Amazon's own shopping holiday, Prime Day, saw customer orders around the world shoot up by 60%, making it the largest day of sales by volume for the online retailer in its history.Amazon is calling it its "biggest day ever."Even as people worry about the death of TV, televisions and streaming devices were the top sellers.Amazon's Fire TV Stick snagged the top spot, but customers also purchased over 90,000 TVs.Alexa-supported devices were also hot items.Customers this year bought over two and a half times as many Amazon Echo smart speakers than on last year's Prime Day.While Amazon sold three times as many Amazon devices this Prime Day, CNBC reported that smaller retailers that sell their products through the web service didn't see a bump in sales.But the company emphasizes that this year's Prime Day was an even better value to customers.In total, it said, Prime members across the globe saved over twice as much on their Prime Day purchases compared with last year's event."We'll definitely be doing this again," Greg Greeley, Amazon's vice president of Prime, said on Wednesday.To get a sense of what customers around the world were buying, you can see the top-selling non-Amazon items here.Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.NOW WATCH: This Rolls-Royce concept looks like a 1920s Phantom crossed with something out of 'TRON'Loading video...
Microsoft employee Gillian Pennington demonstrates the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality AR viewer during the 2016 Microsoft Build Developer Conference on March 30, 2016 in San Francisco, California.Over the past week, augmented reality smartphone game Pokémon Go has exploded in popularity, pushing millions of players across the globe out of their homes to explore real-world locations whilst trying to capture the digital monsters using their smartphones.In an interview with CNBC, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said he hopes the ongoing Pokemon craze and record-breaking success so far will generate positive things for the AR sector as well as his company's own AR headset, the HoloLens.When asked if he thought Microsoft had missed an opportunity to have Pokemon Go on its AR device, Nadella said he doesn't think so.However, he does believe that the mechanics of the popular app itself makes it a perfect fit for HoloLens."Of course, the phone is a great way because the installed base on the phone is so enormous that it makes it possible.
A noose left on the desk, a failed coup and a restraining order are some of the more salacious details in a lawsuit by four former top employees of Hyperloop One accusing the company of greed, nepotism, mismanagement and intentional infliction of emotional distress.Based in Los Angeles, Hyperloop One is among the most promising endeavors trying to make real Elon Musk s dream of a high-speed transportation system.The suit comes at a bad time for the company, which has raised more than $100 million.It is looking to sign up international backers as it hopes to build prototypes of the transport system, Wired says.The company includes Silicon Valley notables such as Shervin Pishevar, a venture capitalist, an Uber investor and co-founder of Hyperloop and Joseph Lonsdale, an investor who co-founded Palantir.Pishevar founded Hyperloop One with Brogan BamBrogan, a former Space X engineer, who is among those suing the company, Pishevar, Lonsdale and others.Trouble appears to have begun in May when BamBrogan and others complained about mismanagement and alleged a breach in fiduciary duty.Since, some have been forced to resign or were fired, they say in the suit.Among the allegations:The suit says that Hyperloop One s..In a statement to CNBC, Orin Snyder of Gibson Dunn, the company s lawyer, called the lawsuit unfortunate and delusional, and said the claims will be met with a swift and potent legal response.Photo: Shervin Pishevar, co-founder of Hyperloop One.Courtesy of MenloVentures Tags: Brogan BamBrogan, elon musk, Hyperloop One, Joseph Lonsdale, lawsuit, Shevin Pishevar
Tesla Motors is reportedly facing yet another federal probe as the fallout widens over a fatal crash involving its semi-autonomous driving feature.Tesla disclosed the crash publicly about two months later.CNBC broke news of the investigation on Twitter, citing a report from the Dow Jones newswire.BREAKING: SEC investigating Tesla for possible securities law breach after not notifying investors of fatal Autopilot accident - DJ— CNBC Now @CNBCnow July 11, 2016 Tesla has not received any communication from the SEC regarding this issue, a company spokesperson told The Huffington Post by email on Monday.
