“If the transition process is managed poorly – and unfortunately, it often is – a migration can cause more harm than good.If the transition process is managed poorly – and unfortunately, it often is – a migration can cause more harm than good.So, where do businesses typically go wrong?”If the recent news surrounding Myspace and TSB teaches us anything, it’s that server migration is fraught with risk, write Barney Taylor, Managing Director, Ensono, Europe and Sean Roberts, General Manager, Public Cloud, EnsonoOf course, there are plenty of legitimate reasons for moving workloads and applications – from cloud migration to application rationalisation – but rarely is the move an easy one.They’re the result of commitment to intelligent planning and preparation.
The grounding of Icelandic budget airline Wow at the end of March didn’t just end the days of another low-cost, no-frills carrier.It meant the demise (for better or worse) of those head-turning Airbus A320s with the fuchsia paint jobs.Americans hadn’t seen anything that big and that fuchsia since Barney the Dinosaur.The sudden disappearance of Wow’s purple fleet might call to mind the last time a carrier whose planes were that colorful had its own wings clipped—and just as suddenly.We speak of the late, great Braniff International Airways, which halted operations 37 years ago.Like Wow, Braniff halted operations abruptly, stranding thousands of passengers wherever they happened to be.
Perhaps the only downside to the newly-released Lego Ideas set, The Flintstones, is that the entire time I was building it, I was singing The Flintstones' theme tune in my head.Ultimately, your enjoyment of it will depend how you feel about The Flintstones.Still, the quirky nature of the Lego build appeals to me – and there's no denying how nice the four minifigs – Fred, Wilma, Barney and Betty – are.A box shouldn't make much difference, but it feels much more premium than the standard Lego boxes that need to be torn at the sides to open.From Andrew Clark – who also happens to be the deisgner behind the Doctor Who Ideas set – the original imagining of The Flintstones set contained a similar number of parts, but a few key elements have changed.There were also minifigures of Bamm-Bamm and Pebbles – but since minifigs tend to push up the price of Lego dramatically, it's understandable why they were removed.
Back in October Lego announced two new Lego Ideas submissions would be produced as actual sets: A treehouse, which is an original creation, and Lego-version of the house and car from The Flintstones.Now that last one has been made, and it will be available for you to buy and build next week.A few changes have been made from the original pitch, and there's no mechanism to tilt the car - as is seen in the TV series' opening credits.There's also no Bedrock sign, no minifigures of Pebbles and BamBam, and the roof of the car is a unique material piece rather than solid brick plates.The material is a good thing, though, since it means you can retract the roof, and make it seem more like the one that graced TV screens all those years ago.The car actually drives, obviously, and you get minifigures of Barney, Fred, Wilma, and Betty.
Back in October Lego announced two new Lego Ideas submissions would be produced as actual sets: A treehouse, which is an original creation, and Lego-version of the house and car from The Flintstones.Now that last one has been made, and it will be available for you to buy and build next week.A few changes have been made from the original pitch, and there's no mechanism to tilt the car - as is seen in the TV series' opening credits.There's also no Bedrock sign, no minifigures of Pebbles and BamBam, and the roof of the car is a unique material piece rather than solid brick plates.The material is a good thing, though, since it means you can retract the roof, and make it seem more like the one that graced TV screens all those years ago.The car actually drives, obviously, and you get minifigures of Barney, Fred, Wilma, and Betty.
Hyundai has had a strong tradition of humorous Super Bowl ads.After taking a break from comedy the past two years, the automaker is back with a new ad starring Jason Bateman as a wry elevator attendant dropping people off on floors that represent things in life considered painful.Yet, Bateman gets a lesson in Hyundai’s Shopper Assurance program from happy car buyers.“We started thinking about all those things you have to do but hate to do or have to do but would love to avoid,” said Barney Goldberg, executive creative director at Innocean, the agency that created the ad.“The idea was, ‘What if those were like floors in a building and you were being dropped off at all these painful things that you really would want to get out of if you could, but you can’t?’”According to Goldberg, the idea was to eschew the big belly-laugh moments or a huge payoff for something a little cleverer.
