Aurora, like many other companies developing self-driving tech, believes lidar is an integral component in future autonomous vehicles, which is why it's purchasing a company that specializes in building it.Aurora announced on Friday that it has made plans to purchase Blackmore, a lidar manufacturer based in Bozeman, Montana.The company specializes in a type of lidar technology called Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave.The technical bits are a little on the thick side -- Aurora talks about photonic hardware, signal processing, and point-by-point velocity -- but Aurora says this acquisition will allow it to make its hardware "safer, more efficient and more cost effective."Lidar has grown in name recognition as more companies dive into AV development.Whereas radar uses radio waves to detect objects, lidar uses specific wavelengths of light, collecting reflection data down to the individual photon to create a "map" of the world around it.
In the race to develop a technology that, at its root, is about teaching robots how to understand their surroundings, Aurora just bought itself a fresh set of eyeballs.The developer of self-driving car technology announced Thursday it’s acquiring lidar maker Blackmore, whose laser scanning tech offers the unusual and very helpful ability not just to detect nearby objects but to discern their velocity.It also explains why Blackmore’s technology stands out among the scores of lidar makers vying for the business of Aurora and its competitors.The Bozeman, Montana–based outfit, which started up a decade ago to do work for the defense industry, uses a “frequency modulated continuous wave” system, also known as a Doppler lidar.When the infrared light hits an object and bounces back, the system determines both how far away it is (based on how long the round trip takes, like any lidar system) and its velocity.It means that if your lidar doesn’t find that object again a millisecond later—hard to guarantee when you’re cruising down the highway and tracking things 250 meters away or more—it can still make a good guess about where it is and where it’s going.
I don’t go anywhere without mine, and I bet you have a smartphone with you now.The company is based in Bozeman, Montana, and I’ve lived in Bozeman for about 15 years.We’ve all built, deployed, sold, supported, and enabled customers on enterprise-class platforms.Albro: The “messaging” part is what most people would consider as texting — SMS [short message service] and MMS [multimedia messaging service].But there are texting apps in certain geographies or demographics that have come to play an important role for the people in those geographies and demographics — Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE in Japan, KaTalk in Korea.Albro: The most typical is with a pure outbound marketing message, such as a coupon code or a promotion code.
BOZEMAN -- When water sprays from a hose or gasoline mists into a combusting engine, the interaction between the dispersing fluid and surrounding gas can become so complex that predicting the outcome takes a supercomputer days or even weeks to calculate, according to Montana State University graduate student Kristopher Olshefski.Olshefski, who has won a prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation, said the award will allow him to be even more ambitious with his research as he starts his doctoral degree in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering in MSU's Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering.For three years, fellows receive an annual stipend of $34,000, along with $12,000 to help cover tuition and fees, allowing them to focus on research."It opens up the opportunity for us to try and do something a little bolder," said Olshefski, whose research adviser is Mark Owkes, assistant professor of mechanical engineering.The research will involve developing new computational methods for modeling the behavior of atomizing jets, which break up liquid into a spray of very small droplets.The research results, Olshefski said, could help improve vehicle fuel efficiency, create new propulsion systems for spacecraft and improve computer modeling across a range of engineering disciplines.
BOZEMAN -- Montana State University's TechLink Center has landed a $500,000 contract to continue quality assurance testing on U.S. Army Corps of Engineers software.TSEAL provides MSU students with real-world experience improving the Sustainment Management System, a software application created by the Corps' Construction Engineering Research Laboratory to improve upkeep of hundreds of thousands of federal facilities by helping managers decide when, where and how to best conduct maintenance.Senior Elias Athey is one of eight undergraduates currently employed part-time by TSEAL, where he writes code to test the SMS.Athey, originally from Anchorage, Alaska, said he appreciates the opportunity to work with a student team while learning the latest industry practices."Working at TSEAL has been extremely beneficial for my professional development," Athey said, adding that the techniques he has learned give him a leg up in the job market.The computer science students are guided by professors Clemente Izurieta and John Sheppard from MSU's Gianforte School of Computing in the Norm Asbjornson College of Engineering.
