the next president-elect, Donald Trump has announced he was leaving all the business in order to focus on your presidency and to avoid conflicts of interest, told the BBC.Trump said that he will tell you more about the plans at a briefing with their children next month.U.s. law does not require that the president to change their ownership to cash-in, but previously presidents have put their business aside to the presidency for the period.Trump tweeted on Wednesday a series of tweets, in which he said: I Held the biggest press conference in New York City with kids December 15. day to talk about that I'm leaving a great business to completely focus on completely to lead the country and make America great again!Although the law does not me to this obligation, I feel, that it is seemingly important to the president, that there is no conflict of interest several of my business.
the next president of the Donald Trump praises Exxon Mobil ceo Rex Tillersonin "world class player", who has made a "massive contracts", told the BBC.Tillersonin, 64, are expected to have in several international journals to rise to Us secretary of state as a Trump administration.tillersonin have said to have good relations with Russian president Vladimir Putin.He has also been criticized by the international, against Russia imposed sanctions.He led the oil company, which is almost twice as large as its nearest competitor", Trump praised Tillersonin Fox News in an interview.Trump, according to Tillerson knows many international leaders and they know him.
Samsung is gearing up to launch a new smartphone that uses parts from its ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, which was recalled last year after a series of battery fires.Called the "Note Fan Edition", the company says the new mobile will utilise parts from the 2.5 million recalled Note 7 handsets to minimise the environmental impact of the faulty units.While the handset will share much of its design with the old phone, the South Korean tech giant says it gets a new battery that has been "enhanced with multiple safety designs and a rigorous eight-point battery safety test".This is expected "to calm the fans that the Fan Edition is aimed at", says Alphr, referring to the fault in the design of the original Note 7's battery that resulted in multiple device fires and the recall of every unit sold.The Fan Edition is expected to recover some of the £2.5bn lost as a result of the fiasco, adds the website.It is also believed to be a response to environmentalists who called for Samsung to handle its defective Note 7s using methods that would "reduce the amount of so-called e-waste", reports the BBC.
the European union's 27 member states brexit plans remain unchanged, the Uk surprisingly-for the election-regardless of the error, told the european council president Donald tusk spokeswoman."the British elections do not change the EU27 plans", a spokesman said the British broadcaster, according to the BBC."we Expect that the European council approves the bhrexit-negotiation of the guidelines 29. April and that the instructions are ready 22. may.This will allow the EU27 to start negotiations."Also, British prime minister Theresa May's spokesman has stressed that Britain will continue to prepare the negotiations of the part of the former rate, write Independent-journal.May declared today, Tuesday, that Britain should hold early elections 8. June.
If the funds in the account go below an agreed limit, the band kicks in.It can also work with smart meter Nest to turn down the heating and save energy bills if funds are low.Chief executive David Webber told the BBC the idea was about consumer choice.He dismissed the idea that the concept is too controlling.The Pavlok wristband "shock" function can also be deactivated, Mr Webber added.'Road to hell'However Prof Alan Woodward, a cybersecurity expert from Surrey University, said the more connections which are made between devices, the greater the risk of a security weakness.
Image copyrightChina's biggest home appliances manufacturer Midea has made an unsolicited takeover bid for German industrial robot maker Kuka.Midea is offering 115 euros per share $130; £90 for a controlling stake in the firm, valuing it at more than $5bn.Engineering firm Voith Group and German billionaire Friedhelm Loh together own more than a third of Kuka.Midea's shares remain suspended in Shenzhen following the announcement on Wednesday.However, shares of Kuka surged by 13% in Frankfurt on Tuesday following media reports of Midea's impending bid.GE ended up selling the unit to Chinese rival Haier for $5.4bn in January.
Google has expanded its mobile wallet service Android Pay to work in the UK.The company said it had chosen the UK as the next country to get the service - following its US launch in 2015 - because British consumers were already familiar with contactless payments.