John Malkovich has admitted that his new project could “upset” people, following the announcement that he’ll star in a West End play based on Harvey Weinstein.The play, titled Bitter Wheat, was written by author, director and playwright David Mamet, and will arrive at London’s Garrick Theatre this June.Speaking to the BBC about the production, the Oscar-nominated actor said: “Of course it might upset people who’ve experienced the kind of treatment that the play contains and shows and describes.“A lot of people may not like it.Personally I think it’s a terrific piece of writing.”David M. Benett via Getty Images
Hyundai has announced that Ozark and Arrested Development star Jason Bateman will front its 60-second Super Bowl ad.Running in the first quarter of the NFL’s title game in Atlanta, the commercial will focus on the Hyundai Shopper Assurance program, defined by the brand as a “frictionless, efficient and transparent experience.”Innocean is leading the creative execution and, according to Hyundai, Bateman will bring his dry, witty form of comedy to the ad.“Jason Bateman is the perfect person to infuse humor into this year’s Super Bowl ad and help us communicate the universal truth that people want a better way to shop for buy a new car,” said Dean Evans, CMO of Hyundai North America.It had to be him,” added Innocean USA executive creative director Barney Goldberg.“[He] is the only person that could pull off humor like this while staying so likable.”
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own.Barney Waters, the former marketing chair of Puma and the current President of K-Swiss, discusses the current aspirations of the next generation of entrepreneurs as well as the role that brand integrity plays in marketing efforts.According to Waters and host David Meltzer, tapping into the emotion of a market requires messaging that is "authentic and meaningful," as well as differentiating itself from the efforts of competitors.Waters shows the next group of entrepreneurs how to be different from the pack, whether through pricing, distribution, features or functions.Understanding the hopes and dreams of your target market is what enables you to build a brand that consumers will believe in.
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This IT pilot fish's cubicle is located near a woodshop that's in serious need of an upgrade -- and the process turns out to be very familiar."Barney, the shop manager, took a very good look at the space and the available sawdust extractors.Since it went outside, he also specified the concrete pad to mount it on."But when the design specifications hit the Purchasing office, some helpful soul crosses off the model that fish has specified.Instead, the specs are sent out to multiple vendors for competitive bidding -- and no one tells Barney.Purchasing cuts the purchase order, and eventually the extractor is delivered.
Ada, a Canada-based startup that is setting out to help companies develop their own automated customer service tools, has raised CAD$19 million (USD$14 million) in a series A round of funding led by New York-based VC firm FirstMark Capital, with participation from Leaders Fund, Burst Capital, Bessemer, Version One, and computer scientist Barney Pell.Founded out of Toronto in 2016, Ada develops chatbots and related artificial intelligence (AI) software to help companies manage inbound customer queries.The company shouldn’t be confused with Berlin-based Ada Health, which also works in the chatbot realm.Users can create new question-and-answer templates, so if any similar questions come in over live chat, responses can be dispatched immediately.In its two short years, Ada said it has already claimed big-name clients like Telus, Upwork, Shopify, Medium, and Coinbase.Indeed, chatbots are now permeating many facets of industry, and customer contact centers are an obvious conduit for such technology to thrive.
Major auction house Christie’s has made history by tracking $317.8 million worth of art auctions via blockchain, as one of the greatest privately owned collections of American Modernist art went under the hammer overnight.In a record-breaking slew of auctions, 42 pieces were sold, with details of the auctions recorded on a permissioned (private) implementation of the Ethereum blockchain managed by software company Artory.A Christie’s press release (spotted by Artlyst) noted the record sales mark the first time an art auction at this price level has been written to a blockchain.Bidders hailing from 23 countries competed to own a prestigious collection curated by Barney A. Ebsworth, featuring artists such as Georgia O’Keeffee, Edward Hopper, Charles Demuth, Jackson Pollock, and Willem de Kooning.The Edward Hopper piece, Chop Suey, sold for an eye-watering $91,875,000.Jackson Pollock’s Composition with Red Strokes garnered a whopping $55,437,500 all on it’s own.