Critics say that Amazon is itself to blame for the Chinese counterfeited good problems it is experiencing recently.It was Amazon, after all, that aggressively pursued Chinese manufacturers in the first place, and gave them access to sell directly to consumers with its sprawling logistics system, according to CNBC.Amazon s Fulfillment by Amazon program FBA is advertised as a way for sellers to reduce costs and increase exposure to customers.Sellers ship inventory to Amazon FBA centers, and when an order is placed, Amazon packs and ships the merchandise to the consumer.Merchandise that is part of Amazon s FBA program is eligible for Amazon Prime and super saver shipping.Amazon even manages customer service and returns through this program 24 hours a day, according to its FBA advertisement.
LinkedIn decided to sell to Microsoft because it couldn't keep pace with the world's biggest tech companies when it came to research and development into new technologies, explained cofounder and executive chairman Reid Hoffman on CNBC today.As a public company, you're beholden to you shareholders every quarter, Hoffman said, speaking from the Allen & Co conference in Sun Valley, Idaho.But at the same time, tech companies need to keep researching the next big thing and the "five-year future" if they want to stay competitive with titans like Google, Facebook, and even Microsoft in the long-term."That puts a lot of pressure to get into their league in a reliable way," Hoffman says.That push-pull between short-term gains and long-term investment is a tricky thing to manage.Indeed, before the deal with Microsoft came through, LinkedIn had been having a tumultuous year that saw it lose 40% of its value in a single day.All the while, startups and the big tech companies alike are always pushing the bar higher for technological innovation.LinkedIn had the potential to rise to the challenge, Hoffman says, but finding a buyer was a more "reliable" solution."I think we could get there," Hoffman says of the company's ability to compete, technology-wise, but also says Microsoft's $26.2 billion buyout was "a more certain result for our shareholders."
Uber Technologies Inc. closed a $1.15 billion high-yield leveraged loan, a person familiar with the matter said, bringing the total equity and debt raised by the ride-hailing mobile app to more than $15 billion.Bloomberg reported last month that Uber was seeking to raise $1 billion to $2 billion in debt.Morgan Stanley, Barclays Plc, Goldman Sachs Group Inc. and Citigroup Inc. facilitated the deal.Creditors will receive about a 5 percent yield on the loan, said the person, who asked not to be identified because the terms aren t public.Uber s most recent equity funding round valued the San Francisco-based company at almost $68 billion.CNBC and the Wall Street Journal earlier reported that the debt round had closed.
When Phononic first unveiled its plans for a solid-state refrigerator in 2014, semiconductor technology existed solely in devices such as LED lights and computers like Apple s MacBook Air.Since then, the implementation of such technology in fridges caught the attention of home appliance and electronics company Haier, which has since partnered with the company to develop an innovative wine cooler.Now, according to a recent appearance by Phononic CEO Tony Atti on CNBC s Mad Money, the company has yet again partnered with Haier, only this time the duo plans to build a full-size, solid-state refrigerator.For starters, a semiconductor-touting fridge would feature no compressor, no moving parts or cooling liquids, and would operate at a near whisper.Furthermore, the thermoelectric tech would allow the fridge to operate using 25 percent less energy than standard refrigerators while likely costing around the same price — despite being outfitted with next-gen technology.Currently, Phononic s fridges are found in hospitals and science labs, though the partnership with Haier aims to bring its appliances to the consumer side later this year.
