What is a Cloud-Based LMS?Cloud-based learning management systems are web-hosted platforms that are used by clearing organizations to deliver, track, and report on the courses or training programs conducted online.With the help of a cloud-based solution, learning professionals can automate the training program that includes course delivery, registration, assignments, and much more.These cloud-based LMS solutions differ from the proprietary LMS system which needs a well-charted out in-house installation, hosting, and maintenance costs.Benefits of choosing a cloud-based LMSThe main intention of the blog is to give you strong reasons to consider a cloud-based LMS infrastructure.This not just saves resources but even a significant amount of time to undergo the entire process of installation and debugging.Easy set-upThis is an important benefit because both set-up and maintenance are swift.They can begin from the point they stopped giving them the flexibility to access the content.It is cost-efficientBeing cost-efficient seals the deal for the upper management.When you invest in a ready-made software, you cannot customize and end up paying for those things that you do not require.