Since it s next to impossible to snag a seat for Broadway darling Hamilton for at least the next eight months — unless, of course, you want to remortgage your house to do so — take advantage of the next best thing: a Broadway-themed edition of James Corden s Carpool Karaoke featuring Lin-Manuel Miranda, who created the hit musical, and other top theater and television talent.Miranda, who wrote the book and music — in addition to starring in — the Broadway show, sits in the passenger seat with Corden for the latest installment of the recurring segment from The Late Late Show.After belting out a few rapid-fire, lyric-spitting hit tunes from Hamilton, Corden and Miranda stop on the busy streets of New York to pick up a trio of other stars: Audra McDonald Ragtime, A Raisin in the Sun, Porgy and Bess , Jesse Tyler Ferguson one-man-show Fully Committed , and Jane Krakowski She Loves Me .The five stars then take us on a journey through several Broadway tunes – from Frankie Valli s Cant Take My Eyes Off Of You Jersey Boys to Rent s Seasons of Love — ending with an amazing, harmonized and fully performed version of a passionate tune from the classic Les Miserables.Krakowski, who also currently appears in the Netflix original series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, is nominated for her role in She Loves Me.She is also the only person to have ever won in all four categories of acting.
If you love the theatrics of She Loves Me — you know, the ones you saw during the 70th Annual Tony Awards including that killer split by Jane Krakowski — but can t make it to Broadway for the real thing, you re in luck.According to Variety, The Roundabout Theater Company s revival of the 1963 show will be the first Broadway production to live stream a performance via BroadwayHD on June 30.Of course, watching a live stream on your home television lacks some of the excitement of being in the room where it happens, but the price — $9.99 — is a lot easier to swallow than most Broadway tickets.As Variety points out, an offer like this makes sense for She Loves Me, a limited-engagement show that ends July 10.Perhaps, even, one little-known musical about a 10-dollar founding father without a father?While everyone went nuts for the selection of Hamilton tunes performed live at the White House in March, it s unlikely that a crazy-popular show — with, we imagine, a long life ahead of it on Broadway — will be available for public streaming anytime soon.
It s a major step toward the digitization of its content by Broadway, which only recently made its hit shows available at all over the internet.While Off-Broadway shows like Buried Child and Old Hats have been live-streamed before, this will be the first time a production of such magnitude is made available to audiences in real-time outside of the theater.Much of Broadway s reluctance, it seems, can be traced back to whether or not such a move will ultimately prove profitable for the industry.The most difficult part of this is the cost — everyone has to get compensation — and the challenge is determining the value of the live-stream, said producer Ken Davenport, who previously streamed a performance of an Off-Broadway musical, Daddy Long Legs.Still, bringing the theater to greater numbers of watchers seems to be of interest to both theater companies and actors alike.Laura Benanti, one of the stars of She Loves Me, told the Times via email, The theater is such a vitally important part of our culture.
Now brands the world over are trying to shoehorn themselves into entertainment ventures in a desperate bid to be the next Lego Movie success tale, and we have come to this: A broadway musical about Monopoly.Yes, revealed through Variety earlier today, Hasbro is teaming up with Broadway production group Araca to bring its family-friendly capitalism simulator board game to the stage show — and, most chillingly although the plans are much more in flux than Monopoly: The Musical , the potential for even more stage productions based on Hasbro franchises, including Magic: The Gathering.The Monopoly show has no creative team or solid idea on how it plans to bring the board game to life, which seems like something you d have figured out before announcing it, and it s not expected to hit Broadway for another three or four years.However, Matthew Rego of Araca told Variety that it won t involve a family playing Monopoly, but instead draw upon what made The Lego Movie work:I can tell you this: It s not going to be a musical about people sitting around playing Monopoly.Why did you have to be so good, Lego Movie?Alas, Monopoly: The Musical probably won t be a gritty thriller about a family tearing itself apart over a game of Monopoly, which is a damn shame.