There was a laptop found in the Tesla Model S involved in the deadly May 7 crash using Autopilot, Florida investigators confirmed with CNBC on Thursday.Kim Montes told the news outlet that a laptop and DVD player were recovered amongst the crash wreckage, but that they couldn t determine whether Joshua Brown was using either device at the time of the fatal accident, which occurred when the vehicle collided with a truck.Montes did confirm, however, that Brown s Model S had a computer stand, but that the laptop wasn t mounted on it, when investigators found the computer at the scene of the crash.Compounding the investigation further is that witnesses of the crash are offering contrasting accounts about whether the DVD player in the sedan was playing a movie.This slight update comes exactly a week after federal regulators launched an investigation into the Model S crash.On Wednesday, Tesla maintained that drivers using autopilot remain safer than regular drivers.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating the crash of the Tesla vehicle, to determine if the car maker's Autopilot semi-autonomous driving feature was engaged at the time, CNBC reported.The non-fatal crash took place on July 1.It involving a Tesla Model X and occurred last week in Pennsylvania, as reported by the Detroit Free Press.The vehicle left the road and rolled over onto its roof.Neither occupant was seriously injured, the Free Press reported.Tesla didn't confirm NHTSA's involvement, but Tesla informed Business Insider that it was aware of the accident."Tesla received a message from the car on July 1st indicating a crash event, but logs were never transmitted," a Tesla spokesperson said."We have no data at this point to indicate that Autopilot was engaged or not engaged.This is consistent with the nature of the damage reported in the press, which can cause the antenna to fail."The spokesperson added, "As we do with all crash events, we immediately reached out to the customer to confirm they were OK and offer support, but were unable to reach him.
Canadian commercial driver William Liddiard bet $60,000 of his own money and eight years of work that drivers would be as interested as he was in a concept for wheels that allows a vehicle to glide effortlessly in any direction.The video is appropriately titled You ve never seen a car do this, and it is stunning to see a car move so nimbly powered by Liddiard s omnidirectional wheel design.Omnidirectional wheels are not entirely new, but Liddiard s recent proof of concept shows them in action in a way not yet seen — on an actual car.Earlier applications relied on comparatively small-scale wheels installed on wheelchairs, robotics, or personal mobility devices, according to CNBC.Those early prototypes were simply not designed to support the weight and torque needed for passenger vehicles.Matthew Liddiard and his prototype omnidirectional wheel
Florida Highway Patrol found a portable DVD player inside the Tesla Model S that collided with a tractor trailer on Wednesday, according to reports.The driver was killed when both he and the Autopilot system failed to see the truck crossing the highway.The driver of the truck involved the crash, Frank Baressi, said a Harry Potter movie was still being displayed on the DVD player, a Reuters report said.Baressi could not see the video playing, but rather could hear it playing as he approached the Model S, according to CNBC.However, officials have yet to determine whether the driver, identified as Joshua Brown, was watching the video at the time of the crash.Some have wondered whether the video was playing on the portable DVD player's screen or on the car's in-dash 17-inch touchscreen.
Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Alphabet, speaks on stage at the Viva Technology conference in Paris.Google is unlikely to change any of its operations in Europe as a result of Britain's decision to leave the European Union EU , Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of parent company Alphabet says.Last week, Brits voted in referendum to leave the EU, sending financial markets into turmoil and sparking a political crisis in the UK.There are many concerns over what this might mean for many of the EU laws that the UK is signed up for and companies are uncertain about what the future holds.Britain has yet to invoke Article 50 - the legal process that will lead to its exit from the EU.Both Vodafone and airline easyJet are evaluating whether some jobs may have to be relocated .
Nike just made Apple CEO Tim Cook its 'lead independent director', according to CNBC.Developing...NOW WATCH: 40 years ago, NASA sent a message to aliens — here's what it says Loading video...
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA is investigating Tesla s Autopilot autonomous-driving system in the wake of a fatal crash.The agency said the May crash involved a 2015 Tesla Model S driving with the system engaged.The incident calls for an examination of the design and performance of any driving aids in use at the time of the crash, the NHTSA told CNBC.Depending on what it finds, the agency could order a recall of the roughly 25,000 Tesla Model S and Model X electric cars equipped with Autopilot.The system, which allows cars to autonomously follow traffic, brake, and make lane changes, was launched as a public beta in August.In a blog post published Thursday, Tesla said this was the first known fatality in just over 130 million miles where Autopilot was activated.
