Valmet Automotive in a new city working car factory.Valmet Automotive will tell tomorrow, Wednesday, the massive new recruitment in vehicle factory.according to the Company Valmet automotive's unusually wide recruitment needs due during the next year the new city car at the factory as well as Mercedes-Banzin suv GLC-production associated with the start of production.the car factory has hired this year alone, already 200 new employees and hiring process of 150 new car builders factory.Next year's recruitment went, apparently, clearly the amount of this year's over.the new town of the local newspaper new city said in a rumored up to 1 000 new employees and third automall to present A model of a mercedes and the above-mentioned GLC's in addition.
the Volkswagen group used the year 2015, more than 6,2 billion on advertising.industry as the car industry is the world's largest advertising money from the user, determine Advertising Agen listing.the Magazine by the century of the world's largest advertiser is on the list of seven car manufacturers.Volkswagen is ranked in the top four, General Motors six, eur 4.8 billion and Daimler seven 4.7 billion.more Than four billion advertising also used the Ford and more than three billion Toyota and Fiat Chrysler.BMW's investment was less than three billion, to clarify Automotive News Europe.
new city is stuck fast to catch up Valmet Automotive to throw the challenge, when the car plant to try this year to recruit approximately 1,100 new car builders and staff to work at the mill.the City's standby huge numbers of employees to the reception will be significantly improved, when the new city moved, inter alia, the metsä Fibre äänekoski to be completed from the biotehdas from the site modules, i.e. the old name in the barracks."we are currently Doing pre-car plant next to the plot, which can accommodate 200 to 400 of the module housing.the land Plot is leased for five years, after which it became the city depot of the new plot.the Fastest we can get there these module housing at the end of march or early April, when the work at the beginning of the end", said the new city technical director Jari Carpenter.the City is currently doing a housing agreement with operators Rental Store and RK Housingin with.
a Constant stream of people waited in line first thing in the morning thing for a new city car, the factory recruitment of a truck to Turku market square.Valmet Automotive to get around Finland more than a thousand employees."the Vibe is as good as it used to be, when Nokia was sought to work", describes the turku Tero Hyvönen, 45, rekrytiskillä after Hour commute each way is not next to the top block, but Hyvönen is ready to move to a new city hire, as long as the housing can be arranged."There is quite a construction boom going on.""the Employment length wasn't a speech, but I doubt it's any year, two processes is."
Autonomous car manufacturers might start to look at the United Kingdom as a viable alternative to Europe or the U.S., thanks to proposed new reforms on insurance legislation that now covering autonomous cars.Announced in the Queen s Speech to Parliament earlier today, the reforms allow autonomous cars to be tested and purchased in the U.K.See Also: General Motors flags down Lyft to start autonomous taxi trialWe don t think this means fully autonomous cars are purchasable, but autonomous features will be allowed inside U.K. cars.This means things like Tesla s Model S autonomous lane switching or Ford s self-parking should be available in the next few years.Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover are testing autonomous cars in the U.K. already, in project cities like London and Milton Keynes, and will now be able to test the cars across the country.We suspect other European-based automotive companies may look at the U.K., which is less restrictive than other European countries on autonomous cars.
The system can process 90 million instructions per second at less than 40 watts.That means the system uses less power than Nvidia s competing Drive PX2 computer, which consumes nearly 250 watts, according to CNET s Road Show blog.The system first started shipping in September of last year, and is now widely available to the whole automotive industry.Next level computers like the BlueBox and Nvidia s Drive PX2 provide far more computing power than ADAS processors, so they can process mountains of data from a large number of sensors in real time for instant decision-making.The introduction of this computer is a major step on the road to getting self-driving cars all over the road, which could happen sooner rather than later.John Greenough, senior research analyst for BI Intelligence, has compiled a detailed report on self-driving cars that examines the major strides automakers and tech companies have made to overcome the barriers currently preventing fully autonomous cars from hitting the market.Further, the report examines global survey results showing where fully autonomous cars are highly desired.Here are some key takeaways from the report:Three barriers have been preventing fully autonomous cars from hitting the road: 1 high technological component prices; 2 varying degrees of consumer trust in the technology; and 3 relatively nonexistent regulations.California's regulations stipulate that a fully autonomous car must have a driver behind the wheel at all times, discouraging Google's and Uber's idea of a driverless taxi system.In full, the report:Examines consumer trust in fully autonomous vehiclesIdentifies technological advancements that have been made in the industryAnalyzes the cost of fully autonomous technology and identifies how cost is being reducedExplains the current regulations surrounding fully autonomous carsTo get your copy of this invaluable guide, choose one of these options:Subscribe to an ALL-ACCESS Membership with BI Intelligence and gain immediate access to this report AND over 100 other expertly researched deep-dive reports, subscriptions to all of our daily newsletters, and much more.But however you decide to acquire this report, you ve given yourself a powerful advantage in your understanding of the emerging world of self-driving cars.
