Shaun Bridges was captured by CCTV security cameras, leaving a Secret Service field office with a large bag.Shaun Bridges is one of two agents who pled guilty to stealing from the Darknet market.That led to Ross Ulbricht, who was convicted of running Silk Road in February 2015, attempting to order the murder of the admin, Curtis Green.Ulbricht was sentenced to life in prison last year.Bridges' scam was later discovered, though.The former Secret Service agent, who served on a Baltimore-based task force investigating Silk Road, was arrested in March 2015 and pled guilty a few months later.
View photosMoreA Bitcoin virtual currency paper wallet with QR codes and a coin are seen in an illustration picture shot May 27, 2015.NEW YORK Reuters - SolidX Partners Inc, a U.S. technology company that provides blockchain services, on Tuesday filed an application with the Securities and Exchange Commission to launch an exchange-traded product that tracks the price of bitcoin.SolidX provides blockchain-based software relating to the recording of digital records, transfer of assets, and identity, according to its website.The ETF product will be called SolidX Bitcoin Trust and will list on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol XBTC upon regulatory approval, SolidX Partners said on Tuesday.The Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust, owned by brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, filed the first bitcoin ETF application three years ago.In its SEC filing, SolidX said it will provide investors with exposure to the daily change of the U.S. dollar price of bitcoin.
Some 25 big names in Bitcoin have joined the RSK Federation.The list of companies includes Bitcointoyou, Bitex, Bitfinex, bitFlyer, Bitgo, Bitoasis, Bitpay, Bitso, Bits of Gold, Bitstamp, Blockchain, Blockchain Intelligence Group, Blocktrail, BTCC, BitKan, SurBTC, CoinBR, Huobi, OKCoin, Paycase, Tether, Unocoin, and Xapo.Rootstock said the number of members registered is growing every week.Sergio Lerner, RSK chief scientist, is working with several universities and security experts across the industry to develop smart contract security standards and best practices.RSK launched its initial Testnet Lotus on May 2016, which is currently being tested by a number of selected partners.Diego Gutierrez Zaldivar, RSK Labs CEO, told IBTimes UK that smart contracts security is a thing they had in their minds from the very beginning.
Shaun Bridges was captured by CCTV security cameras, leaving a Secret Service field office with a large bag.The government said the bag may have contained hard drives with keys needed to access his Bitstamp wallet.The lawyer representing Shaun Bridges, the corrupt Secret Service agent who was part of the Silk Road investigation, has said that his recent appeal is largely worthless and has asked to be removed from the case.Davina Pujari, who is Bridges third lawyer since his appeals process began in December 2015, wrote in a filing last Friday to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals:After having carefully examined this record and after having researched the relevant statutes and case law, counsel has concluded that this appeal presents only legally frivolous issues.Therefore, counsel requests the Court's permission to withdraw as attorney of record and to allow Appellant to file any further briefs he deems necessary.
MoreA Bitcoin logo is displayed at the Bitcoin Center New York City in New York's financial district July 28, 2015.REUTERS/Brendan McDermid/File Photo - RTSKT40NEW YORK Reuters - The U.S. government said on Monday it plans to auction over 2,700 bitcoin that were forfeited during several cases, including the prosecution of the creator of the online black market known as Silk Road.Marshals Service said that the online auction would be held on Aug. 22, and that potential bidders must register by Aug. 18.The bitcoin are worth nearly $16.1 million, according to the Bitstamp exchange.The auction is the latest by the Marshals Service of the digital currency.
Ulbricht had been arrested earlier that month in the San Francisco Public Library by federal agents who had their guns drawn.Now government prosecutors were sifting through a mountain of evidence, and Force could only guess at how big it was.The just-founded startup didn t need the headaches of being a launching platform for DEA undercover operations.Bitstamp employees went back and looked at Force's IP addresses—they were all connected to Tor, an anonymizing network for Web browsers to surf the Internet seemingly undetected.From the second he d started working at the IRS Oakland office in 2011, the young investigator would informally chat up various Bitcoin startups, eager to learn more about their industry.So in an unassuming cubicle in an upper floor of the twin towers federal building in downtown Oakland, Gambaryan began that painstaking process, learning how to follow particular threads of bitcoins moving in and out of Silk Road.