Microsoft is selling its featurephone business to manufacturing company Foxconn, The Verge reports.The deal, which is worth $350 million £242 million, will give Foxconn company FIH Mobile the right to use the Nokia brand, and 4,500 employees will also work for the new company.The official Microsoft press release says it expects the deal to close in the second half of 2016.A featurephone is a low-end mobile phone that doesn't have the capabilities of a smartphone.Microsoft has been scaling back its production of featurephones.A leaked memo from 2014 showed that the company was going to focus on Windows Phones instead of Nokia products.And now Microsoft has moved away from Windows Phones too.Microsoft's 2013's acquisition of Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia has been described by BBC News as "a disaster for all concerned."The company took a $7.6 billion writedown  £5.2 billion from the deal last year, which was more than the $7.2 billion £4.9 billion  that it actually paid to acquire Nokia's phone division.NOW WATCH: Only in San Francisco — inside the 232-square-foot micro apartment that sold for nearly $425,000Loading video...
Image copyright Amazon Image caption The existing store offer books at the same price as they are available onlineAmazon's chief executive Jeff Bezos has confirmed that the online retailer plans to build more real-world book stores.It opened its first bricks and mortar store in Seattle in 2015, with a second to follow this summer in San Diego."We're definitely going to open additional stores, but how many we don't know yet," he added.As Amazon mulls expansion into the real world, struggling clothing retailer Gap has said that it would consider allowing its clothes to be sold on Amazon."To not be considering Amazon and other would be - in my view - delusional," said chief executive Art Peck at the company's annual investor meeting in San Francisco.According to a Morgan Stanley report, Amazon is the second-largest clothes retailer in the US, with only supermarket giant Walmart ahead of it.
When James Young lost an arm and a part of a leg in an accident on his morning commute, he thought his love of playing video games was over.But after spotting an advert he began to work with prosthetics designers to create a unique limb that looks like something straight out of a science fiction movie.
According to the company the technology is able to produce high quality parts to ten times faster and half the price compared to existing 3D printing systems. HP sued 3D printers market is currently dominated by Stratasys- and 3D Systems, Inc., says the BBC. HP about the washing machine-sized Jet Fusion 3D 3200 -printterin Prices start at 120 000 euro. 3200 model will be on sale in Europe in 2017, the first to include Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, France, Germany and the UK. HP models will be the representative that they can print the also multi-colored objects. Research firm Gartner estimates that last year sold about 245 000 3D-print inserts.
But that didn't stop some homeowners and business owners telling the BBC this month that the lycra-clad groups, typically made up of males in their twenties and thirties, are becoming a bit of a nuisance.Stephen Foster, a bookseller from Chiswick, told the BBC that he calls the gathering close to his shop "the Deliveroost.We're a retail business and what you want is people to feel comfortable walking past your shop and going into it.Otherwise that customer gets exceptionally upset about that inability to order and the restaurant likewise if they cook food and there isn t a driver to pick it up.As order volumes get much larger, they become more predictable and less volatile, allowing us to staff drivers at more of an exact level vs. that order volume.We work with our consumer base themselves to give us feedback on where they see things like that.They represent our brand, they go into the restaurants.Its really important they re the right type of person so consequently, while there may have been an article about riders congregating together, you ll see in the article there is nothing that stipulates they have done anything wrong, which is why it s quite interesting that it was a BBC News at 10 article.We re going to act on it and take it seriously but it s going to happen, it s human nature.NOW WATCH: Bumble founder: Men should stop putting these 4 things in their profilesLoading video...
2 hours agoGoogle has announced a voice-controlled assistant, a chat app and a range of other products at its annual conference for software developers.
Image caption Microsoft's feature phones run a small number of apps but are less capable than smartphonesMicrosoft is pulling out of the "feature" phones business.The Nokia brand is very strong in certain markets too and HMD will probably target these emerging markets."Calling NokiaIn a separate agreement, HMD has acquired the exclusive rights to use Nokia's name for a new range of smartphones and tablets.The executive worked at Nokia for 13 years, serving as its chief procurement officer until 2012."Branding has become a critical differentiator in mobile phones, which is why our business model is centred on the unique asset of the Nokia brand and our extensive experience in sales and marketing," said HMD's chief executive Arto Nummela.But the deal allows it to benefit from its mobile legacy without taking on much risk itself.