REUTERS/Mike Blake Reuters - United Parcel Service Inc, the world's largest package delivery company, said on Wednesday it will expand the 3D printing services provided through its UPS Stores to create an on-demand manufacturing network starting this summer.Atlanta-based UPS and SAP SE also announced a partnership in which Europe's largest software company will provide supply chain solutions to help manufacturers get products to market more quickly and at a lower cost."Speed is critical to us and we see tremendous value" in extending SAP's capabilities further down the supply chain via UPS, said John Dulchinos, vice president for strategic capabilities at contract manufacturer Jabil Circuit Inc, in a telephone interview with Reuters.UPS already offers 3D printing services using ABSplus, an industrial grade thermoplastic, at more than 60 UPS Stores around the United States.Under the new system, customers will be able to upload digital designs to First Radius, a company specializing in 3D printing in which UPS holds a minority stake.IDC Research Inc analyst Robert Parker said the network will bring UPS only modest benefits at first because 3D printers have limited capabilities at present and few printable materials available.
Last month, Apple posted its first quarterly decline in revenue in 13 years, as iPhone sales slowed.Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters had expected per-share profit of 75 cents and revenue of $847 million.Analog Devices specializes in chips that convert radio and other analog signals into a digital format.In prepared remarks, Chief Executive Vincent Roche said that in the latest quarter broad strength in the company s business-to-business industrial, automotive, and communications infrastructure more than offset weakness in the consumer market.For the current quarter, Analog Devices expects its business-to-business markets to grow in the mid-to-high single digits on a percentage basis from a year earlier, with its consumer revenue to return to growth quarter-to-quarter, Mr. Roche said.For the period ended April 30, Analog Devices reported a profit of $170.6 million, or 55 cents a share, down from $205.3 million, or 65 cents a share, a year earlier.
This year s Queen s Speech was arguably it s most technology focused with a commercial spaceport, driverless cars and faster broadband were all being given special prominance.To help make sense of it all we re going to run through each mention and explain what it means and whether the government is actually going to follow through with its plans.The government is indeed looking to build a spaceport in the UK by 2020 with eight locations under consideration with Newquay, Cornwall looking to be the strongest.Alongside providing thousands of new jobs in the area the commercial spaceport would become a central European hub for the testing of experimental new spacecraft including Reaction Engines Skylon and Virgin Galactic s own space planes.Faster BroadbandRui Vieira/PA WireThat s right, if you re still struggling to get broadband in your home then the Queen s Speech contained some good news.While The US and Sweden have predominantly been leaders in this area the government is already working on a futureproofed bill that will turn the UK s roads into a giant testing ground for the next-generation of automated cars.
This is the Opel Flextreme diesel concept car from 2007, the same year the EU published its loophole allowing Opel s defeat device.Today, German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt told the press that General Motors European subsidiary Opel, in a meeting with regulators, admitted to using a diesel defeat system in at least one car, as Automotive News Europe reports:Opel confirmed during the meeting that the exhaust treatment systems shut down under certain speed and air pressure conditions to protect the engine, Dobrindt said.And there s good reason for the EU to have such a provision—European agencies have found evidence of European carmakers cheating on their emissions tests as far back as 2006.That s nine long years before researchers in West Virginia busted Volkswagen s American operations.Last year, the European Federation for Transport and Environment T published this report detailing how Opel, BMW, Audi, VW, and Mercedes-Benz put out five times the legal limit for NOx in the real world while they all pass the EU s laboratory tests.Not only have EU regulators known that their home carmakers have been cheating with defeat systems for years, they ve even been aware of which companies have been doing it and to what degree.
Auto show season just ended, but Chinese carmaker Guangzhou Automobile Group Company also known as GAC Group is already looking ahead to next year.GAC will exhibit at the 2017 Detroit Auto Show, marking its second appearance at the Motor City show and the latest attempt by a Chinese company to break into the U.S. market.There is no indication yet of what GAC will unveil in Detroit.Like most Chinese carmakers, GAC has engaged in joint ventures with Western firms, including Fiat Chrysler Automobiles FCA , Honda, and Toyota.Read more: Check out Techrules 1,030-hp turbine-electric supercar conceptsTalk of Chinese cars coming to the U.S. has gone on for years, partly because of the vastness of the Chinese car industry, partly because the cars it produces are expected to be very cheap.The company is a giant in China, but so far it has only managed to lease its e6 electric car to some Uber drivers in Chicago, and sell a handful of electric buses.
