This requirement has resulted in the market being swamped with different services vying for your business.By working with Microsoft, the company has integrated closely with Office so that it can be used seamlessly.Dropbox is available via apps that can be installed on your desktop or mobile device.Apps are supported on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows.The service offers 5GB free, although students can get 1TB, and Office 365 subscribers also get 1TB 'free'.A free 5GBs of storage is available but this can be hiked up to 50GB for just 79pence a month, showing just how cheap cloud storage can be.
Google Cast has already made its way into some smart TVs, among other devices; the inclusion in Google s own Fiber TV box isn t at all surprising and certainly welcomed.With it, owners will be able to cast content from their mobile device to their TV without a separate casting dongle.If you re still not familiar with Chromecast or Google Cast, which functions the same way, take a moment to watch the GIF below.You re just finding the show you want to watch, firing it up, and then tapping the cast button.Of course, you ll need to be subscribed to Google Fiber s TV service.If you're content with your current TV and don't have plans to upgrade, you can skip Google Cast and just pick up a Chromecast device; they're inexpensive and the only difference between it and Google Cast is that you'll be using up one of your TV's HDMI ports.
Google announced that of its Fiber TV Box will soon gain Google Cast functionality - allowing subscribers to Google's elusive Fiber service to stream video, apps, photos, and more directly to their TV from their phone without buying any new devices.Google Cast is the same tech that powers Google's colorful and handy hockey puck, Chromecast, as well as makes an appearance in select smart TVs, speakers, and streaming consoles, like the Nvidia Shield.Unlike Chromecast, however, Fiber Box TVs don't have the exact same list of supported apps from the get-go, with common names like Spotify, HBO Now, and Hulu absent for the time being, The Verge reports.Google will roll out Google Cast support for Fiber TV subscribers over the coming months, but Google's 'make-any-TV-a-smart-TV' technology, coupled with recent events, could result in an interesting trend for Fiber's biggest competitors - other cable providers.Top that set-topThe Federal Communications Commission's recent decision to "Unlock the Box" - freeing up cable boxes from being exclusively tied-down to telecom companies - opened up considerable competition among providers, as well as any set-top boxes used by those services.Adding a feature like Google Cast may not have concerned companies like Comcast or Verizon in the past, but now that subscribers can ditch their current boxes for greener pastures, we hope it stirs up some inspiration to put out more versatile devices to hook up to our television sets.
Box CEO Aaron LevieBox just inked one of its biggest deals in Asia so far as it focuses on international growth.Fujitsu, one of Japan s largest IT services providers, announced today that it has struck a strategic partnership with the cloud-storage company and will integrate Box into its enterprise software.Fujitsu will first start using Box to store and manage files sent on communication tools used by its 160,000 employees around the world.The company says the internal use of Box s services will help it develop new enterprise software, including customer-relationship and enterprise-content management solutions, that it plans to release by March 2017 and market throughout Asia.Customer data uploaded to Box will be stored at Fujitsu data centers in Japan.Box founder and CEO Aaron Levie has said that expanding in Europe and Asia is a priority for the company, which went public in January 2015 but has traded below its IPO price since then despite posting solid earnings.
News: The partnership will also help in controlling storage expansion costs for Fujitsu.Japanese IT major Fujitsu has signed a memorandum of understanding MoU with cloud-storage company Box to improve its content management.Under the proposed strategic partnership, Fujitsu will look to integrate Box solutions into its global integrated communication platform.The technology firm expects to roll out the services to its employees in the latter half of its fiscal 2016 ending March 2017 .The acquisition was expected to allow Fujitsu to incorporate UShareSoft's primary software product UForge into Fujitsu Cloud Service K5, which is the core product of Fujitsu Digital Business Platform MetaArc.Fujitsu corporate executive officer, EVP, head of global marketing Hiroyuki Sakai said: "Fujitsu's objective is to bring Digital Transformation to life by creating a secure, user-friendly, and simple environment where people can thrive.
Egnyte was founded in 2007 by CEO Vineet Jain, VP Product Management RAjesh Ram, and VP Operations and Chief Security Officer Kris Lahiri.CTERA was called a "niche" player.One investor is Google Ventures and Egnyte stores some data in Google's cloud.While our roots have been in the Enterprise File Sync and Share space, we saw a real opportunity to capitalise on all the analytics we acquired and learned from our platform file usage to help customers get smarter about how they manage their content.There are four services:Access Control – Identify issues with your access and permissions functions so that you can ensure only the people who need to access files can access them;Eliminate non-secure links to comply with regulatory requirements,Unify permissions across content repositories for better control and security,Find unusual user access patterns to limit data leakage,Selective Encryption– keep a select file subset encrypted at all times, even after they leave your system, to prevent unauthorised viewing of sensitive, confidential or regulated content.The product offers near real-time alerts across multiple content repositories, and integrates with cloud and on-premises file repositories, working with works with Egnyte Connect, Box, Documentum, Dropbox, Google Drive, NAS filers, OneDrive, SharePoint, and others.
