Vert-Age is leading in providing call center dialer software for the agents.We have an advanced software solution using which agents and support teams can manage their customers and provide them better support from home.Our WORK FROM SOFTWARE SOLUTION is easy to set up, it does not require any extra charge and it can be easily managed by the agents.The software saves agents time and helps them to attend more callers and provide them a solution.Work From Software is the requirement of almost every business.It saves your agents from other crises and increases your production and generates more revenue.
Predictive Dialer Software is an outbound phone dialer software that dials, calls automatically and transfers the answered call to the agents.It first predicts whether the agent is free or not and then transfers the call to them.Vert-Age Predictive dialer saves the time of the agents and the customers so that they can make more use of it.The dialer software functions through a computerized system that dials which can dial a list or batch of numbers and connect the call to call center agents.Predictive dialers having the capability to calculate the average time of the calls and the average number of dials.
Voice  Broadcasting is a communication technique that provides you to send automated voice calls to a large number of customers.The software will dial the list of numbers and play recorded messages when the call is answered.Using the software you can send notifications, alerts, offers, surveys and more.It also allows you to record customer’s responses by simply implementing IVR during the call.We provide the best Voice Broadcasting Software services to our customers.Our Voice Broadcasting Software is based on the latest technology.We have one of the best convenient, reliable and cost-effective Voice Broadcasting Software.
Customers expectations from the service center have changed dramatically in the digital age.At present, the customer is expected to have easy access to a service help desk, quick reply to their questions and even their equipment for home repair in the same day.With increasing competition, a great service center experience can easily differentiate between a product which is bought frequently and which is reached by the consumer, Archiz CRM- the first CRM Software Company in Noida that helps support team in the way that they want.Call Center CRM Software helps to service centers to optimize and streamline their operations.It has helped them to promote all the important word-promotions from their existing customers.So, let's see how we can implement CRM software in the service center environment.It involves obtaining customer questions, identifying the nature of each query, specifying questions to related departments, monitoring field assignments and ensuring a successful solution to customer queries.