One of the world renowned intelligent camera makers, the chinese Yi Technology are making yet another step towards being the global player by officially entering the important European market.The official distribution will be available first for the Central Europe region with Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, but that s just beggining of the expansion plans.The Yi brand belongs for some time already under the Xiaomi consortium and their products found the way to over 3.5 million customers worldwide.With the Central European cooperation with the Lion Mobile company they are planning to offer to the european customer the local service, support and warranty, but also the full localisation of their products including the voice control apps.Their most important product is currently probably the Yi Action cam with features like 2K resolution recording, 240 fps slow motion and vast array of optional accessories for all the possible action usage – sport, underwater, skiing, motobike etc.Similar sale success is expected from the upcoming Yi Car Das camera meant for the drivers and offering stable performance in any weather and condition along the bonus ADAS function Advanced driver assistance systems for better safety.Another product to look forward to is the Yi IP Cam for securing your homes and potentially also used as a nany cam to watch over the children.
Loaded: 0%Progress: 0%00:00The ScenePlayMute00:00Current Time 0:00/Duration Time 0:00FullscreenNeed TextNo compatible source was found for this video.W.U.R.M: Escape from a Dying StarshareplaysaveI am a skip button.WHOOPS!Here's how the game's creators describe their social gaming experiment:The Pilot is able to manipulate several controls, including Hyperdrive, Oxygen, Modulation, and Particle Splitters.Each control has a unique effect on the audio-visual environment and gameplay.The project was conceived during a residency at Concordia University's Hexagram Lab in summer 2015 and developed by Mónica Rikić, Jessica Blanchet, Grayson Earle, Dawn Hang Yue Wong, and Peter van Haaften.The team hopes to release open source code in future.
Beast is still a side-scroller, it s still a beat- em-up, and it still follows the same story of a child-turned-demon out for revenge.Where it differs, most obviously, is in its incredible audio-visual improvements.The soundtrack also builds heavily on this barren planet, harking back to the original s influential music to combine with its almost frightening mix of gruesome auditory violence.Sure, you beat your way through legions of demons, button-mashing and brawling until your thumbs are sore, but there s been no innovation to improve its obviously dated concept.The better you fight, the more mana you earn, which can unlock such absolute essentials as translating alien languages.While stoking our sentimental fires can sometimes yield amazing results, it can also lead to a place where personal crusades end up satisfying no one more than the neurotic fan behind them.
British electronic artist Gold Panda a.k.a.In 2014, Derwin and photographer Laura Lewis embarked on a pair of pilgrimages to Japan with the thought of capturing a joint audio/visual travelogue to be released in book form, but those trips also fueled the creation of his new album Good Luck and Do Your Best, out today in various formats from City Slang.The album got its name from a loose translation of the Japanese phrase ganbatte, kudasai, which is what a taxi driver said to Derwin and Lewis after he dropped them off in Hiroshima.There s about seven hours worth of stuff, and I eventually want to do something with it all.I ve got a friend who pretty much has no belongings whatsoever except a laptop and clothes, and it feels really liberating.That classic 1969 Captain Beefheart album is the one everyone said I d love, but I didn t get it at first.
Instead of having a separate computer, calendar, telephone, camera, and flashlight, you probably use your smart phone for everything.The same is true in music production now that we live in a time when an an entire album can be and has been recorded on a Macbook at an Apple Store.No one knows that better than electronica producer Mark Pritchard.Pritchard used an intriguing mix of eclectic older gear, as well as state-of-the-art technology to create his new album, Under the Sun.However, he s just as adept at making beats using the same basic technology available to virtually all of us: an iPad.Digital Trends sat down with Pritchard at the Red Bull Studios in New York City to talk about his new album and his immersive audio/visual installation at the Red Bull Music Academy Festival.
But the Majesty 155 superyacht is also smart.Thanks to a state-of-the-art audio-visual system from Archimedia, the owner of this 154-foot yacht definitely doesn t need a bigger boat.It s not just the size that s impressive; it s also an award winner.The CEDIA Awards celebrate excellence in home technology and integration across the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, India, and Pakistan.While most of the awards focus on land-based projects, the best yacht installation award takes us out to the high seas to gawk at some high-tech boats.On-wall monitors running Savant Control were placed strategically around the Majesty 155, giving the owner access to audio and video distribution throughout the yacht.
