Google Pixel 4 rumors started emerging recently, and Google itself recently tweeted a teaser image of the Pixel 4.The teaser image confirms a few things, but also raises some questions.The Pixel 4 looks like it'll come with some pretty significant differences compared to the Pixel 3.Once the rumors surrounding Google's upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone started emerging, Google itself wanted to join in on the fun and tweeted a teaser image of the device.Check out the Pixel 4 rumors we've heard so far:It indicates an expandable section or menu, or sometimes previous / next navigation options.
In May, Samsung said it fixed the screen issues some reviewers were experiencing with preproduction units, but that's the last update the company announced.If the Fold falls through, however, Samsung fans waiting for a large-screen phone may have to shift their sights on the successor to the Note 9.Though Samsung has a couple of premium phones under its belt (the Fold, for example, will cost $2,000 if and when it's eventually released), Note phones stand out as part of Samsung's ultra-luxe line.For that reason, it's no surprise there has been plenty of anticipation and curiosity surrounding the phone.Could it have 5G connectivity like the Galaxy S10 5G, or will it feature a swivel selfie camera like the Galaxy A80?Until Samsung officially says something though, we've rounded up the most intriguing, probable and compelling rumors we've heard about the Note 10 so far.
We might have caught our first glimpse at the Google Pixel 4 out in the wild, after a phone looking very similar to the one Google teased last week was spotted being used in London.An image of the phone was shared by 9to5Google – you can see the square rear camera array on the back and... that's about it.The snap doesn't really tell us anything new about Google's upcoming handset.The phone does appear to have a large front-facing bezel at the top of the display, the anonymous tipster who took the phone noted, which we think is going to be housing a dual-lens camera.And the handset looks as if it's wrapped up in one of those official Google Pixel fabric cases that we've seen appear with previous Pixel launches as well.We're bracing ourselves for a host of Pixel 4 leaks between now and October, which is the month when we're expecting the next Google flagship to be officially announced.
On June 12, Google gave the public an official look at its upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone in excellent quality, confirming some leaks and speculation that had existed in recent weeks.The official image reveals the previously leaked square camera cluster, something we see again in two images captured of the Google Pixel 4 in the wild.Two images of what appears to be the Google Pixel 4 being used by someone in public have been published by 9to5Google.The handset in both images is shrouded by a dark cover, but there’s a distinctly visible square camera cluster that mirrors the one featured in Google’s official Pixel 4 image.Of note, the LED is positioned along the bottom edge.We already know the official design for Google’s handset, eliminating speculation about what would otherwise be an ambiguous phone spotted in London.
Really, if one of the Stranger Things kids was more likely than the others to play tricks on his friends, it would have to be Dustin, right?So it's fitting that Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin, will be hosting a hidden-camera prank show on Netflix later this year.The show is called Prank Encounters, Deadline reports, and Matarazzo, 16, will host and executive produce the show.Netflix has ordered eight episodes, Deadline says.The show sounds like Candid Camera meets Punk'd meets Undercover Boss, as it's set in the workplace.Each episode focuses on two strangers who each think they're starting their first day at a new job, and then the pranking starts.
You can easily make a GIF on an iPhone by converting a live photo in your Photos app.Third-party apps like Giphy also allow you to turn a live photo into a GIF with multiple customization options, and the ability to share it with others.Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.When Apple first launched its live photo feature, it didn't take advantage of the many possibilities inherent in a camera that captures a few seconds around a central image.Some third-party apps, such as GIPHY, still allow you to create GIFs from live photos and with more options.But the iPhone itself now allows you to turn live photos into moving GIFs in just a few short steps, without having to download any apps.
Google tried to control the narrative around the rampant Pixel 4 leaks that have appeared online over the last few weeks, sharing an official image of the back of the phone on Twitter earlier this week.But not even the search giant can control the leaky ship, with a new image of the company's forthcoming Pixel now popping up online.Captured by an anonymous "tipster" in London, on Friday 9to5Google shared images of the Pixel 4 in the wild, new rear camera square bump and all.No images were shared of the front of the device, which was in what appears to be a fabric case similar to what Google sells for the Pixel 2, 3 and 3A.The site does, however, say that according to their source the phone did have two front cameras and a large "forehead."In addition to multiple rear cameras, the Pixel 4 is expected to feature a redesigned front that may incorporate Google's Project Soli for allowing hand gestures to control the phone.
