Testing variants on the age-old game that can jolt players into creative patterns.
A former world champion teams up with the makers of AlphaZero to test variants on the age-old game that can jolt players into creative patterns.
Director Christopher Nolan's mind-bending dream-heist thriller turns 10 this year.
He is the popular e-sports organization's first-ever chess player
Magnus Carlsen has won his fourth World Chess Championship, defeating Fabiano Caruana in London.After an unprecedented 12 draws in longer time controls, the classic chess gave way to rapid tiebreaks.Carlsen is the stronger rapid player and crushed Caruana 3-0.It's a four-peat for Norway's Magnus Carlsen, who defeated American Fabiano Caruana in London on Wednesday to win the 2018 World Chess Championship.As in Carlsen's 2016 title defense, against Russia's Sergey Karjakin, Carlsen needed rounds of rapid chess, 25-minutes games.Carlsen is the world's best at this so-called "rapid" chess.
Game 12 will be a test of whether American challenger Fabiano Caruana wants to risk it all with the white pieces against three-time champ Magnus Carlsen of Norway or take the match to tiebreaks.After an unprecedented 11 draws, the 2018 World Chess Championship has come down to a final classical game, being played today in London between defending champ Magnus Carlsen of Norway and challenger Fabiano Caruana of the United States.2 players in the world are separated by just a year in age and a few ranking points: 27-year-old Carlsen is at 2835, and 26-year-old Caruana is at 2832.So the march of equal results shouldn't entirely be a surprise, although it's never happened before.In 2013 and 2014, Carlsen was able to defeat former World Champion Vishy Anand of India with decisive wins over the board in classical time controls, without going to rapid or blitz tiebreakers.That wasn't the case in 2016 when Russian's Sergey Karjakin challenged Carlsen and won a single game (Carlsen also won a game, the remainder were draws, and Carlsen defended his title in the "Armageddon" rounds that followed).
American Challenger Fabiano Caruana fought for a win in Game 6 at the 2018 World Chess Championship, but Magnus Carlsen was able to make a draw.The first five games were interesting, but all also ended in draws.Six more games remain to be played in London, with the score deadlocked at 3-3.The players are well-prepared contestants who have faced each other numerous times over the past few years.Before Game 6 of the match, Carlsen's FIDE rating was 2835, Caruana's 2832, but Carlsen has a career edge in wins, with a lead on decisive results against Caruana.In Game 1, Caruana showed some nerves with the white pieces, as Carlsen played the Sicilian Defence against Caruana's 1. e4 opening, avoiding the drawish Berlin Defence in the Ruy Lopez.
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