AP Photo/The Public Theater, Joan Marcus Joan Marcus Lin-Manuel Miranda may have stepped away from "Hamilton," but this fall he'll bring millions of TV viewers to the Broadway smash hit he created.PBS on Thursday announced that Miranda will host its annual Arts Fall Festival, which will include "Hamilton's America" 9 p.m., Oct. 21 , a highly anticipated documentary that offers a behind-the-scenes look into the making of the Tony award-winning musical.The documentary, directed by Alex Horwitz, promisers "intimate access" to Miranda and his colleagues during the two years leading up to the Broadway opening of "Hamilton."It also explores the story of Alexander Hamilton via interviews with experts and will include performance excerpts.PBS Chief Paula Kerger believes "Hamilton's America" is a perfect fit for public television in that blends art and history.She told reporters here at the TV critics press tour that "'Hamilton' changes the way you think about Broadway musicals."Later, Horwitz appeared in a panel session with former "Hamilton" star Daveed Diggs to chat up "Hamilton's America."Horwitz joked that he started making the documentary so he could procure a scarce ticket to the show that took Broadway by storm.
Green Day s 2004 album American Idiot was turned into an unlikely hit on Broadway in 2010, and now the musical is headed to the small screen as an HBO movie.Band frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, who appeared in the early run of the stage production, confirmed this week that the movie based on American Idiot has been in development for several years, and is finally moving forward at the cable network.Armstrong also confirmed that he plans to reprise his role from the stage version of American Idiot in the movie.That s the plan right now, yeah, Armstrong told NME when asked whether he still planned to bring the show from stage to screen.We ve got a green light from HBO, and the script is currently going through a couple of rewrites here and there, so I m not sure when exactly we re going to start shooting, but it s definitely all systems go at the moment.The winner of two Tony Awards and a Grammy Award, the American Idiot musical follows a trio of friends who grapple with their desire to leave suburban life and responsibilities behind them, and the experiences they have after two of them move to the city while the other remains in their hometown with his pregnant girlfriend.
By Janani Mukundan, computer engineering scientist, and Richard Daskas, musician and composer, IBM ResearchSeth Rudetsky has been on Broadway.He even talks about Broadway on digital radio.Watson Beat has collaborated with the likes of Alex da Kid and Andrés Cepeda to inspire and produce pop songs.And Rudetsky had the perfect material in mind — the four songs nominated for the Tony Award for the Best Original Score (Music and/or Lyrics) Written for the Theatre:"Me and the Sky" from Come From Away
Kids everywhere have imagined what Anna, Elsa, and the rest of the Frozen crew would look like if they were real.And soon, thanks to a new Broadway production, they can find out.All Images: Deen van Meer/DisneyThe first production photos of Disney’s upcoming Frozen musical were recently released, and the stage show looks very much as you’d expect.Beautiful costumes, big sets, and lots of smiling faces.Basically, the huge, real-life Frozen of you (or your kids’) dreams played out on stage.
Nintendo has revealed a new trailer in the style of a Broadway musical for its upcoming Switch game Super Mario Odyssey.The "Jump Up, Super Star!- Super Mario Odyssey Musical" trailer is set in New Donk City, a thinly veiled version of New York City, and features Mario grooving alongside singers and dancers on the streets of Soho.And yeah, there's some gameplay too.The video concentrates on the game mechanic featured on the game's cover: Mario can throw his hat to collect coins and transform into enemies.Other environments shown include a desert, undersea, and a jungle including a Mario-hat-wearing tyrannosaurus Rex.
