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More than half of LGBTQ people who have been made homeless have been discriminated against or harassed by people who should be caring for them, according to a new report.It was already known that LGBTQ people were disproportionately likely to end up homeless, but the report, by the youth charity AKT, reveals that almost a quarter (24%) of the homeless population are LGBTQ-identifying.The charity surveyed 161 people who have recently experienced homelessness between the ages of 16 and 25, and half who answered said they had feared expressing their LGBTQ identity to family would lead to them being evicted.Almost two thirds (61%) of LGBTQ people who had become homeless had first felt frightened or threatened by family, while 16% of those who responded to the survey had been forced into sexual acts by family members beforehand.The findings of the AKT report, gathered over the past five years, paint a stark picture of queer youth homelessness in Britain.Just one third of those surveyed said they felt safe to disclose their sexuality and gender identity when they approached services while homeless, while almost a fifth felt they had to have casual sex to find somewhere to stay.In a joint statement, AKT’s chief executive Tim Sigsworth and chair Terry Stacy said: “We believe this report provides evidence for rethinking how organisations respond to supporting young LGBTQ+ people at risk of homelessness.”They are calling for the “mandatory monitoring of gender and sexuality as a first vital step” for housing and homelessness charities, and a stronger focus on preventative interaction with those facing homelessness to limit its longterm effects. These include “poor mental health and perpetual journeys of abuse”, both of which came through strongly in the survey.AKT is also urging better communication and referral pathways between specialist and mainstream services to “ensure the complex impacts of homelessness are addressed” and the collecting of homelessness data at a case level to be inclusive of gender diverse, trans and non-binary identities. Evidence from AKT’s services nationally suggests disabled young people, trans young people and young people of colour who identify as LGBTQ are being even further disproportionately affected by discrimination. One such individual is Kayla, a 28-year-old trans woman from Birmingham, who accessed AKT’s services after she faced a hostile environment at home. After fearing she would be outed to her family while at university, Kayla dropped out and was offered a host family to live with by AKT.However, after suffering issues with her mental health, she was forced to sleep rough before returning to a hostile environment at home, where her family wished for her to go through conversion therapy. I’d already had that lack of acceptance from my family so I didn’t expect it from the services that were supposed to help me.Kayla, 28When she reached out for help, Kayla experienced hostility from homelessness services. “I’d already had that lack of acceptance from my family so I didn’t expect it from the services that were supposed to help me,” she tells HuffPost UK. “I felt really alone. And more than anything I felt like I didn’t have a voice.”Kayla has a chosen family around her now who support her and she hasn’t spoken to her biological family in six years. She has also started counselling. “Only now, having spoken about them more, do I realise how traumatic they were,” she says of her past experiences.AKT say the government needs to create and adopt a strategy on LGBTQ youth homelessness that’s not only inclusive of people of colour, and trans and disabled people, but specific in its priorities for departments, for example ensuring the Home Office includes measures to support LGBTQ young people who have no recourse to public funds or who are seeking asylum.The housing and homelessness sector also needs to commission training for staff to raise awareness of the needs and experiences of LGBTQ young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, the charity said.Kayla welcomes the report and its recommendations. “Now for the first time, a lot of queer young people are being listened to,” she says. “Our recommendations to improve support services by getting case workers that understand our challenges and look like us are being taken seriously.” Facing homelessness ? Help is availableThe report revealed how less than half (44%) of people surveyed were aware of the housing support services AKT provides at the time they were last homeless. Almost one quarter (24%) weren’t aware of any support services available.But the charity’s message – to people currently living in a hostile environment, facing one or currently homeless – is that help is there. If you have come out to a hostile response, you can access advice online or over the phone by emailing [email protected] or using the chat function on the AKT website.HuffPost UK collaborated with AKT on a guide to seeking help if you’re LGBTQ and homeless or facing a hostile environment, which you can read here.Kayla’s message to allies wanting to support young LGBTQ homeless people is: “Open your eyes as we are all around.” And when speaking to LGBTQ people who may be facing issues, “let them take the lead,” she adds.“Meeting a lot of queer young people who had found themselves homeless I found one common denominator was a lack of understanding they felt came from people they’d come to contact with. Nobody was listening to them and their concerns fell on deaf ears.” Useful websites and helplines:London Lesbian & Gay switchboard (LLGS) is a free confidential support & information helpline for LGBT communities throughout the UK | 0300 330 0630Manchester Lesbian and Gay Switchboard is a free support, information and referral service for the Manchester and North-West area | 0161 235 8000Stonewall for more information on other LGBT services and helplines | 08000 502020To report a rough sleeper call 0300 500 0914 or visit StreetlinkRelated...Two Thirds Of Trans People Do Not Feel Safe To Disclose At WorkGovernment Quietly Shelves Plan To House 3,300 Rough Sleepers By This MonthA Guide For Young Homeless LGBTQ+ People And Their AlliesHow You Can Champion LGBTQ+ Causes All Year Long
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React native and its Competitors: Programming Languages and Technology stacks used React Native uses JavaScript, a most popular, dynamic, and high-level programming language. It also permits the writing of modules in Swift, Objective-C, or Java languages. Dart can be compiled into the native code for enhancing the app’s performance. The applications are executed within wrappers meant for each platform and depend on the standard API bindings for accessing the data, sensors, and network status of each device. Contrarily, Flutter installation needs additional effort – downloading the binary for the mobile platform, then adding path variable through the command line - that is complex as well as time-consuming. Owing to the JavaScript bridge, React Native can render native components for every platform and hence replicates the look and feel of native iOS and Android apps.
