Generating leads is nothing new.Professionals have been knocking on doors, sending out mail, and making phone calls to generate leads long before it became main stream online.The internet has changed a lot, including the way companies generate leads.Those older tactics are still relevant to a large degree, but businesses must learn to accommodate for the new generation if they want their marketing efforts to be successful.Social media has always been viewed as a tool for increasing brand awareness, which it is, but it is also a great source for lead generation.
"The Angry Birds Movie" has just given ailing Finnish gaming startup Rovio a vital lifeline.Rovio, traditionally a mobile gaming company, has had a tough time over the last couple of years, cutting 213 employees last October and losing its CEO last December.Financials for 2015 are yet to be released.Rovio, founded in Espoo, Finland, in 2003, has struggled to capitalise on the success of "Angry Birds" since it launched in 2009.None of the other games in its portfolio have come close to the "Angry Birds" franchise in terms of download numbers or revenue, leading critics to believe the company may be little more than a one-hit-wonder.But this weekend, Rovio Animation knocked "Captain America: Civil War" off the top of the US movie charts, taking $150 million £103 million in the process, according to The Guardian.The movie only cost around $73 million £50 million to make — so Rovio has already made a healthy profit on it, and proceeds will likely go up in coming weeks and months.Rovio, headquartered in Rovio, created the film to help diversify its revenue streams.Wilhelm Taht, executive vice president of Rovio Games, told Business Insider in January 2016 that "The Angry Birds Movie" would also help the company to build brand awareness."It s not all about the money.I ve seen the movie a few times and it s really good."NOW WATCH: This smart earpiece translates languages as they are spokenLoading video...
Apple CEO Tim Cook toured China and India last week, and judging from the photos taken of him, it seems like he made some long-lasting memories.But there was one episode outside New Delhi last Friday he'd likely rather forget: According to the Economic Times, Cook had a moment at a store in Gurgaon where he pointed to what was apparently an Apple-branded iPhone case and wondered out loud if it was "counterfeit.Cook thought it's fake as the color and the different packaging is perhaps not sold in the US or some of the other markets.The episode underscores Apple's challenges in India as it hopes to turn the country into another major market for iPhone sales.Apple sells through "authorized dealers" in India, but the lack of a strong network of retailers means that certain stores might see fake knockoff Apple products as a quick route to a buck.That's part of the reason Apple wants to open its own stores in the country — to give Indians a reliable place to buy iPhones as well as increase brand awareness around the country.In fact, the location Cook visited does not show up when you search for certified shops around Gurgaon on Apple's website.The case Cook mistook for a fraud may have been this model that was phased-out in the United States, but the dealer in India might have had leftover stock — and given the prevalence of fake Apple goods in both China and India, it's a justifiable error.Here's what the scene looked like:  Apple CEO Tim Cook visits company's showroom in Gurgaon's Galleria market @htTweets @HTGurgaon — Gulam Jeelani @jeelanikash May 20, 2016NOW WATCH: We dare you to oversleep with Dwayne The Rock Johnson s new motivational alarm clock appLoading video...
Check out these four ways that'll help you get your video noticed by your audience.This isn't a great strategy, particularly when it comes to video.Video really can move your audience through the various stages of the buying cycle, so long as you don't try and achieve all goals in one video.Here you'll be able to search for keywords surrounding the theme of your video, and be given a list of questions that get asked that are related to your topic.That way, you know you'll be creating content that is answering a popular question that your audience has, and is also optimized for search.Outreach is a method that involves connecting with bloggers and influencers within your space, and asking them if they would like to share your video.
What actions grow an audience or foster customer loyalty?While only 25 percent focus on creating quality content that earns links, according to the same survey.– Matthew Goulart, Founder, Ignite DigitalBuilding up a content portfolio is the main off-site SEO tactic.In fact, since discovering that readers want in-depth, long form content, Google began prioritizing these pages in search results.The trend is unfortunate, since content creation is a powerful tool that provides exceptional results.In place of keywords and random links, search engines now look for long-form, high quality, and engaging, content because that's what most people seek.