Spare a thought, in these enraging times, for Luther, Barack Obama’s “anger translator.” As embodied by Keegan-Michael Key, on the Comedy Central sketch show “Key & Peele,” Luther gave voice to the coolheaded President’s inner fury over everything from the Tea Party (“Oh, don’t even get me started on these motherfuckers”) to birtherism (“I have a hot-diggity-doggity-mamase-mamasa-mamakusa birth certificate, you dumb-ass crackers!”).One imagines him spending the Trump years climbing up walls and foaming at the mouth.Since “Key & Peele” ended, in 2015, Key and his comedy partner, Jordan Peele, have both gone on to formidable careers of their own.Peele wrote and directed the genre-busting satirical horror film “Get Out,” while Key, who has an drama from Penn State, has returned to his theatrical roots.“My girlfriend said one day, ‘If you had no excuses about why you couldn’t do something, what would you want to do?’ ” he recalled recently.
A team from Brigham Young University’s AdLab program snagged the top student prize at the Andy Awards this weekend with a three-minute musical number about battling pest infestations.The spec spot, “Pests Do Not Mess With the Orkin Man,” brings Broadway stylings to Southwestern suburbia, as five exterminators in matching hardhats pile out of an SUV to harmonize about killing fleas, moths and bedbugs while throwing off a little synchronized dancing.Set to the melody of “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music, it’s packed with fun visual set pieces—like a garbage can rattling because it’s full of randy mice.Other choice moments include “cockroaches eating the crumbs from Big Stan,” who seems to really be enjoying his sandwich.Error loading player: No playable sources foundDuring the cutaway bridge, a lone exterminator enjoys an obligatory moment of self-doubt out in the mountains, before quickly abandoning such fleeting pangs of conscience to rush back, grab his poison and join the gang.
The creators of Moviebill can recall seeing Broadway plays and walking away with their Playbills in hand, taking a bit of the show home with them.Now, they’re about to give moviegoers a similar experience.Across the nation, 1 million copies of the first issue of Moviebill will be given to moviegoers, starting today, at Regal Cinemas for moviegoers who purchase a ticket to see Avengers: Infinity War.Moviebill’s first issue is Avengers-themed and the cover showcases the Marvel characters.“This is the experience of going to the movies that you can take home with you,” Moviebill creator James Andrew Felts said.The Moviebill is about the same size of a Playbill, but the paper is thicker and each page is enhanced with augmented reality.
Disney is putting a virtual reality twist on their advertising.To promote its Broadway production of Aladdin, Disney’s theatrical productions arm has partnered with OmniVirt, a virtual reality advertising platform, as well as creative agency Serino Coyne, to take consumers to the edge of the show’s stage with a new 360 video, which is set to run in click-to-expand display banner ads and pre-roll video ads online.In the video, actor Major Attaway, who plays the Genie, belts out “Never Had a Friend Like Me,” to Aladdin (played by Telly Leung).The viewer watches the video seemingly positioned at the end of the stage, making for an even better view than you’d get in the front row.These include a very Disney-esque golden, fairy dust-like shimmer, as well as captions sharing secrets and background information about the production that appear on the screen.As viewers watch, they’ll learn that the actor who originated the role of the genie on Broadway, James Monroe Iglehart, won a Tony for his performance, or how many crystals appear on the dancers’ gold pants (over 1000).
SpongeBob SquarePants has been minting money for Nickelodeon since the show debuted in 1999.But after 11 seasons, two movies and more than $13 billion in merchandising revenue, the animated residents of Bikini Bottom have finally discovered a segment of pop culture they couldn’t conquer: Broadway.Nickelodeon announced that SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical will close on Sept. 16, less than one year after it opened on Broadway last December.It will have played 327 regular performances and 29 previews.The official reason given for the show’s close is because of previously-planned renovations to the Palace Theatre, the musical’s home, which will be elevated 29 feet above street level to create space for retail stores underneath it.However, if the musical had been even a moderate success, it certainly would have moved to another Broadway theater.