Officials in Elk River, Minn., issued a warning this week after one resident's home security camera captured an image of what is believed to be a mountain lion, also known as a cougar.“Images of what appears to be a cougar were captured from a home security camera recently.The resident lives on the city’s west side near the Mississippi.[The Elk River Police Department] [has] forwarded the info to conservation officers and ask that residents remain aware of their surroundings,” reads a tweet from the City of Elk River’s Twitter account.MONTANA HUNTERS WHO ILLEGALLY KILLED YELLOWSTONE MOUNTAIN LION LEFT TRAIL OF PHOTOS ON SOCIAL MEDIALater, the Elk River Police Department shared the city’s tweet and also encouraged residents to remain diligent.
With Huawei’s presence on the United States Entity List, the idea of the company pushing out EMUI 10 based on Android Q was cast in doubt.However, it appears that the company is still working on the next iteration of its Android skin, as EMUI 10 software for the Huawei P30 Pro just leaked.Over at XDA Developers, the team got their hands on the early beta of EMUI 10 and installed it on a P30 Pro.The team was able to determine that the software will almost certainly be called EMUI 10 and that it is definitely running on Android Q.However, other than a few tweaks here and there, there doesn’t appear to be much aesthetic difference between EMUI 10 and EMUI 9, at least for now.The UI of the camera is slightly different and the new Android Q permissions feature is present but other than that it looks very much the same as before.
Leaks about Google’s forthcoming Pixel 4 smartphone are abound, even though the phone isn’t due to land until October.The company recently gave up on secrecy by tweeting a picture of the design.It shows the back, which appears to be black glass with a square camera module at the top left (with two cameras) and no rear fingerprint sensor.I was a big fan of the Pixel 3, but it certainly had its flaws and the Pixel 3 XL was marred by that ugly, deep notch.The Pixel 3a and 3a XL have far more stamina than the Pixel 3 and 3 XL, so it’s obviously on the radar for the company.Smartphone photography has soared to new heights in recent years and we expect each new model to offer improvements.
Yet it also lets you choose which pics you take actually get printed.And after futzing around with the LiPlay, I’ve come to the conclusion the screen is a big reason why it doesn’t feel like using an instant camera.Generally, instant cameras have a viewfinder because they lack LCD screens.Also, since traditional instant cameras, well, print photos instantly, there’s no need for a memory card.You snap photos and that moment, good or bad, is what you get.Meanwhile, the LiPlay lets you store photos thanks to a microSD card slot.
The Pixel 4 has no doubt been a hot topic this week.After leaked CAD renders and metal Pixel 4 models gave us a good look at what the Pixel 4 might look like, Google tweeted out a Pixel 4 render of its own — essentially confirming the look of the device.Now, we’re seeing our first in-hand Pixel 4 leak.Obtained by our friends at 9to5Google, the two photos show off someone using a Google Pixel 4 in the wild.While the quality isn’t the best, its easy to see the similarities between the phone in the photo and the official render Google showed off on Twitter.The back of the device houses a big square camera sensor hub, complete with two camera sensors, a flash on the bottom, and what’s assumed to be a spectral sensor on the top.
Today, via 91Mobiles, we have our first look at the upcoming Motorola One Action, an Android One device.It follows the Motorola One Vision and will also likely be paired with another device we expect to be called the Motorola One Pro.Overall, the design and specs of the Motorola One Action are very similar to the One Vision.The major difference between the two devices is that the Action variant appears to have a triple-lens rear camera setup, while the Vision only had two lenses.See the leaked renders for yourself below:From the renders, we can assume that the One Action will feature a rear fingerprint sensor with the Motorola logo, the Android One logo at the bottom, a USB-C port next to a single speaker grille, and a punch hole camera on the front.