Administrator's Statement of Affairs doc confirms AV distie owed £6.7m at collapseUnsecured creditors of audio visual distributor Steljes that are owed £6.72m by the fallen specialist will likely receive just three pence in the pound, according to the company s administrator.Steljes collapsed in late May after cash flow dried up and directors were forced to call on AlixPartners, which decided the only course of action was to wind up the firm after 29 years in business.A Statement of Affairs document filed at Companies House estimated secured creditors Bank of Scotland will recoup the £100,000 it is owed and Lloyds Bank Commercial Finance will realise £4.36m out of £4.52m inc £3.3m in debentures Preferential creditors are expected to receive the full £124,115 they are due but unsecured creditors - trade creditors are owned £6.08m - were warned to expect very little in the way of debt repayment.AlixPartners said it expects to realise £4.93m from the assets available, leaving a deficit for creditors of £1.9m.
As July ends Sky rolls out its new update for Sky Q, and if you are lucky enough to have the Sky Q Silver box and a Ultra HD television then you will be able to experience the joys of 4K pictures TV and movies.The first 4K content broadcast on Sky Q will be a Premier League Game on August 18, but while you're waiting for UHD TV to arrive you can set up Sky Q so that it is ready for 4K TV right now.4K, or UHD Ultra High Definition , is the next generation of television, bringing a more detailed and brilliant picture due to offering a higher resolution image - four times the size of your Full HD 1080p television - at 3840x2160.If you have both a 4K/UHD television and Sky Q Silver enabling 4K is a straightforward task.When you start to try to watch something in 4K and you do not have it enabled you should get a prompt to hit your red button which will take you straight to the necessary settings page where you need to set your television to 2160p.The Sky Q box should sense whether your television prefers 8 or 10 bit UHD and that will be the option shown.
Could this finally be the overdue Sonic renaissance?Sega has announced two new Sonic the Hedgehog games for release next year: one that will see Sonics old and new team up, and another heavily-inspired by the gaming icon's retro roots.The latter, Sonic Mania, launches in the Spring, with Project Sonic arriving towards the end of the year.Both games are being developed by Sonic Team well, of course they are and will be released on PS4, Xbox One and PC, with Project Sonic also getting a release on Nintendo's next console – the NX – which launches in March.Sonic Mania is the most eye-catching, as it will be a remake of sorts, aping many of the audio-visual tics of the classic Sega Mega Drive games.There will be remakes, remasters and re-imaginings of elements and zones of Sonics 1, 2, 3 and CD, as well as introducing whole new zones and a drop dash ability which allows Sonic to drop straight to the ground while at speed.
Elephone burst in to the action camera scene last year and since then have released subsequent devices including one of the most affordable 360 camera s on the market, but is it any good?Elephone gained quite a bit of a reputation over the past few years.The company is known for headline grabbing specifications and prices, but are equally infamous for their delays, bugs and other issues.Despite their mistakes though, Elephone have gathered quite a fan base which gave them ample opportunity to expand their business to include other devices.To help support their phone range, Elephone have released accessories as far flung as an E-cigarette to action cameras, and it s action cameras that they are sticking too.Elephone EleCam 360 Review – What is it?Elephone already launched their Explorer and Explorer Pro, but the problem was that so many other brands also had very similar cameras.To make the Elecam sub-brand really standout Elephone really needed some special and that s where the EleCam 360 fits in.Not only is the EleCam 360 come at a time when big names are venturing in to the 360 space, but it also comes to the market as the most affordable at the time of writing method of getting in to sphere photography and video.With 360 cameras still being rather new on the market we have seen plenty of variation in design and implementation, and in this case we have an Elephone device that looks like nothing else on the market.The body is a simple black plastic structure with a basic, but easy to read LCD display in the top, while the front and rear of the camera has a camera each behind a bulbous glass lens.These dual camera and super wide-angle lenses both offering 220 degree views are what makes 360 video and photos possible with the new EleCam.Images are taken simultaneously from the lens and then stitched together by the SPCA6350M processor to give live sphere views that can be viewed either via the Elephone EleCam 360 app and hand gestures, or using a set of VR googles.Images and video are recorded on to SD cards up to 32GB and can then be transferred to your PC, of if you like you can connect to the camera via WIFI and move media that way instead.EleCam 360 Review – HardwareI ve already mentioned the dual 220 degree lenses, well behind them are a couple of Omnivision OV4689 images sensors.