GoogleGoogle announced a huge wave of updates with practical new features and plans for its Android Auto car interface system, including the ultimate dystopian future-reality fear of your phone completely encompassing your car.At today s Google I/O conference, Android Auto got a few big updates as well as a chance to preview the future of the automotive interface in the form of a Qualcomm-modified Maserati Ghibli.The modified Maserati included a new vertical-layout 4K screen, pictured above like you d find in Tesla s offerings, with a digital readout running a specialized interface model called Android Auto N. Also synced up to the Android phone was an HD instrument panel screen, displaying instructions alongside speed directly in front of the driver.The best part is that the Qualcomm system would be open-source, so if you wanted to boot up Apple CarPlay instead and it had the functionality for it you d be able to.Before you had to own an Android Auto compatible car to plug your phone into and use the interface, but the updates fix that.The current system requires the phone to be physically plugged into the car, taking up that coveted charging port.
The program was only available on aftermarket head units initially, but Hyundai broke the proverbial seal by becoming the first automaker to offer the system in a production car with the 2015 Sonata.At Google I/O 2016, the brand is expected to cross yet another milestone in smartphone connectivity.Hyundai will debut the MyHyundai application at the event, which could be the first automaker-specific Android Auto app to hit the market.While still in its concept stages, the system includes a variety of exclusive features including Hyundai Roadside Assistance, monthly vehicle reports, maintenance alerts, and a Valet Mode that notifies the driver if their vehicle exits a pre-determined boundary.Typically, carmakers have their own dedicated user interface and offer Android Auto or Apple CarPlay connectivity over the top of it, however in many cases people opt for the mobile option and bypass the factory offering altogether.MyHyundai does not require the driver to exit the Android Auto interface to use other vehicle functions, and while you won t be able to access climate control or other core functions just yet, it could represent a whole new chapter in how motorists interact with their cars.
1955 Porsche 550 SpyderMonterey Car Week is one of the most prestigious gatherings on the motoring calendar, showcasing the best of automotive engineering and design traced through the ages.Auto shows, historic races, and auctions are all part of the week s agenda, yet apart from the Councours D Elegance, The Quail is the most exciting event.2016 Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus; James M. Glickenhaus – New YorkScuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003CS was first shown at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show.The weekend after the race, it was driven from Turin to Como, Italy, and displayed at Villa d Este.1934 Packard Chassis Coachbuilt Body; James Hetfield – CaliforniaIt all began with a stack of sheet aluminum and an idea to inject some American custom car swagger into classic coach-building design ideology.It s a delicate balance with undeniable rhythm and flow, masterfully executed by some of the most gifted hands in metal shaping.
The president of Mitsubishi Motors is stepping down after the company s admission that it cheated on fuel economy tests in Japan, a new report claims.Current president Tetsuro Aikawa s post will be filled by Mitsubishi CEO Osamu Masuko, according to the Nikkei Asian Review via Automotive News .Masuko will reportedly handle presidential responsibilities until Nissan s purchase of a 34 percent stake in Mitsubishi is finalized.Mitsubishi used its own testing procedures on certain models for years, yielding higher fuel economy results than would have been achieved with the testing methods mandated by the Japanese government.The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration subsequently requested information on fuel economy testing from Mitsubishi.Carlos Ghosn, CEO of Nissan and partner Renault, said the intention is to help Mitsubishi overcome the fuel economy scandal and incorporate it into the Renault Nissan Alliance.
Since the start of Tesla Model S electric-car production in 2012, the company s lithium-ion cells have been supplied by its Japanese partner Panasonic.That applies to the more recent Tesla Model X crossover SUV as well—and Panasonic was also an early investor in Tesla Motors shares, owning a small percentage of the Silicon Valley company.For the upcoming $35,000 Model 3 sedan, Tesla is building its massive gigafactory outside Reno, Nevada, to lower the cost of that car s cells through a single integration production site.Panasonic is a partner in that project, although its financial commitments have been cautious and conservative.Now, according to an article yesterday in The Korea Times, Tesla is talking with three other possible cell suppliers for the Model 3: LG Chem, Samsung, and SK Innovation.According to the newspaper s report, LG Chem is expected to win the Tesla business thanks to its output commitment, good pricing and on-time delivery.LG Chem is one of the world s three largest suppliers of lithium-ion cells for electric vehicles, with contracts to supply more than a dozen different vehicles—including both the Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid and the Chevy Bolt EV that will go into production by the end of this year.Panasonic is another of the three, with Tesla as its primary customer.The third large cell supplier is Automotive Electric Supply Corporation AESC , the joint venture between Nissan and Japanese computer giant NEC.That venture supplies cells for the current Nissan Leaf, the world s best-selling electric car.Earlier this month, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the