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More than 31 million people in the UK have now received their first dose of the coronavirus vaccine, with five million vaccinated with their second dose. Yet as we hear about the programme’s progress at home, elsewhere in Europe countries including Italy and France are facing a third wave – and we’ve been warned the same could happen here if we’re not cautious. “We can’t be complacent,” Boris Johnson said in a press conference on Easter Monday. “We can see the waves of sickness afflicting other countries and we’ve seen how this story goes. We still don’t know how strong the vaccine shield will be when cases begin to rise, as I’m afraid that they will – and that’s why we’re saying: please get your vaccine or your second dose when your turn comes.” But if so many people in the UK are vaccinated, how would a third wave even take hold? We asked three experts to explain the risk factors. The vaccines aren’t perfect Vaccination won’t completely eradicate Covid-19, explains Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia and an expert in infectious diseases. “People generally tend to think in binaries: it stops infection or it doesn’t,” he tells HuffPost UK. “But the reality is the vaccine stops many infections but not all.” The vaccines available in the UK vary in whether they stop infection, stop symptomatic infection (ie. stop you getting ill), and stop severe disease, he adds. “All of them are pretty jolly good at stopping severe disease, but nothing is 100%. They are less good at stopping mild illness, and they’re even less good at stopping infection generally. Even if you don’t get sick – if you have an infection that is asymptomatic – you can still spread the infection on.” Professor Gabriel Scally, a public health physician and member of SAGE (the government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies), adds that a vaccine’s effectiveness is sometimes greater in medical trials than it is “in the field”. “When a vaccine [is] operationalised, there’s usually a decline in effectiveness because of a whole range of things, such as how the vaccine is handled and what temperature it’s stored at,” he explains. Although that decline is likely to be small, it’s one of a number of factors that could increase the risk of a third wave. Not everyone is vaccinated Although the UK’s vaccine programme is ahead of many other countries, there’s still a long way to go – and this is another major third wave risk factor. “Virus spread is mostly driven by lack of immunity and so far under-50s are still largely non-immune,” explains Dr Julian Tang, a consultant virologist and expert in respiratory sciences at the University of Leicester.“If the vaccination has not reached those susceptible (non-immune) before further social mixing is allowed, case numbers could rise again.” We also have to take into account people who can’t – or choose not to – take the vaccine, adds Prof. Scally. This includes people who might not be able to take it because of serious allergies or because they’re pregnant. There will be some people who are ill or housebound, who haven’t had an opportunity to have the vaccine yet. And there are people who are worried about taking the vaccine, plus people who simply don’t want to take it and can’t be forced to. As lockdown eases, it’s likely we’ll see a “prevention paradox”, says Prof. Scally – it’s a term used when cases of a disease come from a population at low or moderate risk of that disease, rather than high risk. “What we’ve managed to do quite successfully is vaccinate those in the most vulnerable groups, the very elderly and those in residential care,” he explains. ”But it [the vaccine programme] hasn’t been so good in reaching ethnic minorities and there’s a real social class divide in distribution.”If you’ve got a lot of cases among low and moderate-risk groups, that still poses a problem – even if deaths do not return to previous peaks. “Chile is a good example of a county that’s vaccinated a lot of people – not to the same level as the UK, but still a high level among those most at risk – and they’re having an absolutely terrible time now,” says Prof. Scally. Variants are a big factorAnother reason why we might be faced with a third wave despite vaccine progress is the fact that we’re dealing with a different beast to March 2020. “The UK variant that’s dominant now is much more infectious than the variant we were facing last year,” says Prof. Scally. “It could infect a very large number of people in a very short space of time, because that’s what we know this variant is capable of doing.”Mutations from elsewhere in the world also pose a problem. “The more the virus is spreading, the more risk we have of some of the more dangerous variants taking hold, such as the South African variant or the Brazilian variant, which we know may be able to dodge the vaccines to some extent,” Prof. Scally adds. “Also, the more the virus takes off, the more risk we have of producing another homegrown UK variant, which could be dangerous as well.”But don’t we keep reading reassurances that the vaccines work against mutations? Again, it’s time to forget the binary, says Prof. Hunter. “They are still effective and valuable, but they’re not quite as effective,” he emphasises. “It’s a gradual thing, not a cliff edge thing.”New variants may also make things more difficult if they possess an “escape mutation,” adds Prof. Hunter.An “escape mutation” is a mutation where a vaccine or previous infection won’t provide as much protection against you becoming ill again. “The one that’s circulating is called E4A4K, which is present in the South African variant, the Brazil variant and also in daughters of the Kent variant.  