other miscellaneous bits, and our model came in at $47,158.
One of your neighbors probably has one.Lexus began making a slightly longer version of the current fourth-generation model mainly in response to Chinese demand for long-wheelbase vehicles.The Lexus RX 350L continues as a more affordable alternatives to the Mercedes-Benz GLE 350, the Porsche Macan, the Volvo XC90, and the Audi Q5, just to name a few.But its competitive stablemates include the Acura MDX, the Infiniti QX60, the Jaguar F-Pace, the upper tiers of the Jeep Grand Cherokee and the Kia Sorento.Then again, that’s partially explained by the $5,015 Luxury Package that our tester came with, adding unique gloss wood trim, special wheels, more comfortable seats, and higher-grade leather.On the safety front, the list includes but isn’t limited to radar-guided cruise control, forward collision warning with automatic braking and pedestrian detection, lane departure warning with lane-keeping assist, and adaptive headlights with automatic high beams.
To do it, Acura has revamped the RDX from the platform up, with a new turbocharged engine and a completely reworked infotainment system.Increased insulation, triple door seals, and either thicker or acoustic laminated glass held keep the cabin quieter.MacPherson strut front suspension and 5-link rear suspension work with a new Dual-Pinion Variable-Ratio Electric Power Steering System.The Technology Package and higher grades get blind-spot information, parking sensors on the front and rear, and rear cross traffic monitoring.It pushes out 272 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque: more, Acura points out, than you’ll get from the turbo-4s in an Audi Q5, BMW X3, Mercedes-Benz GLC, or a Volvo XC60.Peak torque arrives between 1,600 and 4,500 rpm, and indeed there’s a claimed 40-percent boost in low-end torque versus the old RDX’s 3.5-liter V6.
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Wouldn't it be cool to test drive a car on tracks you designed yourself in a sandbox?Together with POL, a creative agency from Oslo, the Dutch creative production company MediaMonks developed an in-store installation that lets you do just that.Let’s take a look behind the scenes of this Dutch award-winning VR experience.Audi’s objective was to demonstrate what the new Audi Q5 and its Quattro technology had to offer, in a fun and playful way.The initial brief from POL was to produce a 360 film and a TV commercial, with the purpose of reconnecting with the childhood memory of playing with cars in a sandbox.MediaMonks had the idea to use the power of VR, turning a 400-kilo physical sandbox into a virtual playground, where users could test drive the new Audi Q5.
A Range Rover Velar in NYC.Jaguar Land RoverJaguar Land Rover unveiled the 2018 Range Rover Velar at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.The Velar is a stylish, high-tech SUV designed go head-to-head with the best Germany has to offer.With the market for luxury crossover and SUV ready for the taking, Jaguar Land Rover is going all in.At the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, the company unveiled the all-new 2018 Range Rover Velar.That means taking on segment leaders such as the Porsche Macan and the Audi Q5.
Silvercar made its name by offering a single, luxury car in a sea of frustrating rental companies, and now it’s adding a second model to its line-up.The app-controlled rental firm was acquired by Audi last year, so it should come as no surprise that joining the existing A4 on Silvercar’s books is the Audi Q5.Silvercar has been fielding requests for an SUV alongside the A4 sedan for some time now, and the company promised that there’d be good news on that front sometime in 2018.Now, it seems, we didn’t have to wait long.Initially the Q5 will be available in nine Silvercar locations, with more rolling out through July of this year.Silvercar currently operates in eighteen locations across the US, though it plans to add five new airport locations over the next six months.
Audi and Amazon have teamed up to offer native Amazon Music streaming support in the automaker’s recent cars, all accessed through the vehicle’s infotainment system.The integration sees select cars from Audi‘s 2017 and 2018 model years gain Amazon Music and Amazon Prime Music streaming support, beyond just playing it back over a Bluetooth connection from your smartphone.It’ll be available for those with 2017 or 2018 model year Audi A3, A4, A4 allroad, Q7, R8, and TT cars, as well as the 2018 Audi Q5 and A5.Assuming you have the keys to one of those, you’ll also need the latest version of the Audi MMI connect app running on your phone.After logging into the app using myAudi credentials, you swipe left to the “Media” page.Amazon Music’s new releases and charts are also available, along with catalog access organized by artist, genre, and style.