Today on CNBC live, Digital Trends Editor in Chief Jeremy Kaplan sat down with Dominc Chu to discuss Amazon s 2nd annual Prime Day.Amazon is referring to this July 12th event as The biggest Amazon event ever.Kaplan shares how this years event will be a step up from last year with the online retail giant addressing the supply issues they faced last year.Prime Day is a push to get more Amazon Prime subscribers, but as with Black Friday, Americans get excited at any opportunity to save some money and Prime Day will be no different.
Twilio, the tech company that had a blockbuster initial public offering last week, is on fire yet again.Shares of the company, which makes cloud communications tools for software developers, were up as high as 18% in midday trading, at over $35 — a new record.It seems like Twilio can't stop exploding, enjoying steady and significant gains this week.The broader market is enjoying a bounce-back this week, after the massive sell-off triggered by the Brexit vote last week.But Twilio's pop is much bigger than the Nasdaq Composite's current 78-point pop at the time of writing, which is around 1.67% up.And Twilio's gains this week exceeded its lost ground in the Brexit aftermath, which was about 5% of its value, over the past couple of days.There's no immediate news about Twilio's business.On Monday, CNBC "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer endorsed the company, calling it a "unicorn with real value" and noting that the market "may be willing to pay up for growth again."The broader market has praised Twilio's business plan and path to revenue growth.Here's what the spike looked like at around noon eastern time.NOW WATCH: Virtual reality could help the stock market reach all-time highs in 2016 and 2017Loading video...
If you hope to watch every minute of NBCUniversal s coverage of the 2016 Olympics, resign yourself now to the fact that it just won t be possible, even if you give up sleep.All told, NBCUniversal will offer a whopping 6,755 hours of Olympics programming via multiple networks and 4,500 hours of live-streamed digital coverage, Variety reports.While NBCUniversal s coverage will be aired on NBC, USA, CNBC, Telemundo, Bravo, Golf Channel, MSNBC, NBCSN, and NBCUniverso, NBC in particular will be Rio-heavy.Most days, daytime Rio programming will run from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET/PT, followed by prime-time coverage from 8 p.m. to midnight, and then a late-night block from 12:35 a.m. to 1:35 a.m. At 1:35 a.m., replays will pick up and run through 4:30 a.m. before the cycle begins again.Bob Costas, who memorably suffered from pinkeye while covering the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, will be back to anchor NBC s prime-time coverage, hopefully sans and the NBC Sports app will show all events for the third consecutive Olympics, but fans will be able to watch on connected TVs for the first time.
Twilio, the tech company that had a blockbuster initial public offering last week, is on fire again.Shares of the company, which makes communications software, wer up as  high as 21% in midday trading, at $33 — a new high.The broader market is enjoying a bounce-back on Tuesday, after the massive sell-off triggered by the Brexit vote last week.But Twilio's pop is much bigger than the Nasdaq Composite's 60 point increase, which is about 1.3%.And Twilio's gains on Tuesday far exceeded its lost ground, about 5%, over the past couple of days.There's no immediate news about Twilio's business.On Monday, CNBC "Mad Money" host Jim Cramer endorsed the company, calling it a "unicorn with real value" and noting that the market "may be willing to pay up for growth again."NOW WATCH: You may have Amazon credits waiting for you — here's how to checkLoading video...
Raw materials, the financial sector and the energy sector at the forefront of pudottajien. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 1.50 per cent of 17 to 140 points. So far, such a strong trend has not been observed, but CNBC's brokers interviewed by purchase orders rose Monday closing bell approached. US-based West Texas Intermediate quality The futures price fell more than 2.7 per cent to USD 46.35. It fell 1.31 dollars on Monday, a level that is the lowest level in 31 years. Plus were the only infrastructure services, 1.29 percent and Telecom, 0.58 per cent.