If you’ve got that mutation, vaccines aren’t as effective and indeed, neither is previous infection at protecting you against another illness,” says Prof. Hunter. “The Californian variant also has a different escape mutation than the E4A4K, and worryingly, there’s been a new variant described in India, which has both the Californian escaped mutation and the South African E4A4K escape mutation – it’s got two, which is more concerning, because  presumably vaccines would be even less effective against that, compared to those with a single mutation.”As lockdown eases in the UK there’s the risk of escape mutations spreading, and this risk is heightened further if foreign travel is extended after May 17. “Of all of the things, the one I’m most worried about is that our very imperfect quarantine system will not stop dangerous variants reaching our shores,” says Prof. Scally. “If there is a summer tourist system and if people are allowed to go on foreign holidays, they may go on holiday to Spain or Portugal, for example, but the people they’ll be mixing with could have come from all over the world.” A third wave will look different When we talk about this potential third wave, we’re not necessary talking about a return to the outcomes of winter 2020 / early 2021, which can make things a little confusing. All three experts agreed it’s unlikely we’ll see a return of the horrific death figures we saw after Christmas. However, that doesn’t mean the burden on health services should be underestimated. “Younger adults can still get severe Covid-19, needing ICU care, and long Covid may be more frequent in younger non-immune adults if the virus starts spreading before they are vaccinated,” says Dr Tang. More than one million people in the UK are experiencing symptoms of long Covid, according to recent ONS figures. If infections rise as lockdown eases, the healthcare burden could shift to GPs as they work to help those impacted, predicts Dr Tang. “Depending on how much long Covid we start to see in this population, the burden on community services – and social/unemployment services – will need to be seen,” he says. Young people remain unvaccinated The trial of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine in children has been paused while regulators investigate reports of a rare form of blood clot among adults. In the meantime, unvaccinated children “could act as a reservoir for new infections of non-immune/unvaccinated adults,” says Dr Tang. Prof. Scally agrees, saying more needs to be done to limit transmission between under 18s (and their adult family members) in order to avoid a third wave. “We still haven’t made the changes we need to make in schools about ventilation, or about creating more distance between pupils by taking over other premises and expanding school premises into playing fields with marquees and temporary buildings,” he says. “We know that it’s much less transmissible out of doors, so we should be moving classes outside as much as we possibly can and improving ventilation.”Despite the vaccination programme, all three experts agreed Covid will certainly disrupt our lives for some time – but that its presence won’t always be so prominent. “At some point we’ve got to live with this and it will continue to circulate,” says Prof. Hunter. “Our grandchildren’s grandchildren will be getting Covid, but it probably won’t be any worse than the common cold by then.” READ MORE:All The Covid Rules From April 12, Even Those You've MissedAnxiety And Mood Disorders More Common Among Covid-19 Survivors‘A 6-Year-Old In A 90-Year-Old’s Body’ – The Children Devastated By Long CovidWhat We Know About The Four Variants Of Concern In The UKWhat You Need To Know About The Moderna Vaccine RolloutI'm Fully Vaccinated. How Much Of A Risk Am I?
Anna Steve·Apr 07
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In a move that could mean serious competition for Oracle in the Java space, Microsoft is previewing its own build of OpenJDK, a freely available, long-term support distribution of open source Java.Known officially as Microsoft Build of OpenJDK, binaries of Java 11 for Windows, Linux, and MacOS are available at Microsoft also is publishing an early access binary for Java 16, the latest version of standard Java, for Windows on Arm. Microsoft Azure cloud users can try the build via Azure Cloud Shell.To read this article in full, please click here
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