9to5Google has received a couple of photos of the upcoming Pixel 4, out in the world.Their tipster says the photos were taken in London and they confirm what Google had already shown with its tease earlier this week: there’s a big, square camera bump on the back.According to 9to5Google, the person who spotted the phone and snuck the photos also managed to get a glimpse of the front of the device, which reportedly did not have a notch but instead a large “forehead” with two cameras in it.As you can see, the phone is in a case, and though it’s pretty blurry it looks like it’s Google’s classic fabric case that it has made for previous Pixel phones.There’s also a hole at the top of the case, presumably for a second microphone, a common feature on most smartphone these days for noise cancellation and stereo recording.The photo comes as many as four months ahead of the expected launch of the Pixel 4 in October.
At a dollar a pop, they're the cheap consolation prize at the supermarket.Hot Wheels is going a little more upmarket this year, embedding NFC chips into its newest line of cars.Hot Wheels ID (technically it's "Hot Wheels id") is like the Nintendo Amiibo of toy cars, aiming to be a new line of toys that scan into phones and tablets, and track lifetime race stats on a little chip inside.I got to play-race with the cars and Mattel's Smart Track set that are launching today: here's what they're like.To know your Hot Wheels' virtual miles an hour, or rpm, or laps raced, you'll need some extra hardware: either a $40 Hot Wheels Race Portal, or a much more expensive $180 Smart Track race kit.In another unusual spin, Hot Wheels ID will be an Apple Store exclusive for now before expanding to Android later this year.
You know how it is in the build up to Amazon Prime Day.You get your wish list of the best tech and gaming deals, save up some cash to splash and then Amazon goes and forgets about gamers for its biggest sale event of the year.Last year was incredibly disappointing for console deals on Prime Day and while we've got our fingers crossed for better offers next month we'd certainly advise not skipping out on any great-looking offers that appear beforehand.Today we're seeing a bunch of reliable high-street merchants getting involved with the current eBay promotion that sees a voucher code knock 10% off everything on the site.Many of these brand new consoles are already discounted and now you can knock another 10% off at checkout by entering the PRICEWIN voucher code.Full details for the code are as follows:
New Pixel phones always leak long before they are announced in October.So this time, after the first Pixel 4 leaks began, Google tweeted an official image of the Pixel 4’s back.“Well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go!Well, since there seems to be some interest, here you go!It’s a bizarre move for a few reasons.Google didn’t just confirm the Pixel 4 four months ahead of its expected debut, it did so with an image of the phone itself.
The hype train for the iPhone 11 has started, so we've been hearing leaks left, right and center, each with more outlandish features than the last – but it looks like the upcoming handset could simply be a minuscule upgrade over the iPhone XS, rather than a revolutionary new device.In a note from analysts Mizuho Securities, shared with AppleInsider, the experts share what they know and suspect about the new iPhone 11, and it feels a lot like the spec list for the iPhone X or XS.This is what we know about the new iPhone 11These are the best iPhone deals you can findAccording to the note the iPhone 11, and its equivalents to the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, will have exactly the same measurements and screens as the 2018 iPhones, so no upgrades in that regard.In addition, it looks like the phones won't have radical new internals, as the analysts think the iPhone 11 chipset will be a negligible improvement over the A12 Bionic in the iPhone XS.
For many years, digital imaging technology supplier Altek Corp. relied on private demonstrations to generate business from its handful of large clients in China.“Everything was perfect before the third quarter of last year, but now orders have halved,” said Chen, who serves as special assistant to Altek founder and chairman Alex Hsia, on the sidelines of the CES Asia 2019 trade show held this week in Shanghai.Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment maker and second biggest smartphone vendor, used to outsource to Altek the production of image signal processors for its dual camera handsets.Altek has had to adjust its business strategy, according to Chen, amid a slowdown in Huawei smartphone shipments caused by the US-China tech war and the Shenzhen-based company’s decision to bring more chip development projects in-house.“All we can do now is to spread the risk and diversify our business.”That conflict, in which the US imposed higher tariffs on Chinese goods, recently intensified when Washington added Huawei and 68 of its non-US affiliates to a trade blacklist, officially called the Entity List, on May 16 because the company was considered a threat to national security.
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