company had moved up its target date for producing 500,000 electric cars a year.Formerly planned for 2020, he now says that will be the rate for 2018—an escalation in production rates that some industry insiders say simply cannot be met.The Model 3 is scheduled to go into production before the end of 2017, another extremely aggressive target, using cells from the Nevada gigafactory.At the moment, that plant is assembling battery packs using cells assembled elsewhere, but Tesla says it will begin fabrication of the cells themselves by the end of this year.Still, if Musk s remarkable volume target is to be met, it appears that Model 3s may require more than one cell supplier.Hence the discussions with the three Korean companies.If the newspaper s report is accurate, and even some Tesla Model 3s are built using cells made by LG Chem, that would likely catapult the Korean company to the leader among global battery suppliers.The Model 3 is expected to use 4.9-Amp-hour cylindrical cells from Panasonic in the 26650 format, somewhat larger than the 3.4-Ah 18650 cells used in the Model S and Model X.To ramp up to the required battery-pack volumes for Musk s Model 3 targets, LG Chem, Samsung, or SK Innovation would have to offer cells in that format that offer the same energy and power characteristics as the Panasonic cells—which Tesla likely helped to design.Whether those cells would be shipped to its pack-assembly line from elsewhere, or fabricated in the gigafactory, remains unknown.But with such aggressive goals for Model 3 volumes, it appears that Tesla wants to ensure that the capacity of the world s lithium-ion cell suppliers won t constrain production of the car for which Tesla says it has taken almost 400,000 deposits.In fact, the ability of battery suppliers to provide enough cells to meet growing demand for battery-electric cars promises to be a fascinating story over the next two or three years.hat tip: Joseph Dubeau This post first appeared on Green Car Reports.
Google didn't the opportunity to showcase its self-driving car at I/O this year, but Android Auto still had a presence.MyHyundai is an OEM app that operates inside of the Android Auto interface, enabling the automaker to run its own apps on the side.Hyundai was the first auto manufacturer to ship Android Auto-equipped cars, and it'll soon be the first to add embedded extras to the platform.At launch, it'll allow drivers to access to one-touch Hyundai Roadside assistance, a Monthly Vehicle Report, and a Valet Mode.I asked an onsite spokesperson if Hyundai had plans to integrate a more elaborate trip tracking feature - something akin to Land Rover's InControl Protect - for those who need granular data for expense and reporting reasons.I was told that it wasn't yet on the horizon, but the mere existence of MyHyundai means that it's possible for the company to tack on extras as it evolves.
Ford has announced that it is the first automaker to make plastics and foam from captured CO2 carbon dioxide .The materials will be finding their way into Ford vehicles in the next handful of years, and will help reduce petroleum usage by millions of pounds every year.This marks the latest biomaterial development for Ford, which already utilizes some other similarly enviro-friendly materials in its vehicles.At the present, Ford s foam is made from up to 50-percent CO2-based polyols, and has been tested to meet automotive standards.According to the auto maker, this foam could be used in the company s cars within the next five years, being found under the hood and within seating.Ford s Senior Tech Leader of Sustainability Debbie Mielewski said:Ford is working aggressively to lower its environmental impact by reducing its use of petroleum-based plastic and foam.
After Apple s recent milestone, I posed the following question to a panel of business owners from Young Entrepreneur Council YEC :What do you see Apple reinventing next, and how will this change the markets in which they operate?Siri continues to be integrated into Apple products as exemplified by the most recent integration of Siri into Apple TV.The Automotive IndustryApple will either acquire Tesla or create their own hybrid electric and solar powered vehicle, which will of course be self-driving as well.IoT for Home AutomationAutomating and connecting the home as part of the IoT industry continues to be a growing market.While Apple has done some things related to home networking related to entertainment, they might consider getting into other aspects of the home related to the atmosphere, security and functionality.It s a billion dollar industry, probably more, so more people rely on travel and tech than ever.
While regular maps are compiled for humans who can make their own judgments under certain conditions, HD maps are designed for machines, said Zhai Yao, a head of product development head at Continental Automotive s smart transportation unit.HD maps provide much more detailed information on road conditions which mainly fall into two categories: lane attributes, like width of roads, road curves, and object info, such as road signs and sentry box, added Jing Muhan, the Vice President of mapping company NavInfo.A regular map can position a car within a meter, while HD maps can do it to within as little as ten centimeters.The complexity of HD maps makes them more demanding to produce and upgrade.Zhai pointed out that crowdfunding maps is a possible solution.Kong Xianglai, the manager of Sogou Map, chimed in to add that it s impossible to maintain a high mapping service quality if companies stick to a traditional industry chain division and rely on only a few mapping companies for mapping data supply.Carmakers focus more on the vehicle itself with development for better radar or visual cameras, while internet companies want to push and share cloud-based information to cars, Zhai noted.Their views towards autonomous driving are also divergent.