Photograph: Brendan Mcdermid/ReutersBritish people are not demanding more transparency from the intelligence services as loudly as Americans, the former director of the US National Security Agency NSA and CIA has said.On the next page he said Snowden highlighted the need for a broad cultural shift in terms of transparency and what constitutes consent.That is no longer the pattern, it is the private sector … we are going through a cultural adjustment.But he added the suite of usable techniques had been reduced from 13 to six and the interrogator believed he would have got information if that had not been the case.The UK, he said, referring to the killing of Jihadi John , has now joined the queue .The jihadist narrative is that there is undying enmity between Islam and the modern world so when Trump says they all hate us, he s using their narrative … he s feeding their recruitment video.
Lambsdorff said he hoped that the British people are choosing to stay in the European Union. He even proposed a two-layer system in which the various development stages of member states to work at a different pace. The camp is catching up starter difference closed Britain held in midsummer referendum on EU membership or abandonment. The latest survey showed that the British EU the difference between a demanding camp has strengthened its position in comparison to previous polls. The information gathered by Opinium research institute this week that 43 per cent of Britons have retirement and 41 per cent in favor of leaving. Opinium asked at the same time, the respondents of open, in which direction they are leaning.
The wide variety of accents and dialects that characterise the different regions of Britain are in decline, according to new research from Cambridge, which shows that we're all taking in a generic South East English accent rather than keeping our local tongues.That is likely going to make it easier for us all to communicate in the future, but it comes at a cost: We're gradually losing the entertainingly difficult-to-understand brogues of unreconstructed Scouse, Geordie, or Glaswegian.Or at least, differently — but certainly not the way it is written.Sixty years ago there was broad agreement on how that word was said properly.Business Insider spoke to Tam Blaxter of Adrian Leeman's research team at the Cambridge Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, to find out what's going on.The app collects the results to enhance its database of spoken English variations.You can download the app from Apple or Google.The team used the data — 30,000 responses — to create these maps which show where you live depending on how you think different words are said.
If you sell your goods or services online, then the very nature of that gives you access to international markets.Related Article: Warning: These Real Estate Marketing Strategies Are So Effective, They're AddictiveWebsite Localization Involves:Adapting content to international or regional audiencesEnsuring cultural compatibilityAdapting images, colors, and icons, where necessaryAdjusting layout to accommodate contentConversion of units of measure and currenciesAdapting local formats phone numbers, dates, etc.If you keep your buyer persona in mind like a good marketer, then you ll know that talking to Paralegal Michelle, who reads The New Yorker and votes Democrat, isn t the same to speaking to stay-at-home mom, Susan, who s a die-hard Republican.Through localized landing pages, social media campaigns and local SEO.If a browser in Manchester, UK, is looking for say, cupcakes, it s of little use to them to see search results displaying Los Angeles finest.If you sell children s clothing, remember that British people buy jumpers not sweaters and that fanny packs are something else entirely.
One search phrase marked rise in popularity soon after the closing of the ballot boxes is interesting, but it does not like to draw too many conclusions. The company released the early morning around 2 am Finnish time on Twitter one particularly interesting information: - 250% spike in the search "what happens if we leave the EU" within the last hour. At that point, ballot boxes were already closed in the UK. The Verge grabbed tviittiin wondering, are not even the British understand what voting. However, search The spike does not necessarily mean that the British people would have voted in favor of EU difference in realizing its consequences. The Vergen opinion writing to forget, for example, the possibility that the search term is to become activated to, above all, those who voted in the EU on behalf of the retention and night hours began to prepare for the opposite outcome.
After a historic referendum, the British people decided to exit the EU with a vote of 52-48%.Here's how different politicians are reacting to the result--and who's suggesting the same for their own country.
After voting to leave the European Union last week, Britain isn t done facing backlash from an angry populace that is equal parts angry and confused.An angry voter or an enterprising PR person, we can never be sure voiced his displeasure with the vote by uploading a video of former London Mayor Boris Johnson on Pornhub obviously NSFW with the title: Dumb British blonde fucks 15 million people at once.The video features a nearly 7 minute video of Johnson — and his mop top — delivering a speech after the Brexit referendum and news of David Cameron resigning.That dumb British blonde, by the way, is slated to become the next Prime Minister, much to the chagrin of the British people.John Oliver, television show and notable Brit even called him a shaved orangutan with Owen Wilson s hair.
Even footy didn't dampen self-love happy folks' ardourBritish people are now bored of Brexit and have returned to using the Internet for what it was made for – pornography.Although the country has been thrown into chaos, with the Prime Minister announcing his resignation and refusal to clean up the mess left behind after Thursday s EU referendum result, normality has been restored on the Internet.Over the past week, the relative number of Google searches for brexit , EU referendum and boris johnson overtook those for porn .The number of searches for Brexit-related terms rose slowly, before shooting up on results day when the results were finally bared to all.But the referendum couldn t hold Britain s attention for long, and the following day people numb with disbelief returned to Googling online smut to get their kicks.
Online scammers have been found to be preying on the fears of British people in the wake of the EU Referendum to get them to download malicious software onto their devices, according to security researchers.The latest phishing attack exploits Britons' fears about the economy and political turmoil in the wake of the controversial vote.It comes in the form of an email with a subject line about political uncertainty or economic turmoil, such as "Brexit causes historic market drop".Such software is known for spying on users, and stealing personal and financial information."We have certainly noted an increase in the use of Brexit-related topics in email to encourage users to click on content since last Friday s referendum," said James Chappell, co-founder of London-based cybersecurity company Digital Shadows."A common ploy being used by cybercriminals is to send emails that references 'Brexit causes historic market drop' designed to create urgency in the recipient to click a link or open an attachment as a means of delivering malware."