Pilot fish is the new hire at this IT consulting outfit -- in fact, he's fresh out of college when he's sent to work on his first project."I followed the lead of the senior consultant on the project, Barney," says fish."He told me how many hours we worked each day, how to fill out timesheets, how long a lunch we could take -- longer when he felt like it -- and so on."After about two months, fish gets a phone call from the consulting firm's office administrator, Wilma, who berates him for not filling out his timesheets correctly.She informs fish that the workday is seven hours, not eight, and that he shouldn't be putting eight hours down on his timesheet, and that she's not happy about all the extra work he's causing her.Huh, fish thinks, but I have been putting in eight-hour days.
It's almost Y2K, and this small recruiting firm is converting its key systems to client/server, according to a software developer pilot fish who's working on the project."We had been a Macintosh shop for email, word processing and the CRM application," fish says."We were purchased by a larger competitor in 1999.They used Windows and Microsoft products for all their applications, so we went through an integration with new hardware, software, etc."On the go-live day, I remember one user, Barney, who was completely baffled by the 'press control-alt-delete' instructions and icons that appeared on the monitor."I took Barney's support call but I couldn't log in remotely, so I went to his workstation.
Leading the round is Stride.VC, the new VC fund from Fred Destin, formerly a Partner at Accel, and Harry Stebbings, producer of the “The Twenty Minute VC” and most recently Entrepreneur-in-Residence at VC firm Atomico.Additional backing comes from Albion Capital, while Forward already boasts a decent array of angel investors.They include health tech founders Jay Desai from U.S. company Patient Ping, and Melissa Morris from U.K.-based Lantum.Founded in 2016 by U.K. doctors Barney Gilbert and Lydia Yarlott, with serial entrepreneur Philip Mundy (who previously founded Goodlord), Forward Health is a messaging app and broader communications platform designed for healthcare professionals, particularly those working in hospitals.However, the bigger vision is to “connect healthcare systems around the world” by improving clinician-to-clinician (and potentially clinician-to-patient) communication and information-sharing with a platform that is built from the get-go to be secure, flexible and compliant.“This has a direct impact on how well clinicians can do their jobs and the level of care patients receive.
This pilot fish gets the usual collection of email messages from the banks that issue his credit cards, but one of them catches his attention right away."The subject line was 'Action Recommended: Barney, This Is Regarding the Info on Your Account,'" says fish."After my full name and part of the card number, to 'help verify that it was sent by' the bank, it continued, 'Please help us keep your account information up to date by providing or confirming your most recent income and housing information."'Why do we ask for this information?In order to better serve you, we collect this information on an annual basis so we can evaluate your account for future credit needs, including potential credit line increases.'"After telling me how to give them the information online, the message added, 'Remember, your response to this email is completely optional.
Since Dara Khosrowshahi came to Uber as CEO about a year ago, there has certainly been less drama, but drama remains.Over the last few months, there were reports of Uber COO Barney Harford making insensitive comments about women and racial minorities, as well as Uber’s now-former Chief People Officer Liane Hornsey making denigrating comments toward Uber’s global diversity and inclusion lead Bernard Coleman and Bozoma Saint John, the chief brand officer who left in June.At TechCrunch Disrupt SF earlier this month, I sat down with both Khosrowshahi and Uber’s new, first-ever Chief Diversity Officer Bo Young Lee, who joined in March.What surprised me, however, was Khosrowshahi’s defense of Harford, not only saying that he’s “an incredible person” but that he’s also “one of the good people” as it relates to diversity and inclusion.He’s one of the good people.”Lee, when I asked her if she agreed with Khosrowshahi, said at Disrupt, “absolutely, 100 percent.” Lee, on a call ahead of Disrupt, described the importance of internal diversity champions who find ways to bake diversity and inclusion into their everyday workflow.
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Hit the Spotlight button, that color takes over your screen, and you can wave it to help your driver locate you.These optimizations show the depths Uber is willing to go to shave seconds off of pickups.And the peace of mind that they’ll be able to hop in right when they’re ready could lure riders away from competitors as Uber dukes it out across the globe.The updates are rolling out on iOS and Android in the US and Canada today.Driver initiated cancellations after the driver has arrived at the pickup point are particularly stressful” Uber senior product manager Ryan Yu tells me.But in tests of the new quick messages features, “We found cancellations on both sides reduced significantly, especially for drivers after they’ve arrived.”