Image copyright V Image caption The Elytra Filament Pavilion will be in the V's John Madejski Garden until 6 NovemberA robot has taken up residence at the Victoria & Albert Museum to construct a new installation at its London gardens.The futuristic structure will grow and change shape using data based on how visitors interact with it.Elytra's canopy is made up of 40 hexagonal cells - made from strips of carbon and glass fibre - which have been tightly wound into shape by the computer-controlled Kuka robot.On certain days, visitors to the V will be able to watch the robot create new cells that will be added to the canopy.As a result, the structure is remarkably lightweight.Each cell weighs 45kg and has a predicted lifespan of 50 years.
One of the cornerstones of the Queen's Speech has been new legislation set to shape how we all travel in the future.The BBC's Transport correspondent Richard Westcott explains how technology and transport are set to change.
Outside of the the cost-saving arguments, there are still some good reasons to opt for a player that sticks to 'standard' Blu-ray discs.Being priced higher than all other entry-level Blu-ray decks isn't the negative it could be, but the DMP-BDT160 lacks WiFi which might be a problem for you because the optional WiFi dongle costs about £50, while the step-up DMP-BDT260 - which merely adds WiFi - costs just £109.But if WiFi isn't important and you're looking for the best quality images, and perhaps Netflix and BBC iPlayer for good measure, the DMP-BDT160 is a good option.This player will upscale both DVDs and standard Blu-ray discs to 4K with impressive results, and can even upscale audio to 24-bit/192kHz as well as handling a full suite of hi-res audio formats.Panasonic DMP-BDT360The DMP-BDT360 is a classic mid-range option that will suit owners of 3D TVs as well as those after some specific apps and Wi-Fi.Its bright, contemporary GUI is a pleasure to use and makes setting up and multimedia playback an absolute doddle.
Google has announced a conversation-based tool to control smartphones, smartwatches and other devices.The firm also announced a voice-activated device with a built-in speaker called Google Home to deliver the tech to living rooms."Referring to the combined functions of Google Now, OK Google, and other elements has been tough in the past, because there wasn't a single name for this functionality.Rather than making users install an additional app each time they want to access a new service, the firm wants to make it possible to quickly download just the code needed to carry out a specific task.Analysts had mixed feelings about the proposition."Android Instant Apps are the first real signs of the post-app era," tweeted Gartner's Brian Blau.
Colourbox United States to bring the Chinese steel producers over five times higher than customs duties, says the BBC. Large tariffs on Chinese-made, particularly cold-rolled steel plates, which are used in the manufacture of automobiles and transport containers as well as in construction. US Customs Order of the increase comes amid tighter trade tensions between the two parties. US and European steel producers have argued China's distorting the international market by selling at dumped prices of steel, as well as bringing oversupply from China. United States of America will charge the 71 percent anti-dumping duty manufactured from cold rolled steel in Japan. The decision itself affects only a small proportion of imports into China and Japan steel and does not have a major impact, but it is politically significant.
Meet James Young, a 25-year-old gamer who lost an arm and a leg in a DLR accident three years ago.In a scarcely believable twist of fate, gaming giant Konami last year was on the lookout for an amputee it could turn into Snake, the bionic-armed, bad-as-fuck lead character from Metal Gear Solid V.James is their man.BBC Three s new two-part documentary Bodyhack: Metal Gear Man follows James as he gains an incredibly-advanced prosthetic limb and adjusts to life as a part-human, part-robotic being.Though his new arm can be customised with all manner of gadgets, including drones, lasers and a bionic hand, it isn't completely under James' control.Bodyhack: Metal Gear Man is now available to watch through the channel s website, YouTube page and iPlayer, though we've embedded the first part above.Prepare for nothing you ve ever seen before.