July's off to a good start, even if June was a bit of a mental month.Not only did we see the British people vote to leave the EU just and all of the things that happened in the aftermath, we also got to see a lot more stuff.Oh, and we saw a load of incredible apps hit their various digital stores.Here are the best of the bunch, ready to get you through the first full month of summer.That means you can watch your favourite videos without having to give up using the rest of your device.It's a slimmed-down version of Facebook with a number of different customisation features.
July's off to a good start, even if June was a bit of a mental month.Not only did we see the British people vote to leave the EU just and all of the things that happened in the aftermath, we also got to see a lot more stuff.Oh, and we saw a load of incredible apps hit their various digital stores.Here are the best of the bunch, ready to get you through the first full month of summer.That means you can watch your favourite videos without having to give up using the rest of your device.It's a slimmed-down version of Facebook with a number of different customisation features.
Who doesn't want to get more healthy while working?According to a number of recent major international research papers, British people sit on average for nine hours a day and 70% of that time is at work.We're giving you the chance to win an Ergotron WorkFit SR sit-stand workstation worth a whopping £500.To enter, fill in the survey form which you can find out here.By taking part in this competition, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions below, as well as the Competition Rules: competition will take place between 1pm Friday 8 July 2016 and 11:59pm Monday 8 August 2016 BST .
Four years ago, cinematographer Oliver Curtis went to Cairo for a freelance assignment.Like any good tourist, he visited the Great Pyramid of Giza.He was duly impressed, too—not by their immense size or majestic tombs, but by what he saw when he turned around: smoggy suburbs, a brilliant green golf course, and the trash of countless visitors.Explore the World s Most Morbid Tourist AttractionsLet s Gawk at the Gawking Tourists of ParisBritish People on Top of Tour Buses Look Generally Displeased
And plenty of investment, natchBrit-tech success posted child ARM holdings is to be acquired by Japanese telecom multinational Softbank.ARM, whose chip designs drive the majority of the world s smartphones, is under offer for a remarkable £24.3bn - a premium of 43 per cent over current stock price.Softbank, whose last yearly revenue totalled 19.5 trillion Japanese yen $84bn, £63bn , is paying £17 per share for the intellectual property powerhouse.The Japan giant has committed to at least a doubling of ARM s existing UK workforce, in addition to continued investment in the country, in addition to overseas expansion over the next five years.Further, the giant has promised to preserve ARM s existing senior management team, the firm s structure and partnerships.
British people who only catch-up on their favourite BBC shows through iPlayer will have to pay the £145.50 $192 TV Licence Fee from September 1 after a change in the law.It will impact fewer than 5% of UKThe change applies to all devices, including smart TVs, mobileIt will also apply if you watch
A voter is seen at a polling station during the New York primary elections in the Manhattan borough of New York City, U.S., April 19, 2016.What can a tape measure tell you about how someone will vote?A new study reports a clear connection between height and political views, at least for British people.The researchers used 2006 data from the British Household Panel Study, which includes thousands of people and contains information like height, income, education, and political preferences.They discovered that taller individuals are more likely to support the Conservative Party, support conservative policies and vote Conservative, according to the study, which was published in the British Journal of Political Science.In the U.K., the governing Conservative party is center-right on the political spectrum.
Your browser does not support HTML5 videoPlayPausePlayPauseMute0%00:00 / 00:00FullscreenSmallscreen Close Embed Feed WWI replica tank takes over Trafalgar Square to mark 100 years since first tank battle IBTimes UKWe have noticed you are using an ad blockerTo continue providing news and award winning journalism, we rely on advertising revenue.A new app that uses both augmented reality and virtual reality to bring WWI military warfare to life has been launched to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first ever tank attack, which took place during the Battle of the Somme.The Tank 100 app, designed by online game developer Wargaming creator of the World of Tanks video game and historical app developer Ballista Digital, enables history buffs and military enthusiasts to experience a life-size model of a Mark I tank in augmented reality.During the war, as a way to encourage the British people to invest more money into war bonds so funds could be used to build additional tanks, the UK government placed tanks in town squares all over the country.
There is no doubt that our health service is a world leader, and I myself have personally benefitted from the care it gives, and was grateful for not being handed a bill at the end of it.In particular, the research was focussed on patient and public attitudes towards the data the health service does or does not hold on us as individuals and what it does or does not do with it.The service a patient gets, the priorities each individual health organisation has, and indeed the funding that underpins it, varies significantly from Land s End to John O Groats and everywhere in between.The main commonality is the fact that it s free at the point of delivery though even how free does vary across the UK .Secondly it doesn t make medicine.There is no army of NHS public sector workers squirrelling away making medical compounds and MRI machines.
The UK's secret intelligence service MI6 is going to hire up to 1,000 more staff to tackle threats from abroad.MI6 will recruit the new employees by 2020, a BBC report has revealed.Staff will increase from around 2,500 to just under 3,500 according to the media organisation.Extra staff will come from the organisation receiving a 40 percent funding boost to assist with its intelligence-gathering and international operations.The internet has changed how intelligence agencies need to work, Alex Younger, the head of MI6, told the audience at an event in Washington DC on September 20."The information revolution fundamentally changes our operating environment," he said.
I thought this one was all about tiny computers?Have some imagination – you know, unlike most of the computing and mobile industries.Once, crazy British people put together their own computers from kits, while wearing mad hair and dancing around like lunatics to The Human League.Dull metal and glass that reflects only the tedium and futility of modern life.So you re saying we should take a terrifying trip back to the 1980s?We ll let boring socks slide as long as you properly embrace Kano s latest project and stop being all sniffy about it, because it looks superb.