Skully, the hardware startup behind the augmented reality motorcycle helmet that raised $2.4 million on Indiegogo, has shut down operations, according to TechCrunch.The move follows the ousting of CEO Marcus Weller along with his brother and fellow co-founder Mitch earlier this month.With its promise of a heads-up display, 180-degree blind-spot camera, GPS, and other audio/visual features, the Skully AR-1 raised more than $14 million from investors and crowdfunding backers.But the shutdown means the 3000 people who pre-ordered a helmet are now unlikely ever to get one, and sources says the chances of them receiving a refund are slim.The closure is said to have come about following a botched deal with Chinese firm LeSports, which was apparently looking to acquire Skully as the startup was rapidly running out of cash.A manufacturing issue that slowed down shipment of the AR-1 also contributed to the company's problems.
Metrico , the follow-up to the indie puzzle-platform game for the PlayStation Vita, will launch on multiple platforms on August 23.The new game, produced by Dutch developer Digital Dreams, will look to build upon the successes of the original, which was praised by IGN for its ingenious puzzles and by GameSpot for a beautiful audio-visual blend and exciting sense of discovery.When the game launches on the PS Vita, PS4, Xbox One, and Steam later next month, it will come with new features, which Roy van de Mortel of Digital Dreams highlighted in post he wrote on the PlayStation blog.We made the world of Metrico look way prettier for the big screen, there are new trophies, we added a speedrun mode, there are new and special character animations, he wrote.There is an entirely new story in the game, the music has been revised by Palmbomen, and most importantly: Metrico contains over 40 new puzzles utilizing new gameplay mechanics.That s why we added a to the title.
Music fans will be able to feel that they are standing on stage with their idols in a virtual reality music video.Scottish rockers Biffy Clyro are using what is billed as an audio-visual first .By putting on a headset, fans will feel as though they are in a suspended glass box as fireworks and pyrotechnics explode around them and the band plays their track Flammable.View photosMoreThe virtual reality HypercubeAnd they ll find themselves behind frontman Simon Neil and his bandmates.Fifty festival-goers at a time will be able to stand inside a Hypercube, standing at almost four metres high, and feel that they are in the video with Biffy.
Communications regulator Ofcom has dropped its probe into how the Premier League sells live UK audio-visual media rights for football matches.The investigation, carried out under the Competition Act 1998, considered whether the selling arrangements of the Premier League restricted or distorted competition.In closing its investigation, Ofcom said it has taken into account the Premier League s recent decision to increase the number of matches available for live broadcast in the UK by at least 22, to a minimum of 190 per season, from the start of the 2019/20 season.Consumer research carried out by the regulator revealed no strong desire to see more broadcasts.Just one fifth of fans said they wanted to see more matches televised live, while a similar proportion said they were happy with the overall number of matches broadcast live – but wanted to see different matches shown."Due to the range of views expressed in the consumer research, significant further work – including additional research among football fans – would be required to conclude this investigation," said Ofcom in a statement.
Brian Krzanich, Intel s CEO, confirmed today that Intel is shipping its 7th generation Core processors codename Kaby Lake to OEMs, and showed off the new processor s video capabilities.We re pleased to announce that we re shipping already to our PC partners, and will launch with new devices to consumers this fall, said Krzanich, during the keynote speech at the 2016 Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.It s the highest performance CPU Intel has ever built.The sprawling keynote address barely mentioned Intel s flagship product, focusing on everything from virtual reality to cars.But there was a few minutes left for discussing the upcoming line of processors, and the focus was on the audio visual world.I am happy to report 7th generation processors are meeting all my 4K needs beautifully, an Intel rep at the presentation stated, adding the on-board acceleration can play the highest quality Hollywood premium 4K content on the market today without issues.