MoreEntrepeneurs Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss arrive at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala Met Gala to celebrate the opening of "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology" in the Manhattan borough of New York, May 2, 2016.NEW YORK Reuters - Investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss on Tuesday filed amendments to their proposed bitcoin exchange-traded fund, naming State Street as administrator, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.The Winklevoss brothers, identical twins, had filed their first application for a bitcoin ETF called Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust three years ago.If approved by the SEC, this would be the first bitcoin ETF issued by a U.S. entity.According to the amended filing, State Street will provide the fund administration and accounting services, including calculating the bitcoin trust's net asset value NAV .Another major change involved the ETF's custodian, Gemini Trust Company, doing monthly "proof of control" exercises and publishing the reports on the ETF's website.
Trump s shock election wins sent shock-waves across the world s financial markets.As uncertainty reigned supreme, investors turned away from equities and towards bitcoin.Joining the upward trajectory seen by gold post-Trump win, the Bitcoin price has surged almost 4% as investors look outside of stocks and bonds to seek a safe haven in other assets.Donald Trump s victory in the 2016 US Presidential Election shocked the world over and, in scenes echoing the post-Brexit financial fall-out, saw the dollar plunge and billions wiped off the leading market exchanges across the world.However, like gold which is seen as a solid bet in times of uncertainty and market volatility, Bitcoin reached a recent high of $738 after climbing steadily throughout election night.Now a single Bitcoin, according to Bitstamp, is trading at £737.07, which is a 3% increase from the $708 value of bitcoin before the election.
The price of one Bitcoin reached $875 on the European Bitstamp exchange.Bitcoin, a form of digital currency, created and held electronically, has hit a record value of $14bn, having increased in value more than double this year.According to Reuters, the price of a single bitcoin reached $875 on the European Bitstamp exchange, which is the best the currency has done since January 2014.The currency has doubled from $435 at the beginning of this year.Most of Bitcoin trading is carried out in China.The currency s growth has been tied the steady depreciation of the Chinese yuan, which has slid nearly 7% in 2016.
Two year high for digital currency as its total value reaches £11.3bn, with most bitcoin trading located in ChinaBitcoin has reached a two year record high in value amid a backdrop of growing political uncertainty globally and a fall in value of the Chinese yuan.Ransomware demands often seek bitcoin payments, as do the criminals behind distributed denial-of-service DDoS attacks.In October a security expert warned that major British financial institutions are looking into hoarding bitcoins for use in buying off online attackers.And now the total value of all Bitcoin in circulation hit a record high above $14bn £11.3bn on Thursday, Reuters reported, after the web-based digital currency jumped 5 percent on the day to its highest levels in three years.Bitcoin has doubled in price this year, and one bitcoin costs a cool $875 £714 on the Bitstamp exchange BTC BTSP, its strongest level since January 2014.
Bitcoin has started 2017 with a bang, with its value hitting a three-year high of more than $1,000 £815 .The nascent digital currency, which has been criticised as a vehicle for a range of nefarious characters from drug dealers to tax evaders to operate, outperformed all of its central bank counterparts with a 125% climb in value in 2016.Market watchers have suggested that the soaring value may have been boosted in the past year by increased demand in China on the back of a 7% fall in the value of the yuan; this was the Chinese currency s weakest annual performance in more than 20 years.Data show most bitcoin trading is done in China, according to Reuters.The currency is used to move money across the globe quickly and anonymously and is free of control from any central bank or government, making it attractive to those who want to get around capital controls.It is also may appeal to those worried about a shortage of cash, as in India where the prime minister, Narendra Modi, removed high-denomination banknotes from circulation in November.
