Enjoy a cinematic level of entertainment with the all-new Mi Tv 4A Pro!Explore every detail in excellent clarity simultaneously with lifelike colors and enhanced brightness.The Mi Tv 4a Pro features a Robust 64bit Quad-Core Processor with 1GB RAM/8GB storage, making hangs and delays a thing of the past.Google's Voice search enables you to control all your smart home devices, get answers, play audio/video content, and many more.Binge watchers can now celebrate as the Mi TV 4a Pro Android TV integrates a PatchWall that comes with more than 700,000 hours of content suited for everyone in your family.The Mi Tv 4a Pro has an improved graphics engine that reduces noise, improves brightness, and renders an exotic range of colors.
With technology advancing every day, we look forward to upgrading our electrical appliances and gadgets whenever we see the latest model.For instance, we immediately switched from LCD screens to Plasma TV, LEDs, and high-definition TV in no time.And now with 4k television in trend, we just cannot settle with anything less cool.4K TV has four times enhanced pixel resolution than the 1080p HD TVs.So, if you too have been planning to level up the standard of your idiot box, you need to get the Best 4k TV in India.The best part is that they are budget-friendly and offer excellent display quality.However, while shopping, you will come across a number of products, each offering unique features that it gets really tricky to make an informed decision.While buying it you need to list down all the essential features points to be considered as the budget, size, and display, refresh rate, and audio quality.