Next Frontier Capital announced today that it has raised a $38 million fund to deploy more capital to Montana startups.The fund is the Bozeman, Montana-based firm’s second.Founder and general partner Will Price made the announcement today at VentureBeat’s Blueprint conference.“We feel like with the launch of the second fund, we’re riding a larger wave of interest in Montana,” Price told VentureBeat in a phone interview last week.When Next Frontier Capital raised its first fund in 2015, Price said, Montana startups were only garnering about $6 million in venture capital money each year.In 2017, Montana startups raised $83 million.
& MENLO PARK, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–February 15, 2018–onXmaps, Inc., provider of the onX HUNT mobile app and industry leader in mobile mapping technology for outdoor adventurers, today announced it has raised $20.3 million in a funding round led by global growth equity investor Summit Partners.Additional investors include Bessemer Venture Partners, Millennium Technology Value Partners, Next Frontier Capital and Steve Burke (CEO NBCUniversal).This event marks the largest growth equity investment in a mobile and consumer-focused business in Montana’s history.Whether our customers are hunting big game, looking for the best spot to camp, fishing new water, or walking land ownership boundaries, onX has them covered – now and in the future.”The capital will be used to expand the teams at onX’s Missoula and Bozeman, Montana, offices, to continue building all aspects of the company’s mapping solutions, and to assemble the definitive off-pavement mapping data set.
By Matt Heinz, President of Heinz Marketing“How I Work” is one of my favorite recurring features in Inc Magazine as well as via Lifehacker’s This Is How I Work Series, and recently several sales experts (including Anthony Iannarino, Dave Brock and Trish Bertuzzi) participated as well.Periodically moving forward, we will feature a new B2B sales, marketing or business leader here answering what have become the standard “How I Work” questions.This week I’m excited to feature Andrew Hull, president & founder of Elixiter.Andrew lives and works in beautiful Bozeman, Montana and has served a number of executive product marketing and marketing operations roles for companies such as Oracle, RightNow, ATI and more.Current computers: MacBook Pro 15” booting direct to Windows 10 (Yep…you read that right.
Hawaii, California, and Washington, DC, reign as the most expensive places to put down roots.That's according to a new study out from online loan broker LendingTree, which compiled data from 250,000 home loan requests between January and October of 2016.The study revealed the most expensive cities and states for mortgages based on average monthly loan payments and average total loan amounts.The study revealed that Kentucky is the least expensive place to take out a mortgage, while DC tops the list.Hawaii unsurprisingly comes in second place as the priciest monthly payment.But when it comes to cities, several small or midsize cities placed unexpectedly high on the list for most expensive mortgages and loan payments, like Bend, Oregon, and Butte-Bozeman, Montana.Syracuse, New York, was the cheapest city for taking out a mortgage.
A runner has recorded the spectacular changing scenery of his regular route in a mesmerizing time-lapse video.Cinematographer Jeff Dougherty repeatedly braved rain, snow and other elements over the course of 17 months to capture the five-mile loop through Bozeman, Montana, on a GoPro camera strapped to his forehead.With the camera set to time-lapse, it took photographs at a regular interval.By May, he d amassed 98,366 images which showed his running in all seasons — which he then painstakingly processed into the clip.I was able to create this continuous hyperlapse throughout the year, showing off all the changes that come with the seasons, Dougherty posted to YouTube on Monday.By early Saturday, the clip had garnered almost 250,000 views.
Please join me at two online events this week where I ll be discussing best practices to increase your team s performance and productivity.Tomorrow Wednesday at 10:00 am Pacific, join me with Allocadia s director of customer and marketing insights as we dissect the five stages of marketing performance.We ll help you determine which stage your marketing team might be at today, and precisely what it takes to get to the next level and beyond to increase your team s contribution to sales & revenue growth.Then on Thursday, catch me live from the PFL Big Sky:Big Ideas Conference in Bozeman, Montana.You can watch the entire conference for free by registering here, including my presentation on the Seven Habits of Highly Productive B2B Marketers.If you like productivity and memes, you ll want to catch my presentation.