Kelley Blue Book gave the Audi Q5 a rating of 9.6 out of 10.AudiKelley Blue Book gave the Audi Q5 its 2018 Best Auto Tech Award for luxury brands.The car has three available trims that start between $41,500-$50,800.If you're looking for a luxury car with advanced technology, it can be difficult to find an option that has standout features without breaking six figures.That's why Kelley Blue Book gave the Audi Q5 its 2018 Best Auto Tech Award for a luxury brand.With its standard set of features, the car costs under $45,000, and fully loaded, it still doesn't reach $60,000.
It’s a respectable-looking and functional mid-size crossover, slotting in between the bite-size Q3 and the three-row Audi Q7.With a base MSRP of $42,475, the Q5 competes with stalwarts like the BMW X3, Lexus RX450, and Acura RDX, as well as upstarts like the Alfa Romeo Stelvio (look for our review soon).But the Q5 was getting a bit stale, as it hadn’t seen any substantive changes since its introduction in 2008.With the 2018 model, Audi has updated the Q5, making this a good time to check in with its workhorse.Gone is the old 2.0-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine, replaced by a... 2.0-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine.The tweaks to the hood, grille, and sideview mirrors make for a more aerodynamic design.
Starting with the 2015 model of the XC90, Volvo has managed to dust off it's dull and boring image, and, brought new energy and confidence to brand.Volvo continues down that path with its refresh to the new XC60.With premium rivals from Audi, BMW and Porsche muscling in on the segment, this second-generation XC60 needs to be pretty special.Power output: 320bhp / 400 NmPrice: AED 274,999 as testedThe XC60 is certainly a handsome-looking car, and we reckon Volvo has got the balance just right – it's not as brash as an Audi Q5 or BMW X3, but it's sophisticated enough to stand out from the crowd, with some nice little touches like the 'Thor's Hammer' daytime running light arrangement.
In recent years Volvo has managed to dust off its rather dull image and, released from the shackles of Ford ownership, has acquired a new design swagger and confidence – and nowhere is this more in evidence than with the new XC60.The XC60 is an incredibly important car for the Swedish brand, with the first-generation model having been Volvo's best-selling car of recent years and the top-selling mid-sized SUV across Europe.Volvo XC60 D4 AWD Inscription ProPrice: from £37,205 (model as tested: £55,755)The XC60 is certainly a handsome-looking car, and we reckon Volvo has got the balance just right – it's not as brash as an Audi Q5 or BMW X3, but it's sophisticated enough to stand out from the crowd, with some nice little touches like the 'Thor's Hammer' daytime running light arrangement.Volvo clearly hasn't spent all of its design budget on the exterior – climb inside the XC60 and you're cocooned in a welcoming mix of matte woods and light colours.
The service lets you rent an Audi vehicle for a day (or for as long as a month) from your smartphone.I was excited to try Audi On Demand.Most rental car companies let you choose a "vehicle class," like compact or full-size, but you might not know which car you're driving away with until you get to the pickup site.Audi On Demand is more similar to Zipcar, which lets you choose a specific model of car.But I quickly discovered that waiting until the last minute to book means that there are fewer cars available.It happened to be Fleet Week in San Francisco, which might have limited inventory with tourists coming in and locals escaping the chaos.
The SQ5 inherits everything that’s great about the second-generation Q5: a new platform using the same steel unibody with stylish exterior, clean and classy interior.Take for instance the more aggressive front end, sleeker rear end with faux exhausts and larger wheels starting at 20 or order up to 21 inches directly from the factory.Albeit, just like the S4 and S5, the SQ5 is built on Audi’s MLB Evo platform sharing the same 3.0liter turbocharged V6, eight speed automatic transmission.The performance is there when you need it and the updated all-wheel-drive quattro is rear wheel bias, meaning that while it still keeps you out of trouble, you can throw it around and slightly under steer for fun if you want.The S sport package takes the SQ5 to a whole new level of driving experience by actively splitting torque between the wheels of the rear axle, essentially – if needed, give almost all torque to one wheel in order to provide you with the most dynamic driving experience.In fact, the optional dynamic steering, which I highly recommend ticking off on the buy sheet, has a variable steering ratio adjusting to the speed your driving while taking into account the what drive mode you’re in.
