nights @ crbc 7PM - Joint Group Meeting, Cottage B 8PM - Small Group Meetings 9PM - Coffee House - Cottage A Childcare i listen to our previous sermons, please click “listen to podcast” to the right.You will need iTunes to listen to our sermons and if you do not currently have iTunes installed please click the “Download on iTunes” button also to the right... millennial generation is the largest generation in America today, and all the more so in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area... knew the importance of a small group.There were twelve men who participated in His small group and they went forth and changed the world. connects women in transformational relationships and provides a place for women to grow closer to Jesus... Road Christian School seeks to lead students to faith in Jesus Christ and to develop scholars whose Christian worldview impacts the world for Christ. call to Godly living and a life set apart to Jesus Christ is the standard by which we minister to young people.“Study to show yourself approved to God, a worker who does not need to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” listen to our previous sermons, please click “listen to podcast” to the right.
There is a strange perception amongst those of us serving on the parental battlefield that the more you reproduce, the more competent a parent you are.It’s as if your offspring act as additional soldiers joining the troop and you become stronger as a unit - ploughing on through life like the calvary galloping towards war, flags raised.Please humour me for a moment whilst I totally shatter that illusion.Allow me to reassure you, although we may have occasional delusions of being great leaders of a band of warriors bred from our loins (delusions arising mainly because we are so bloody tired from thrice as many night-time get ups as first time round), we are actually more like ring leaders of a circus.A circus wherein the elephants keep wandering off in different directions, one of the acrobats has developed a serious attitude problem and we get a little cocky on opening night with safety procedures and end up being eaten by the lion.The problem with children is that they are human beings.
File Photo: In this Friday, Dec. 4, 2015, photo, Reynaldo Gonzalez breaks down while remembering his daughter Nohemi Gonzalez, who was killed in the Paris attacks in November, at her funeral at the Calvary Chapel in Downey, Calif. Genaro Molina/Los Angeles Times via AP, Pool/ archive photo NEW YORK -- The father of a young woman killed in the Paris massacre last November is suing Google, Facebook and Twitter, claiming that the companies provided "material support" to extremists in violation of the law.The suit claims the companies "knowingly permitted" the Islamic State group, referred to in the complaint as "ISIS," to recruit members, raise money and spread "extremist propaganda" via their social-media services.It includes numerous identical passages and screenshots, although the lawyers in the cases are different.In statements, Facebook and Twitter said Wednesday the Gonzalez lawsuit is without merit, and all three companies cited their policies against extremist material."It is about Google, Twitter, and Facebook allowing ISIS to use their social media networks for recruitment and operations."Twitter may not succeed in quashing the similar lawsuit filed in January on those grounds, Wittes argues.