Samsung has unveiled a pair of new soundbars that are designed to bring big theater sound into your home.The sound bars include the HW-K950 and the HW-K850 and both of the soundbars feature Dolby Atmos technology inside.Samsung says that the HW-K950 is the world's first 5.1.4 playback system with 15 speakers including upward-firing Dolby Atmos enabled speakers found in the front soundbar and two wireless rear speakers.The main difference between these two soundbars is that the HW-K850 supports 3.1.2 playback rather than 5.1.4 and a wireless subwoofer is available for both of the soundbars.Both devices also support 4K pass-through for superior audio quality and video quality via a HDMI cable."As the availability of 4K content continues to grow, we developed a premium sound solution to complement our premium home entertainment portfolio," said Jim Kiczek, Vice President of Audio/Visual Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics America.
Recordings, whether audio, visual, or both, are there to help remind us of what came before, but preserving those that exist only in analog form for future generations to enjoy, or learn from, can be an incredible technical challenge.The Montreux Jazz Festival has 50 years of unique performances in its archives — a treasure chest of musical history that could be considered priceless.Back in 2008, a team of engineers, archivists, and researchers from Montreux Sounds, the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, and Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piguet decided to digitally preserve the recordings, restore them, and give people a chance to relive those amazing musical experiences in an immersive way.Audemars Piguet vice chairman of the board Olivier Audemars described the late founder of the Jazz Festival Claude Nobs as a, faithful friend, adding the project and its necessary attention to detail was originally inspired by him.Alain Dufaux, Operations and Development Director at the EPFL Metamedia Centre, told Digital Trends, Everything was digitized in uncompressed formats to preserve the quality.Dufaux continued, The challenge is to tune playback optimally and select the proper analog-to-digital converter parameters.
Chinese brand Kehan is probably only known to the action cameras enthusiast, because the company focuses on the production of small and lightweight action cams.Their latest model is the Kehan CubeCam Wearable and it just fits the company s philosophy full, it s very small and portable with 41 x 41 x 13 mm size and 24,5 g of weight so easy to carry it with you in a pocket or a purse.And the presale price of $99.99 is not looking bad either.Kehan CubeCam can of course capture both video and pictures and it s pretty easy to pair it with a smartphone so you can see the results right away.It has f/2.5 aperture and 120 field of view, while it shoot the video in HD resolution email protected Kehan CubeCam Wearable is available here and you can find all the detailed specs in the same link.The presales will be running until September 30th so plenty of time to grab it for the discounted price.
And now it is adopting a new technology with its first virtual reality film, Empowering Eva.Porn filmmakers are diving headfirst into VR, as they always do with new technologies.She has created a new erotic film starring Ava Mir-Ausziehen and Lance Hart, produced in conjunction with might very well drive VR, which is expected to be a $30 billion industry by 2020, according to tech adviser Digi-Capital.You can explore the full 360-degree environment in the film.You can zoom in and out on any browser, phone, or tablet.I wanted my first VR project to have the guidelines of my experience behind the camera but also the freedom to explore this new format and approach, Rowntree said, in a statement.Erotic storytelling has just gone from being very flat and one-dimensional to multidimensional, offering a plethora of audio-visual layers.
Sunday evening and it s Coupon o clock time and we have quite an interesting and big one for you today.The popular chinese camera enthusiast manufacturer Kehan provided a $30 discount coupon for their fancy Kehan C60 Pro action cam.Want to know more ?Kehan C60 Pro action camera is allegedly the first remote controlled 4K action camera and it s surely worth a closer look.It s capable of capturing email protected email protected email protected The camera is very small and portable, but still packs 900 mAh battery for roughly 90 minutes of continuous shooting.And you can view the stuff right away on its 2″ LTPS display.Equipped not only with the hand-strap remote control, but also the Wi-Fi connectivity is quite handy and the cherry on top top comes with extensive accessories right in the package including underwater waterproof case up to 30m depth and tons of various mounts.Normally you can get the Kehan C60 Pro action cam for $139.99 price, but with the help of the link.