Yesterday, Summer Games Done Quick 2017 went live on Twitch, kicking off a week-long marathon of video game speedruns.SGDQ raises money each year for Doctors Without Borders, perhaps better known as Médecins Sans Frontières in regions outside of the US.Compact hatchbacks like the 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT have never really caught on in America, but it has little to do with their merits.Easy to park, cheap on gas, and remarkably practical, the fickle gods of fashion have long turned their backs on the humble hatch, a state of affairs made all the more ironic by the exploding popularity of small SUVs, which are essentially hatchbacks on stilts.With a full load of human beings in the front and rear seats, you can haul more gear in the Elantra GT than you can in the Honda HR-V, the new Nissan Rogue Sport, or even the (ostensibly) larger Audi Q5.A further strike against the 2018 Hyundai Elantra GT is the lack of all-wheel drive on the order sheet.
p Audi’s Q5 is a premium B-segment crossover, occupying a sizable chunk of real estate in the epicenter of the automotive market.To broaden its SUV’s appeal, Audi introduced a high-powered version in 2013: the SQ5.With the Q5 now in its second generation, Audi has overhauled the S-badged derivative to better compete with a tenacious competitor set.The 2018 SQ5 shares its platform with the redesigned Q5, inheriting an updated suspension, new exterior and interior design, and lighter body.Compared to the previous generation, the 2018 SQ5 features a new 3.0-liter turbocharged V6, adaptive air suspension, and eight-speed automatic transmission.The biggest changes to the SQ5’s exterior include a more defined character line, increased roofline rake, redesigned LED headlights and taillights, and a new Single-frame grille.
p If you thought you were safe from the Porsche Macan fuel leak recall because you don't own a Porsche Macan... think again.Less than two weeks ago, we reported on a recall affecting approximately 52,000 examples of the Porsche Macan crossover.Now, Volkswagen Group has expanded that recall to include 240,487 examples of the 2013-2015 Audi Q7 and the 2013-2017 Audi Q5.The affected vehicles carry build dates between May 16, 2012, and March 3, 2017, and both only affect vehicles with gas engines.The problem is exactly the same as it is on the Macans.A fuel pump flange might develop fine cracks, and since the fuel pump is located on the top of the fuel tank, it may cause a fuel smell to enter the vehicle.
Upgrade: since the automaker deliberately cheated in order to reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen in the testsammanhang.There was simply a higher rpm to achieve the same torque as before the update, according to the tests.the car Manufacturer kontradom was equally harsh: ”sources of error are so serious that the tests are not reliable.VW's main point is about the effektkorrigering TV used and which is used to compensate for differences in weather conditions at monitored testing events.VW claims that effektkorrigering shall not be made for avgasturbomotorer because the control system automatically adjusts for differences in the weather data so that maximum power is always Addition, VW to the Technology world in the test of an Audi Q5 was used by two different standards at the pre - and eftertestet (DIN 70020 and EEC 80/1269): ”This has given the big difference in the normeffekten which is also the basis for the vridmomentberäkningen”.
The Q8 concept isn t the only new model that Audi is displaying at this year s Detroit Auto Show.The German brand is also showcasing the SQ5, a high-end sports car trapped in the body of a family crossover.The SQ5 is based on the second-generation Q5 that made its public debut last year during the Paris show.It ditches the standard model s 2.0-liter TFSI engine for a turbocharged, 3.0-liter V6 rated at 354 horsepower and 369 pound-feet of torque.Power is transferred to all four wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission with shift paddles and a sport-tuned version of Audi s time-tested quattro all-wheel drive system.More: Audi s 2017 A3 e-tron goes high tech, still easy on fuel
As it continues to work toward a resolution of the year-old Dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen is recalling 281,505 cars of the potential for fuel leaks.The undertaking is actually composed of three separate recalls covering multiple models from both the Volkswagen and Audi brands.It and VW subsequently announced a third fuel-related recall, encompassing an additional 110,042 cars.The first recall includes 2009-2012 Audi Q5 and 2007-2012 Audi Q7 SUVs.In these vehicles, the filter housing of the fuel pump — which is part of the fuel-cap flange — may develop cracks, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA , allowing fuel to leak onto the ground.Audi s fix is to replace any damaged flanges and install a butyl rubber band to protect them.