ZTE Corp., China s second-largest maker of networking gear, plans to open 23 flagship stores by the end of this year to drive sales of its smartphones and consumer devices.About 20 outlets will be created in major Chinese cities while the company plans one each on Germany, Russia and Mexico, said Adam Zeng, chief executive officer of ZTE s mobile devices business.ZTE is taking a leaf out of the strategy of Apple Inc., which uses its iconic stores in prime locations around the world to drive sales of iPhones, iPads and Macbook computers.The Shenzhen-based company is targeting sales of 70 million smartphones this year, up from 56 million in 2015.The stores will help us lift brand awareness while spurring sales in the areas we value the most, Zeng said.ZTE was the sixth-largest smartphone vendor in the March quarter, according to IDC data compiled by Bloomberg.The company had 3.4 percent of shipments compared with 23.8 percent for Samsung Electronics Co. and 15.4 percent for Apple.Huawei Technologies Co. is China s biggest market of networking gear.
Hashtags can also help you spark, search and unite conversations happening across the internet, and can attract new followers to your accounts.Plus, consider that for every person you are directly commenting with on a social network, there are potentially hundreds if not thousands of potential customers watching your conversation, hoping to gain insight.Find or create an applicable hashtag that represents your brand, product or service and use it on all of your accounts.Crowdsource Your ContentSet up hashtags that encourage users to upload photos for the chance to be featured on your brand s profile or homepage.Set up a hashtag that reflects the kind of feedback you want users to provide and that is relevant to your brand, and then ask users to chime in with their opinions.Not only are you getting the benefit of other people using the same tag, perhaps even boosting it to trending status, you also build your authority as a knowledgeable resource who is in the middle of the action.
Apple and Google s parent company, Alphabet, are both reportedly eyeing real estate buys that would house their self-driving car operations.Even now, we re seeing some interesting things happen here: In Australia, billboards from Lexus send directly targeted messages to drivers of luxury model cars.Outdoor advertising companies are beginning to pivot accordingly.Right now, it passes that data along to make more targeted billboard campaigns and to help determine return on ad spend by running the numbers against purchases and brand awareness.Some estimate that 60 percent of cars shipped in 2018 will be connected, which in and of itself will be a major hit.In 10 years or less, we could well look back on self-driving cars as the beginning of the end for outdoor advertising, the nail in the coffin of radio, and a shot in the arm to mobile apps.
Consider this challenge through the lens of paid, owned and earned media and where they sit in the traditional marketing funnel.What s clear is that the lion s share of marketing investment and the biggest areas of omnichannel growth have occurred by using paid channels to increase brand awareness, engagement and ultimately new customer acquisition.By paid channels, I m referring to the upper end of the marketing funnel, where brands invest in search and display advertising, Google AdWords and the like for improved awareness and engagement.Here is where the marketing team needs to integrate not just digital data from the obvious online sources, but also customer information from internal systems, like CRM customer relationship management , call centers, loyalty programs and the voice of the customer.Building an omni-strategy marketing capabilityLet s look at four key elements required to enable omnichannel marketing from the perspective of data requirements:• Integrate paid and owned channels.Many brands have the benefit of long and rich customer relationships, with the most valuable data housed in customer records owned by the enterprise.
I'm trying to figure whether there's a different name for the type of marketing where 1 you create content to generate backlinks for SEO value and 2 you create content purely to boost your audience, increase sales, create brand awareness, etc.I was always under the impression that "content marketing" was 2, where you're creating content as a marketing vehicle.But I've also heard that Content Marketing means creating content to build links for SEO or definition 1.What do you call content created to generate backlinks?What do call the type of marketing where you create content as a branding play?