Valuation has been helped by the devaluation of the Yuan in China.Bitcoin owners have had a successful start to 2017 as the valuation of the crypto currency surpassed $1,000.Towards the end of 2016 the digital currency saw the price of one Bitcoin reach $875 on the European Bitstamp exchange, now it is valued at $1,012.74, at time of writing.The value of bitcoin has shot up in recent months that in part to the devaluation of the Yuan by China and India s removal of high valuation bank notes.The valuation of over $1,000 marks the first time in three years it has gone past this point.One of the biggest boosts to the currency s value was the US election win by Donald Trump.
Bull run of the digital currency ends after sharp fall in value in Thursday tradingThe digital currency Bitcoin has been struck down with a New Year hangover after its value fell more than 20 percent in just four hours of trading on Thursday.This, according to Reuters, puts it on track for its worst daily performance in nearly two years, and comes after nearly the digital currency outperformed all its central-bank-issued counterparts in 2016 in terms of value rises.It should be remembered that Bitcoin reached a two year record high in value over the Christmas period.Bitcoin c Tomas Daliman, Shutterstock 2014Down, Up, DownJust prior to Christmas, Bitcoin had doubled in value in 2016, with one bitcoin costing a cool $875 £714 on the Bitstamp exchange BTC BTSP, its strongest level since January 2014.
Fall follows on from a two-week period during which the bitcoin lift by 40 percent to almost 1 140 US-dollars, the highest level in three years and close to the historical record of 1 163 dollars per bitcoin.In trading on the european trading venue Bitstamp cost currency 885 dollars on Thursday afternoonsalso Read: Bitcoin reaches its highest value in nearly three yearsthe Interest in bitcoin may often boost when unexpected events occur, which threaten the existing financial system.the Demand increased, for example, badly when Greece threatened to leave the eurozone in 2015, and when the british in a referendum voted to leave the EU in the summer.Trump's unexpected election victory in the US elections on 8 november was another incident which got the craving for bitcoin to increase.In 2016, the step of the bitcoin price with over 120 per cent, driven by a lower chinese yuan, the Uk's decision to leave the EU and uncertainty surrounding Donald Trump as the new president of the united states.
SHANGHAI Reuters - China's three largest bitcoin exchanges said on Thursday they will strengthen oversight of customers' identities and sources of funds, in the latest shift since the Chinese central bank stepped up its scrutiny of the industry.BTCC, OkCoin and Huobi said in identical statements on their websites that they wanted to curb market speculation and prevent activities such as currency exchange through bitcoin, which they warned was not issued by monetary authorities and carried high risk.Their move comes after China's central bank said it called nine of the country's smaller bitcoin exchanges in to a Wednesday meeting to discuss risks in the bitcoin market, and warned them that they risked closure if they seriously violated regulations or took part in activities such as margin lending.The price of bitcoin on European bitcoin exchange Bitstamp fell by as much as 9 percent on Thursday from the previous day, trading at $960.Beijing signaled that it was keeping a closer eye on the bitcoin industry last month by launching checks into BTCC, Huobi and OkCoin, amid growing government efforts to stem capital outflows and relieve pressure on China's currency, the yuan.While the yuan weakened 6.6 percent against the dollar last year, its worst performance since 1994, the bitcoin price has soared to near-record highs.