Bruce Springsteen's one-man Broadway show, "Springsteen on Broadway," will stream on Netflix on December 15, the company announced.Springsteen's show, which mixes his decades of music with intermittent personal stories, is still running on Broadway until December 15.The Netflix performance will reportedly be filmed this week before an invitation-only audience, according to The New York Times."The Boss" is coming to Netflix.A recorded performance from Bruce Springsteen's one-man Broadway show, "Springsteen on Broadway," will stream on Netflix on December 15, the company announced Wednesday.Springsteen's show, based on his autobiography "Born to Run" and mixing his decades of music with intermittent personal stories, earned rave reviews upon its launch in October 2017.
For a Broadway show, the phrase “couldn’t keep my eyes open” in a review could be the kiss of death.But for a bed-in-a-box brand, there’s no better praise.Casper’s latest campaign is focused on promoting its retail ventures, which include the brand’s multiple NYC stores, as well as the Dreamery, the newly-opened space where you can rent a Casper bed-equipped nap nook for 45 minutes.The focal point of these ads are gushing (made-up) quotes like “Sensational in bed!” or “A total snooze fest!” Printed in old-fashioned fonts, these humorous ads meant to invoke the feeling of a Broadway playbill, Jeff Brooks, Casper’s CMO, said.“For us, the Casper store is the star of our show.”Over the past year, retail has increasingly become a larger part of Casper’s brand DNA.
Restrictions on cannabis advertising are pushing companies to find creative ways to reach consumers.Remember when cannabis ads showed up in our social media feeds, and then, in what seemed like five minutes later, Facebook/Instagram and Google/YouTube began shutting companies down for posting them?In digital advertising, make sure to inquire about retargeting ads – the ones that seem to follow users from site to site.Right now, Netflix users can choose between double-digit cannabis-themed movies, series, and documentaries.Who can forget the “Think Different” campaign by America’s first trillion-dollar brand -- Apple?Placing your brand high above the chimney tops can run you from $2K per month in Spokane to $100K per month above Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.
If Hufflepuff is your Hogwarts house of choice, then seeing the popular off-Broadway play Puffs should be on your magical to do list as a Harry Potter fan.Puffs -- also called by the play's full title "Puffs, or: Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic & Magic" -- reimagines events from J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter book series from the perspective of the Hufflepuff house.Harry Potter fans will be able to catch the comedic wizarding play as it debuts online through the theatrical streaming service BroadwayHD on October 18.Puffs will then be available via iTunes and Amazon on November 22.Puffs tells the story of three geeky young wizards from the house of Hufflepuff and their misadventures spanning seven years as they attend Hogwarts as students.The groundbreaking part of this streaming announcement is that Puffs will be the first major Broadway or off-Broadway show to be accessible to see online when the show is still happening live.
Extremely rare artifacts that belonged to Alexander Hamilton have been loaned to the Museum of the American Revolution by the Founding Father’s fifth-great-grandson.A member of George Washington’s staff during the Revolutionary War, Hamilton helped ratify the U.S. Constitution and became the first Secretary of the Treasury.He was mortally wounded in a duel by Vice President Aaron Burr in 1804.His remarkable life is the subject of the wildly popular Broadway show, “Hamilton.”The artifacts, which have gone on display at the Philadelphia museum, include a Society of the Cincinnati Eagle insignia owned and worn by the Founding Father and a gold mourning ring worn by his widow, Elizabeth Hamilton.INCREDIBLE REVOLUTIONARY WAR JOURNAL SURFACES, DETAILING POW'S ESCAPE FROM BRITISH PRISON SHIP
The fine folks at Disney just gave us a last-minute holiday surprise by releasing the first trailer for its hotly anticipated live-action remake of the 1994 animated classic, The Lion King.The Mouse House sneakily didn't give any hint they were planning to debut the trailer.The original animated The Lion King was a smashing success, raking in $766 million worldwide at the box office to become the highest-grossing animated feature of all time.It won two Oscars for its music (by Hans Zimmer), spawned an equally successful long-running Broadway musical, plus a number of smaller spinoffs.In short, it's been nothing but a money-making machine for Disney over the last 24 years.A baby lion cub named Simba is born to King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi, who rule over the Pride Lands of Africa from Pride Rock.