Sessions focus on best practices, tactics, tips and success stories from some of the most effective social media marketers and brand managers in the world.According to, the stats are compelling:Number of social network users worldwide: 2.22bnGlobal social network penetration: 31%Percentage of U.S. population with a social network profile: 78%For marketers, the good news is that every social media platform offers precisely targeted advertising options to reach your optimal audience.In our Paid Social Track, you ll hear about:Reaping The Harvest With Organic SocialAccording to a study by Lithium and MarketingProfs, the top three priorities for marketers using social media are:Promoting brand awarenessDriving visitors to brand websitesCreating community around the brandAnd the best way to accomplish those goals?He ll be joined by Allrecipes Social Media Manager Lorraine Goldberg and Pinterest s own Brittany Mohr to discuss successful campaigns by major brands.With the proper planning, social media marketers are getting results by executing real-time marketing that is on-message, brand-centric, culturally relevant and innovative.In 24/7 Social Media & The Growth Of Customer Advocates, you ll learn how Tango Card, a 24/7 service supporting incentive programs around the globe, uses its innovative MVP program to generate advocate mentions, referrals and leads.
Pinterest is most certainly alive.And, actually, it s growing—even it s not getting as much press as it was getting a couple years ago.Today, Instagram boasts more than 400 million active monthly users, with more than 80 million photos being shared each day.How Brands Are Using PinterestPinterest presents both B2B and B2C brands with opportunities to build brand awareness, grow an audience of followers, and drive traffic and revenue.Here are a few examples of how brands are using the social network as part of their social media marketing efforts:Food NetworkWith more than 718,000 followers, Food Network goes above and beyond to provide valuable content to its followers.They use compelling imagery and often keep their text short and sweet—but also descriptive.
The study, which polled 237 B2B marketers in conjunction with research firm GfK in March, found that 39 percent of B2B marketers surveyed believe their roles are to ensure that the voice of the customer shapes the business strategy and to bring expert marketing competencies to the table.For example, just 42 percent said they even have a seat at the top management table, and only 37 percent said they enjoy strong endorsement from senior management.To make matters more challenging, 35 percent of respondents said senior leadership is still focused on the product and price and not on insights into the customer.To encourage leadership to view them as essential strategic partners, the ANA advised that B2B marketers combine strong leadership skills with deep marketing experience to clearly establish their companies competitive advantage, which will allow them to increase their influence and play key roles in driving sales, boosting brand awareness, and increasing customer loyalty.The organization also provided the following recommendations to help B2B marketers achieve their goals and overcome obstacles:Partner with sales to drive business growth.Prove ROI to ensure marketing is perceived as a competitive advantage.
How does any of this make us money?They proposed a direct mail campaign with a coupon.This story is actually pretty commonplace these days, as plenty of budget-givers and decision makers are used to the ways of the past and aren t convinced that marketing can actually drive revenue.Show Where Your Customers Live OnlineWhen you frame your pitch to show that people can t buy from your company if they don t know it exists, you ll find that most people agree with and follow that logic.Tell them that it typically takes between six to eight marketing touches before someone becomes interested enough to pursue purchasing information for a product or service.The problem with this model is that: a you can t hyper-target audiences with these methods—you can only blanket advertise, which gives you no real information on consumer behaviors; and b these methods are barely trackable unless they come with a unique discount code.
Huawei 11 grew 22 per cent after investing heavily in innovative new technologies such as software-defined networks and cloud solutions that enable business agility.Efforts to raise brand awareness in Europe, including the signing of A-list movie actors and footballer Lionel Messi as brand ambassadors, were also successful.Accenture seven transformed itself from an outsourcing company to an innovative tech brand by embracing emerging digital technologies including cloud, mobile and analytics, and gained market share by enhancing its global delivery network.The performance of the top 20 reflects the challenges faced by the B2B sector over the last year, including financial pressures caused by slowing economies.Christina Jenkins, LinkedIn s director, global go-to-market research said: The importance of being a strong brand extends beyond the end-user.The brands that convey a positive impression about themselves, and in particular their ability to innovate, are more likely to be considered as potential employers.