Businesses that want to get their files out of on-premises data centers and into the cloud now have a new option from Box.On Wednesday, the company launched Box Shuttle, which includes tools and consulting services to help businesses move potentially terabytes of data from legacy applications into the Box cloud.Box will work with customers to develop a migration plan for getting their data out of private data centers into its cloud service.It will help figure out what content customers should keep, archive and delete.The company says it will analyze how customers store their data and help them map existing permissions and schemas to Box s file system.The service is available in beta today, with general availability scheduled for this fall.
Box wants more people on its cloud platform, so it s going to help them with Box ShuttleBox is offering to help businesses move their files to its platform as the company seeks to remove the barriers to cloud adoption and grow its user base.Box Shuttle creates a personalised plan with individualised checkpoints, helps businesses identify which information needs to be moved, deleted or archived and ensure retention policies are in order.The company will also apply existing policies so information is kept secure.But moving off legacy systems – especially for enterprises with hundreds of terabytes of data – is a complex undertaking that often takes too much time and taxes resources.Box Shuttle makes the process faster, more secure and efficient.
Where do you store your most important CD's, DVD's, USB drives and documents?Are they protected from fire and water damage, if that "worst-case scenario" actually happens?SentrySafe's HD4100CG storage box is UL classified with 1/2-hour fire protection and ETL verified 1/2 hour fire protection for CD's, DVD's, USB drivers and memory sticks up to 1550F.It s also ETL verified waterproof.It measures roughly 11x8 with a 9-inch depth.It currently averages 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 300 customers read reviews and its list price of $85 has been reduced by 21% to $68.
Where do you store your most important CD's, DVD's, USB drives and documents?Are they protected from fire and water damage, if that "worst-case scenerio" actually happens?SentrySafe's HD4100CG storage box is UL classified with 1/2-hour fire protection and ETL verified 1/2 hour fire protection for CD's, DVD's, USB drivers and memory sticks up to 1550F.It s also ETL verified waterproof.It measures roughly 11x8 with a 9-inch depth.It currently averages 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon from over 300 customers read reviews and its list price of $85 has been reduced by 21% to $68.
Storing stuff in the cloud is big business for a lot of companies and none more so than Dropbox and Box, two similarly named outfits currently battling it out for supremacy of a market that will, most likely, change how we store files forever.Box, on the other hand, is a purebred enterprise company having never spent a day of its life catering to consumers.The market that these companies are competing for is enterprise customers who want to safely and securely store stuff – files, documents, videos, photos, tax records, and so forth – in the cloud.According to analysts, the market is virtually unlimited for this kind of thing because, well, eventually every company will want to do it.Box has managed these trends well, focusing more on adding elements to its offering beyond storage, which is known as a Software-as-a-Service SaaS model.Dropbox, on the other hand, is currently juggling two markets – enterprise and consumer – while debating the pros and cons of going public.
Social media markerters and companies can now access cloud files directly from Hootsuite platformSocial media manager Hootsuite has integrated OneDrive, Google Drive, Box and Dropbox into its publishing platform, meaning users can have direct access to their documents like photos or GIFs straight from the platform.While Hootsuite promises the upgrade will make it simple to access and publish engaging and dynamic content , in reality, the feature just cuts down on time-to-GIF for social media users who want to react with appropriately hilarious content in reaction to other social media posts. Hundreds of millions of people across the globe use Dropbox to work and collaborate with their teams, from anywhere on any device.With this integration, our customers can access their Dropbox files directly from Hootsuite, allowing them to enhance their social posts with content they already have saved in Dropbox, said Billy Blau, head of technology partnerships at Dropbox. In today s competitive market, companies using both Hootsuite and Dropbox can act faster and be more agile with their marketing and social efforts.
Reaffirming its commitment to being an open platform, Hootsuite today announced integrations with a range of leading content sources.This effectively builds a bridge between digital asset management and social publication for users of Hootsuite and the content partners.The content/DAM systems mentioned in the announcement are:The list represents leading cloud storage vendors and DAMs, as well as a specialist image service Flashstock and a content discovery tool UpContent .Hootsuite users will now be able to access digital assets stored on any of those souces from within the Hootsuite dashboard, facilitating curation, scheduling and publishing of content, especially images, gifs and videos.This is seen as powerfully reinforcing the platform's social marketing potential, given evidence that social posts with visual content have vastly increased engagement over text-only posts.