(Reuters) — Digital currency bitcoin jumped to a record high above $1,200 on Friday, as investors speculated the first bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) to be issued in the United States is set to receive regulatory approval.Traditional financial players have largely shunned the web-based “crytpocurrency”, viewing it as too volatile, complicated and risky, and doubting its inherent value.But bitcoin, invented in 2008, performed better than any other currency in every year since 2010 apart from 2014, when it was the worst-performing currency, and has added almost a quarter to its value so far this year.It soared to as high as $1,200 per bitcoin in early Asian trading on Europe’s Bitstamp exchange, before easing to about $1,190.That put the total value of all bitcoins in circulation — or the digital currency’s “market cap”, as it is known — at close to $20 billion, around the same size as Iceland’s economy.Some analysts say regulatory approval of a bitcoin ETF would make the currency relatively attractive to the often more cautious institutional investor market.[nL8N1G85HI]But despite potentially high returns, low correlations with other currencies and assets, falling volatility and increasing liquidity, there is scant evidence so far that most major players are considering investing in the digital currency.“Bitcoin is just not liquid enough for us to even think about,” said Paul Lambert, fund manager and head of currency investment at Insight, in London.“We manage billions and billions of dollars – we’d need to be able to go into that market and trade in hundreds of millions of dollars at a time, and my sense is it’s not like that.”Three ETFs that track the value of bitcoin have been filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission for approval.The SEC will decide by March 11 whether to approve one filed almost four years ago by investors Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss.If approved, it would be the first bitcoin ETF issued and regulated by a U.S.(Reporting by Jemima Kelly, graphic by Nigel Stephenson)
The virtual currency bitcoin reached a new rekordhögsta over 1, 200 u.s. dollars over the Friday.the Currency from rising on hopes that the US may come to accept the first exchange-traded fund in the segment.An ETF in bitcoin would make the currency relatively attractive for the usually more cautious institutional investors in the market, assesses the analyst.the Peak was reached during the early Asia trading on Bitstamp.Then retreated to about 1 190 dollars.Bitcoin has, since 2010, each year has developed better than any other currency, with the exception of 2014.
p Bitcoin surged to an all-time high above $1,400 (£1,084) on Tuesday, after more than tripling in value over the past year, with its most recent rise attributed to strong demand in Japan, where the digital currency has been deemed a legal means of payment.Cryptocompare, a data website that analyses bitcoin trading across dozens of exchanges globally, said around 50 per cent of trading volume over the past 24 hours had been on the bitcoin/Japanese yen exchange rate."The Japanese have recently warmed their approach towards bitcoin by treating it legally as a form of payment - a ratification and bringing into the regulatory fold," said Charles Hayter, the website's founder."China's clampdown on exchanges can also be seen as a positive move for the industry too," he added.Chinese authorities have increased scrutiny of exchanges this year and have forced them to start charging trading fees, after becoming concerned about bitcoin speculation and its potential use in money laundering.Bitcoin surged as much as 3 per cent on Tuesday on the Europe-based Bitstamp exchange, where trading is dollar-denominated, to hit $1,437, its highest since its 2008 launch.
p (Reuters) — Digital currency bitcoin hit a record high on Tuesday as demand for crypto-assets soared with the creation of new tokens to raise funding for start-ups using blockchain technology./p p Blockchain, the underlying technology behind bitcoin, is a financial ledger maintained by a network of computers that can track the movement of any asset without the need for a central regulator /p p Bitcoin hit a record $1,760.40 on the BitStamp platform and was last at $1,747.89, up 6 percent on the day.So far this year, bitcoin has surged nearly 80 percent.Bitcoin’s market capitalization on Tuesday soared to $52.5 billion, according to data from p Aside from being an asset that can be traded on exchanges like stocks and bonds, bitcoin has become a mode of payment for some retailers, such as, and a way to transfer funds without the need for a third party./p p “We have an influx of new capital in the space and that capital goes back and forth among crypto-assets and bitcoin,” said Chris Burniske, blockchain products leader at ARK Invest in New York, which manages exchange-traded funds.
Image Credit: Lightboxx / Shutterstock(Reuters) — Digital currency bitcoin on Friday averted a split into two currencies after its network supported an upgrade to its software that would enhance its ability to process an increasing number of transactions.Bitcoin’s miners have signaled their support for the so-called Bitcoin Improvement Proposal (BIP) 91, avoiding a split of bitcoin into two blockchains.The miners represent a network of computer operators who secure the blockchain or a public ledger of all bitcoin transactionsBIP 91 is the first step toward a larger effort to upgrade bitcoin through a software called SegWit2x.On Friday, the support for BIP 91 reached nearly 100 percent, exceeding the required threshold of 80 percent, according to analysts and market participants.