YouTube is launching a new suite of products for advertisers under the umbrella name of YouTube Director.Collectively, these products are supposed to make it easier for businesses particularly the smaller ones that don t have their own production capabilities and aren t going to hire an ad agency to shoot and edit video ads that can run then on YouTube.For example, YouTube says Woody Lovell Jr., owner of the The Barber Shop Club in Los Angeles, used the app to shoot and edit the video below:Mr. Lovell Jr. shot and edited a video ad by himself, uploaded it to YouTube, and worked with an AdWords expert to run a campaign.As a result, Woody s business saw an increase in potential customers being able to remember and recognize his ad: his video drove a 73% increase in ad recall among target customers on YouTube, and a 56% lift in brand awareness.If businesses don t want to make the ads themselves, YouTube has created a program where it sends professionals to do the shooting and editing, at no extra cost to the business — they just have to spend at least $150 on YouTube ads.This onsite service is currently available in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington D.C. Or, if they re trying to promote an app, businesses can just provide the logo, screenshots and other assets, and YouTube will automatically use them to create a video ad.
Occasionally, they get so excited that they forget to tell you that their plans have completely changed, so you better get on board fast.While previously Instagram ads were limited to a small number of countries, marketers internationally can now utilize the tool to its fullest potential.Specifically, marketers from Russia, South Africa, Chile, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Israel, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Spain, Argentina, and Mexico now have access to both Facebook and Instagram ads, expanding their reach and brand awareness.Facebook wanted to get in on the action, of course, so they launched their own version called Facebook Live.For smaller businesses, however, this could potentially not relevant to you.Although there are several other changes that have occurred and will occur in the near future, these four are essential aspects to understanding and taking advantage of the complex platform.
Have you ever bought a course, a product or a service online, because the words felt like they described every problem have experience and a solution you just couldn t say no to?The material a copywriter produces is used for marketing, persuasion and raising brand awareness.They were all created by skilled copywriters, and if you still remember them after all these years, they did a good job.You probably know the old adage of What you don t have in money, you have to invest in time, and unless you are funded, I suggest you learn some basic tricks yourself.In addition to a fantastic headline and great copy explaining the benefits, you need to put testimonials in there for social proof, and a sense of urgency such as a time constraint or limited supply to get the reader to take action.Never forget that most important thing called a call-to-action in your copy.
I think Scality is proving to be a very clever company and the server is a good mix of tech, marketing and brand awareness that could bring about some interesting results.About Small and Micro object storesI wrote about the necessity of small object stores not long ago.Without thinking about the most obvious use cases like PoCs, tests and lab deployments , developers can now embed the object storage system directly in their applications or it can be installed directly with the other components of the application stack, regardless of the infrastructure public or private and without any risk of compatibility issues.Even more so - albeit it's a totally different use case - this solution could be suitable for service providers that can propose personal S3-compatible servers without needing to implement a global object storage system.The number of use cases is limited only by our imagination and it is clear that these small S3-based servers will also be very interesting when included in other products.I don't want to seem too excited but it is true that IT infrastructure paradigms are evolving very quickly, and that object storage is a good answer when it comes to new provisioning and consumption models for unstructured data in modern infrastructures.
Showbox is launching a video creation platform for brands and other businesses today to help companies get in touch with a new generation of viewers.Tel Aviv-based Showbox has made it easier for brands that don t specialize in video to easily create and control video content.The mission is to make it easier for brands to drive engagement, scale their creations, track campaigns, and ensure brand integrity.Showbox wants to empower brands, marketers, and businesses to create custom videos that connect  with audiences in order to grow brand awareness at scale.Working through a dedicated channel, brands can build custom branded video content in minutes.Showbox works with the largest multi-channel networks — such as BroadbandTV, AwesomenessTV, and Fullscreen Media — to deliver influential talent to its brands, as well as working with leading global providers of imagery, such as Shutterstock and Getty.Showbox enables brands to scale the creation of amazing video content, and our new platform empowers them to maximize the use of this channel, said Effi Atad, cofounder and CEO of Showbox, in a statement.Our new brand platform drives rapid video production, allowing brands to guide the creation process while maintaining brand integrity.Seventy percent of marketers will increase their budget for video this year, while 82 percent of brands have confirmed that video has a positive impact on their business.