Dropbox Paper lets teams create and share notes, images and to-do listsDropbox Paper, the cloud collaboration firm s answer to Google Docs and Box Notes, has left beta and is now available to all users on desktop and mobile.The software lets teams create and work together on documents complete with text, images and embedded videos.These can be shared automatically with Google Calendar attendees and checklists can also be created for projects.Early Paper users have already created over a million docs and given us a ton of useful feedback, said Dropbox.With that input, we ve made improvements like enhanced tables and image galleries; desktop, web, and mobile notifications; and powerful search to help you quickly find the docs you need.
News: Another financial services organisation takes advantage of changing regulation to use the cloud.Western Union has turned to Box in order to centralise content and find new ways to work in the cloud.The global payments service will be using Box as part of its ongoing plan to digitise business processes and more customised content experiences for its customers.The deployment of Box came through the Box – IBM partnership and is designed to improve how employees collaborate in the cloud with both internal co-workers and external business contacts, automate and simplify management of retention policies by using Box Governance, and enable employees to be able to work anywhere from any device.Mike Bartholomy, Senior Manager, Information Security of Western Union, said: It is extremely important that our employees are able to access critical business materials from any device.User enablement is a top priority for us.
The financing was led by new investor Formation Group, with participation from returning backers Goodwater Capital and Pejman Mar Ventures.Memebox began as a beauty box company when it was started by founder and CEO Dino Ha in 2012.It pivoted to a direct-to-consumer e-commerce model when the curated box model, pioneered by the likes of BirchBox, began to fade.Today, the company has dedicated sales in Korea, China and the U.S. with a global service for other countries.Its staff of nearly 250 are spread across offices in San Francisco, Shanghai, Seoul, Taipei, Hong Kong and Singapore — beauty boxes account for just one or two percent of its business, Memebox said.Global demand for Korean products is booming, fueled by K-Pop and Korean dramas, and not just among Asian consumers.
In April, Adobe expanded its Document Cloud service to add support for Box and Microsoft OneDrive, to complement its existing support for Dropbox.This allowed users to work with documents stored in other third-party services when using Adobe s software, like Adobe Sign or Acrobat Reader, for example.However, that support hadn t fully made its way to mobile – an issue Adobe is addressing today with a new version of its Acrobat Reader app for iOS.For both iPhone and iPad users, this update means that you ll now be able to select, open and save your PDFs in iCloud Drive, OneDrive, Box or Google Drive, in addition to the app s native integration with Dropbox.These new storage options are available from the iOS Document Picker, the company notes.In order to take advantage of the added functionality, users will need to install the cloud storage app they want to use with Acrobat Reader, then tap on the Location Chooser option and More Locations…
Its routing network, meanwhile, just got a major speed boostBox has made no secret of its global ambitions, and on Wednesday it advanced them another step by announcing two new regional "Zones" in Canada and Australia."Our mission is to build out the most advanced social cloud," said Aaron Levie, cofounder and CEO of the California-based company, in an interview.Delivered through partnerships with Amazon Web Services and IBM Cloud, Box Zones essentially allows companies to store data in the location of their choice.Zones were in Germany, Ireland, Japan, and Singapore.Tokyo and Germany were particularly important growth areas for Box to address with the service, Levie said, given the sophistication of the business environments there and the presence of numerous multinationals.
Box continues international expansion by adding new Box Zone regions and speeding up data transfers between different countriesBox will let customers in Australia and Canada store data in local Amazon Web Services AWS data centres as part of a wider drive to snap up more international customers.Until the introduction of Box Zones earlier this year, all customer data was stored in the US.The idea is that by having data closer to home, businesses will experience a boost in performance and will be able to take advantage of local data protection laws.The latter is essential if Box is to attract customers in regulated industries and those in countires, such as Germany, with strict privacy regulations.Germany, along with Ireland, Japan and Singapore, was one of the first locations announced for Box Zones earlier this year.
For some, this proves that developers are the future of business.While they are certainly an indispensable asset, as more and more businesses turn to the cloud, what about the rest of us?What about the admins and the marketers and those who are equally important to a business but don t code?During my tenure at Salesforce, I saw many lives and careers transformed, as people who didn t view themselves as technical began building and customizing apps — becoming the go-to person for their companies.The new zero-code tool box includes, but is not limited to:Salesforce — the CRM platform for customer- and account-related apps